dedicated servers

  1. Sartre

    I'm looking for the most cost-efficient dedicated servers with a high amount of cores available

    I'm talking at least Threadrippers or AMD EPYCs. 2x 24 or 48 physical CPU cores would be optimal. 2GBs of ram per physical core at least. Right now I have a single 24 core Threadripper and looking to expand. Usecase is scraping Google with a very high number of threads using proxies. thanks...
  2. nanohits

    Webhosting from $3.49/mo, VPS hosting from $1.60/mo, Dedicated Servers from $28.45/mo!

  3. Hostshield | Premium Dedicated Servers and VPS | Netherlands | SDD | DMCA Ignored

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Premium VPS and Dedicated Servers Provider...
  4. lavce469

    QHost MACEDONIAN Servers ⚡ Cheap and Affordable ⚡ Litespeed Hosting ⚡ VPS ⚡ Dedicated Servers ⚡

    QHost - Macedonian Servers Super Fast Litespeed Web Hosting, Easy Upgradable VPS, Dedicated Servers Powerful servers with high-end performance that will guarantee 99.99% UP-time. Test our infrastructure - | 100MB | 200MB | 500MB | 24/7 Premium Support & 99,99% Uptime & Unlimited...
  5. alexhost1

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    You want to run an Internet project, but still don't know where to start? First of all, you need to think about choosing the server where it will be located. Need some help with that? Contact AlexHost directly, right now. We’ve been operating on the market since 2011, and during this time we’ve...
  6. DamoHG

    HostGnome - US & EU ✅ 10Gbps ✅ Anonymous ✅ SEO Tools ✅ NVMe SSD ✅cPanel/Linux/Windows >> $3.99 << ➡️

    Hello BHW! HostGnome is a newly formed company that pursues offering the best hardware, amazing support and uptime for amazing prices in the competetative marketplace of Webhosting. We plan on offering wide ranges of hardware for what you the customer wants. We offer both premium and budget...
  7. Hostrigs

    What is the difference between dedicated IP address and Dedicated Server?

    Hello Freind; we always take about dedicated IP address and dedicated server but what is the difference between dedicated IP address and dedicated server.
  8. Hostrigs

    Is VPS more or less expensive than dedicated servers?

    Most of the time people use VPS or dedicated server. Some web hosting companies get 50% off on dedicated server and some companies provide cheap dedicated server hosting then at this situation is VPS more or less expensive than dedicated server.
  9. P

    Dedicated server

    Hello everyone, Need a dedicated server for mail with 4-5 IP's there is any with proper price?
  10. hardyrockx

    what dedicated server should i choose with maxcdn?

    i have been using this dedicated server since nov 2014: Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.3GHz/core 1TB RE4 / 120GB SSD 8GB DDR3 10TB 5 $149.99 by 24shells i migrated from blogger to wordpress, so it was my very first time to web servers. i chose above plan of 24shells, as per my requirement, 100k to...
  11. Cratos

    Dedicated Server for GSA SER?

    can anyone recommend me a good dedicated server for running GSA SER? I've been looking everywhere for one but would like to hear your guys is opinion. Thanks.
  12. coolsheet

    Shared or VPS or dedicated or cloud or...........???

    So I recently began my IM journey and built a couple of niche based ecommerce strores. I have 3 sites hosted with Ipage and I am not happy with server performance ($1.99 a month go figure). So I have a project i've sorta been preparing in an adult niche with low comp keywords and averaging...
  13. tybby

    Hostwinds Black Friday 50% off, hosting and 25% off, dedicated servers.

    I have a hosting plan from them. I got it last year on black friday and it is "hosting at 50% off for life on any plan". It is a good deal. I had no major problems, so I'm very happy with them. Now I have two discount coupons from them for this BF. I think they are for life too, I don't know...
  14. sujoydhar

    I need dedicated server !

    Hi there, I need Dedicated server with KVMOIP Installed for my clients to provide them VPS with Win 2k8 ST ! Is there anyone know who can provide also I require this for a long relationship ! Got one for 50$ Dual Intel Xeon E5520 Dual Intel Xeon E5520 2.26Ghz - 2 Processors 8...
  15. N

    Request for Hosting provider that can deliver huge amount of /24 blocks

    Hi, All Hosting providers who can sell for start 5-6 /24 IP range blocks can contact me for long term business cooperation. Also if you contact me please attach server prices. Happy bidding, Best regards, Nemke
  16. sujoydhar

    How to make vps

    Dear, Can anybody help me to make windows vps from Dedicated server ?
  17. S

    Need Help With Dedicated or VPS Emailing Server

    Hi, I am looking for hosting company which offers Cheap Dedicated or Vps server for mass emailing.
  18. R

    I need a dedicated server..?

    I am looking for a dedicated server with minimum 4tb space with unlimited bandwidth. Please suggest me any cheap dedicated server.
  19. ugjunk

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] Free Dedicated Server anyone? :D

    Yes, you read the title correctly. After a huge giveaway last week (Click Here to Checkout), I have planned for a MEGA GIVEAWAY for this week. It's going to be a brand new dedicated server this time. The winner would get the dedicated server for one whole week. Here is the config for the free...
  20. ugjunk

    #1 Rated Cheap Web Hosting Starting at $1 - VPS Hosting - SEO Hosting - Reseller Hosting

    ATTENTION BHW MEMBERS It's been a while now since we launched the best Windows VPS Hosting service on BHW. We are loving it here and our customers are very happy too, asking for new services. This is why we have decided to bring our full line of services to Black Hat World, with some awesome...