1. NiceDogey

    Any Web 2.0 opportunities (IM) during bearmarket

    Heya guys, I've been a full time crypto fellow for a while. As you know bear market started, we are all REKT etc. Is IM and SMM still a thing in 2022, what is the best niche to dedicate that can tie with a crypto passionate, and generate side income? Used to be in IM years ago, but moved full...
  2. Sunya

    The best explanation of Bitcoin you will ever hear.

  3. Rakzs

    Learn crypto trading easily with this big info archive

    I found this Notion which has a lot of good info for trading, everything you need to learn to be successful. It's by Insilico.
  4. W


    hey guys. Nice to meet you all. I'm looking to start an online crypto casino, and i'm looking for anyone that is willing to help. Anyone interested is welcome to PM me
  5. 2

    Do crypto purchases made with Apple Pay code as cash advances by the credit card company?

    To clarify, I’m talking about services like MoonPay, Wyre,, etc. that allow you to buy crypto with credit/debit cards or Apple Pay/Google Pay. I know that if Apple Pay isn’t used, most banks will code the crypto purchase as a cash advance, and some won’t even let it go through at...
  6. T

    Crypto offers

    Hi Guys, I have some crypto traffic which I want to monetize. Anybody here who have some good offers?
  7. K

    What Will Happen Now That Trump Is Back on Twitter?

    Trump's Twitter account has been restored. Elon Musk just created a poll asking the community if Donald Trump's Twitter account should be resurrected. After a close vote, 51.8% of the 15 million voters said yes. That's all there is to it. He has returned to Twitter. Regardless of the outcome...
  8. wantviews

    Fascinating Crypto Scam Case.

    Hey there BHW, hope y'all alive and well. I'm an active Telegram user (best thing in the world), so i almost accidentally subscribed to a few crypto trading channels. What is fascinating is that however everything in the phrase "crypto trading channel" screams scam, people i know actually...
  9. Rakzs

    List of crypto resources for anonymity / no KYC purposes

    As you know KYC is very big in the crypto space which isn't good for those who want privacy with whatever they're doing. Here's some resources I have found which provide lists of good resources for anonymity. - List of wallets, sites, general...
  10. goldagovidis

    Fiat or Crypto Price Display?

    You decide to subscribe to a premium content service on a creator platform where payments are made in Polygon MATIC from a crypto wallet.
  11. LiquidOCELOT

    Found a blogging platform that pays in crypto

    instant payments got paid 60 usd in 3 months only
  12. D

    Crypto application / Crypto reports / Crypto Marketing wanted

    Hello all, We are looking for people who know crypto marketing and can promote our crypto projects. This includes articles, forum contributions, blog posts, active applications, etc. Anyone who can help here or knows someone can get in touch at any time. We would also pay a commission for a...
  13. K

    Ikigai Fund has been caught up in the FTX Crisis

    The bankruptcy of FTX has an impact on many businesses. Ikigai Fund, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, has now formally entered the contest. Ikigai Fund announced that they had been severely impacted by the FTX issue on November 14, 2022. Travis Kling, the Ikigai Fund's founder and chief investment...
  14. Naughtyfatkid FUD - CEO to address on an AMA in 3 hours.

    Will CDC be the next exchange to go bankrupt? What are your thoughts? I hope not... I've been a supporter since 2020! Link here : *Please remove link if not allowed
  15. W

    After FTX, now BlockFi falls! Who is next?

    After FTX, now BlockFi falls! Who is next?
  16. Crypto Marketing

    FTX Megathread

    Hi everyone, I thought it might be a good idea to have a Megathread about FTX due to the increasing interest and its effects in the crypto space. This Megathread also has the advantage of saving time instead of reading through different threads individually. Anyone who is interested can now...
  17. Crypto Marketing

    Binance Walks Away From Deal to Acquire FTX

  18. M

    Need urgent NFT Twitter engagement / mentions & TWEETS

    As the title states, I need urgent twitter engagement for a NFT project. Im not looking for a simple smm panel that lets you like retweet and comment on your own posts, im looking for something more specific such as Nft accounts mentioning and tweeting about our project to make it seem like we...
  19. K

    How Does Eco Friendly Token Works?

    Today I read an article from MEXC regarding green token called Grove Token (GVR). They are concerned with the future of eco-blockchain technology, as well as the creation of a better and wealthier society for everybody. But how does it actually work? You still need to mine bitcoin and that is...
  20. Crypto Marketing

    Visa, PayPal, Western Union Among Fall Flurry of Crypto Trademark Filings Exciting big names in the list. It will be crazy if these trademarks turn into actual products. According to Visa's fillings, the firm is contemplating a "cryptocurrency wallet," describing it as...