1. survivorghost

    software selling - Paypal alternatives

    Hello I have been selling digital software on eBay, License and keys ... But I would like to make my own store now, I have a problem with payment gateway since most don't accept or very sensitive when it comes to digital products. Paypal gets suspended very fast then the website get...
  2. Iniabasi

    Hello world

    I am Iniabasi Francis, a digital marketer. I am thankful for the opportunity to be on this platform. My vision and goal is to empower and enable 100,000 people to be financially free using digital tools to grow their businesses. I will also provide support to those by sharing my knowledge and...
  3. D

    Starting a digital marketing agency

    Hey, everyone I'm going to start a resell digital marketing agency means i'm going to resell big companies services on my website. so guys i want to know how can i get visitors means targeted audience which convert into client. sorry for my english , thank you in advance
  4. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone Running their business Completely Depending on Email Marketing?

    Is there anyone in here running a business almost completely depending on email marketing? ( I mean more than 90% depending only on emailing) I am just curious am I the only one in this digital world depending on that old method OR there still some mates on this planet like me? :D ( Please do...
  5. Anna Gray

    Web 2.0 Vs Web 3.0

    What is the difference between web 2.0 and web 3.0? Which one is good?
  6. KJREDDY247@

    Is there anyone completed a full marathon?

    I am just curious is there anyone on here who completed a full marathon at least once till now, I never had completed one, I get exhausted by the time I complete 5-6KM. Are all the IM's are lazy like me? or am I the only one?
  7. Determined Diva

    Digital marketing agency brainstorm

    Hey everyone it's DD here once again:) So as they say when belief comes to fruition wonders happen. My beliefs came to fruition with mind numbing hard work and I'm still slogging for the past 9 hours. That being said, I have been approached to start up a digital marketing agency. I have an...
  8. A

    How much money are you making from instagram?

    Hey guys. Today I come with another question. How much money are you guys making from instagram? I just want to know what a typical account or multiple of accounts are making because I want to live a nomadic lifestyle with income from this. So basically I am making goals around it. Can a...
  9. digitalmarketingman

    Fiverr advice

    Hi guys, so I've been in Fiverr for months and want to create a new account again not to selling service but for selling some digital products to my gigs. My question is, anyone here have the best suggestions for digital products? like pdf, course, podcast? What will be the most searching...
  10. Mediawiz

    Any quality alternatives for Selly/Sellfy?

    Heya, I'm creating digital goods and want to sell this without setting up Woocommerce or easy digital downloads. I've saw Selly and Sellfy but the reviews aren't that good I trust them with my money and files, seems like a lot of trouble. Any reliable alternatives with quality support for...
  11. D

    Hello from Staunch Digital marketing

    I am new here and saying hi to everyone
  12. V

    Looking for VCC Seller for DigitalOcean

    I know of and have tested their service. It worked flawlessly. I am looking for alternatives as they are charging 9$ per vcc. I have bulk order. Looking for discounted prices.
  13. V

    VCC That still works on digitalocean

    Which vcc supplier still works flawlessly on digitalocean?
  14. V

    [WANT] Digital Ocean Accounts in Bulk

    Hello, Looking for Digital Ocean Account sellers. Comment/ PM me price with 50$ Coupon Code and without any promo.
  15. ShiningWarrior

    Note-Taking App companies sees our notes?

    Hi, till now I used EverNote but I came to know that Evernote employees can access our notes from the backend but Evernote in their new policy in 2017 said that they WON'T anymore. Article -...
  16. ShiningWarrior

    Any recommended note taking apps?

    Hi, currently I use Evernote and I just ran out of the free plan. I upload tons and tons of images from online as my notes along with my written notes so ran out of the free plan and I need to upgrade and I was looking into One Note which is totally free no matter how many files you upload. But...
  17. Rob Rouse Jr

    What are some examples of successful digital products?

    I see a lot of people are making money selling digital products. How do they do this? Have you done this?
  18. T

    Help me generate leads

    I'll pay you .10 CPL to generate leads for me. No cap Who can do this? PM me
  19. Cryptocurious

    Dropshipping Journey to 50$ a day! [Ali+Shopify+Instagram]

    I'm following Dropshipping Strategies and Dropshippers from last 3 to 4 Months and finally I've decided to give it a shot. For now I've decided to choose the Geek Niche, because that's something which I like and I think that the chosen niche have some potential. I have already bought a domain...
  20. gman777

    I want to create my own coin

    Since I see so many coins created already thanks to the recent "I will sell my bed to invest in [Insert unheard coin]" crypto threads, I was thinking to start my own coin. What do you think guys? How should I name it? I was thinking at gcoin, but it seems too straight forward(like a dick on...