1. Sumuji

    Digital items on Ebay success. $160 for nothing.

    I'm sure this isn't a new tactic but someone here got the idea in my head (new to me) and I decided to try it so maybe someone else can have the same success. I think the original idea was to buy cheap games from one of those "lowest prices on the planet" sites, forget where now, and selling it...
  2. IM Legend

    [METHOD] Newbies ONLY

    Here is a fool proof method for NEWBIES ONLY It requires zero budget, just some time and finesse. It's broken down into 2 parts. The product phase and the marketing phase.. simple. The product phase is all about where you are going to send your traffic to, and monetizing that destination...
  3. farabihusni

    Wish We Have a great connection...

    (introduction) hi guys, it's farabi here , some people called me fabiansky. it's up to you my background information is real-state and trading , but since a couple of months, i'm focusing myself in internet marketing I'm currently in making of my new digital product (coming soon lol) and...
  4. ArMani41

    Best 5 Freelance and online selling websites for All 1000$+/month

    Hi, Short description about me, I am ArMani, 20 Years old guy with Big dreams.but with a best Experience that i learn from instructors around the world.I am Designer | Developer and Digital Marketer. Soon i will start my own blog so i hv few qualities to write. TOP WEBSITE FOR FREELANCING...
  5. S

    Don’ts of Blogger Outreach

    The Big 10?Definite Don?ts of Blogger Outreach Blogger outreach campaigns have gained popularity over the past few years, but there are still some big mistakes that are made by businesses who do not know how to use it for their advantage. Click here to find out the ways in which you can use...
  6. eunicemartinez_21

    How to protect myself when selling digital goods using paypal?

    I am thinking on launching a new project selling online game accounts which I played. I already researched the market and I am confident that I would make money here. But the thing that is holding me back from starting this project is "too much worrying" about scammers. I'll be using paypal for...
  7. pulkitseo

    Where all can amusement park be advertised in Digital Media ?

    i am looking for answer. can anyone tell Where all can amusement park be advertised in Digital Media ? since i have never done that ...i would like to know if anyone has some experience thanks
  8. J

    Black hat SEO help, completely stuck!

    I have created a jobs board specifically for digital jobs (marketing, development, design, programming etc) I have had the domain for around 4 years already but have never put that much effort into SEO - mainly because I have no time Someone has now teamed up with me to make this site a...
  9. B

    Is Music Your Business?

    I'm not sure if I've posted an introduction before so I just wanted to say that I am involved with the music business. If there are any people in the bhw community that work with music or digital media, feel free to get in touch. Thanks.
  10. A

    Looking for the best affiliate network for digital goods

    Hi there everyone, This is one of my first posts here, I've read a lot yet and it's very helpfull so time to go more active :) I'm a webdesigner and I'm currently working on a graphics pack for internet marketers. I want to sell this pack through affiliate marketing but still can't find out...
  11. Madruga

    Digital Signature on YouTube. Clarifications?!

    So, I do know that YT have a complex algorithm that can detect each vids digital signature. So usually, the copied video will have less views than the original. There are exceptions, or let's say there are copied vids that gets a lot of views as well, but usually in most cases, original content...
  12. D

    Hi All!

    Hello, we are a web development team from Manila. We specialize in pixel-perfect websites. I hope to learn a lot of things here like business and SEO. It's my first day here and so far I already learned something new :)
  13. liamizdabest

    OMG I hate DP I just got bannned for 7 days. WTF? What kind of rules is that. Every single person does that. It's DP required! Some snitch is just going around the forum reportng "PM me" post. I HATE DIGITAL POINT! I was just about to close a really...