digital ocean

  1. b_hatW

    Simple server task [metaplex]

    Hello, I have a digital ocean account, GitHub code metaplex, digital ocean server creation, and setup already done, now just need to clone the code from GitHub and push it on the server and make the domain live. All u have to do, is clone the code, build it, push it on the server, and make the...
  2. b_hatW

    Simple DevOps Task

    Hello, I have a digital ocean account, GitHub code, digital ocean server creation, and setup already done, now just need to clone the code from GitHub, build it and push it on the server and make the domain live. You have work on any desk/Teamviewer. If you can start it right now please let me...
  3. Senha@

    {Selling} Azure| Linode | Vultr| AWS SES 50K |Hetzner | Google Cloud |Digital ocean |Port 25 open Clouds

    Selling Cloud Accounts For Storage , Email Sending , Streaming and other purpose AWS SES 50K Region- N.virginia,Oregon,Frankfaurt Price- 500$ to 600$ (Depend on region and quantity) Digital Ocean 100$ credit Port 25 close -21$ Digital ocean Port 25 Open - 25$ Linode Port 25 Open- 65$...
  4. sxopetjs

    How to Clean UP Disk, memory, server logs and unnecessary data from ubuntu 20.04

    Hello friends, I am using digital ocean hosting and install WordPress there. I don't have any idea about little bit command of ubuntu Please help me, how to clean up the memory, clean the disk space, clean the server logs files and clean all unnecessary data that auto-generate and taking a...
  5. Shinichi Izumi

    Go Stealth Solution: One Stop For VBA, VCC, Google Voices & Much more...

    Virtual Bank Account : Verification ONLY U.S VBA For Verification $15 Note: Mini Deposit Screen will be provided within 2-3 Business days after VBA is linked to your PayPal account. Virtual Credit Card : PayPal Verification & Trial Accounts These card details are limited to one use only US...
  6. W

    Can a VPN service be used like a reverse VPN allowing inbound traffic for serving a website?

    I couldn't find a forum category closer than this one, so hopefully this is the right spot. I’ve done quite a bit of searching, and it seems this can be done, but the answers I seem to find are either vague or responses are something along the lines of “Why don’t you just get DMCA Ignored...
  7. Vox1Hex

    How much traffic can handle basic droplet from Digital ocean. Any experience?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience with DO droplets. My basic droplet for 5 USD currently have traffic 700 people/hour. Fortunately I am behind Cloudlfare, so I guess it is strong help. Currently my CPU load is around 5%, RAM is on 70%. So far so good I wonder where is the limit.
  8. ATuringtest

    Namecheap Premium DNS is it worth it - if your hosting on your own servers ?

    Is this a scam or will it really help with load speeds and security if I have the domain Name registered at Name Cheap but I have my website hosted on DO ? Or is there an alternative ?
  9. thesilverhawk619

    Deploying multiple wordpress on one Digital Ocean Droplet

    Hello, I am thinking of starting 4-5 blogs and I cant afford to take different hosting plans for all of them. Somewhere I read that buying a droplet from Digital Ocean and we can Install multiple wordpress sites with different domains is possible. Is it really possible..? I thought a port...
  10. R

    How To Create Website With Vps Hosting in 5 Min (DigitalOceon,Vultr etc)

    How To Create Website With Vps Hosting in 5 Min (DigitalOceon,Vultr etc) and How To Install Free Tracking To Track Your CPA Campaigns.
  11. Impressor

    [HELP] Hosting WordPress site on Digital Ocean

    I'm a non-tech guy and my go-to WP developer isn't available. My WP-based site is ready but it needs testing, and I want to host it on a DO droplet (accessed by its IP address) and make it live so that we could work on it further. I have the site files. How difficult is it for me to host it and...
  12. Doctor Strange

    [Help] Digital Ocean Account Locked

    I badly need Digital Ocean Droplet for some purpose. I have opened an account & tried Debit cards and they told me they are not accepting Debit cards anymore and I may create a PayPal account with my cards then I may add my PayPal account to DigitalOcean. So I tried to pay with my US Stealth...
  13. D

    My High Value Cloud Platforms Credits + Your Client

    I have access to lots of Cloud platforms credits like: Amazon AWS account with $5000 credits Google cloud with $100k credits Digital ocean account with $10k credits Looking for someone who can find a client for these codes. Plz PM or skype if you are interested
  14. E

    Looking for verified digital ocean accounts

    Hi, I'm looking for verified and working digital ocean accounts, the account must be passed all the verification and fully functional. Also the smtp port must be opened, on some countries on newly created accounts it's disabled by default. So check it before writing to me. I will pay $20 for...
  15. alice252293

    [help] Problem with Digital Ocean VPS

    I know know, Why dont I contact the support right?. I did 2 days ago but it seems like it's unmanaged VPS. They have not replied me back yet. I created VPS on DG VPS. I had trouble when I was trying to connect my server using Putty. I deleted and reinstall my droplet 10 times. After 10th time...
  16. z_cool

    Digital Ocean Hosting Problem

    Hey Guys, I made a droplet and added my domain in the section.But i can access the website using the ip address.But when i use the domain its not reaching the website.I used putty to install the wordpress. but i cant finish the process since the domain is not working
  17. Starblazer

    What is best configuration for wordpress site on DigitalOcean VPS?

    I know that many BHW users are using DigitalOcean and like it. I wanted to give it a try for a wordpress website. I'm currently using a shared hosting and planning to move to a VPS. There are many options for OS and other settings in digitalocean. I just want a configuration that gives best...
  18. D


    ALL KINDS OF CLOUD ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES AMAZON AWS Free Tier RDP/VPS ACCOUNTS Details: * Amazon Free tier RDP/VPS accounts * Comes with 24 hrs warranty Price: $18 DIGITAL OCEAN ACCOUNTS: Details: * Digital Ocean Trial Accounts * Verified accounts * Comes with $100...
  19. onlinework

    I need help with Digital Ocean

    Hi all. Can anyone link me to easy tutorial for hosting multiple domains at digital ocean? It seems so messy for me and I can not understand at all. I need to host a lot of domains under one ip and add that ip will be added in my dns at my domain register. The problem is I do not understand...
  20. Lara Bennett

    Buy Digital Ocean accounts

    Hi, Im looking for buying Digital Ocean accounts, can anyone provide this? I would need the account activated with a creditcard. Depending on the card, i can either pay you the usage, but give me an offer, i would need multiple accounts.