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  1. bestspinner

    FREE Backlinks DA90

    1. Go to 2. Signup or login using your microsoft account 3. Click publish extensions 4. Add your detail name as title, about and homepage url 5. Done Its d0foII0w and indexable
  2. Aniket Roy

    2.0 do-follow subdomain links-list but there's a catch

    The catch is, all these have a spam score of at least 8% (though some of them don't look that spammy) I'm not saying that these are super useful or anything like that and I'm certainly not getting into that 'sub-domain links provide no benefit' argument again. Completely up to you to decide if...
  3. Aniket Roy

    2 new web 2.0 sites; DA 43, DA 28 (both do-follow)

    Though, I'm noticing an indexing delay in 2.0 links since last week, they still seem useful to me and here are 2 new websites for anyone who would find this useful 1. | DA 43 Spam score: 1% This one is non-english but the translations work just fine and anyone from this...
  4. Aniket Roy

    Get DA 31, Do-follow Link ( I haven't tried it out myself yet )

    So, here's the site: If you try visiting this website directly then it redirects you to, from there you can click on 'Blogs' from the menu on the left. I've checked some recent posts which have external links, so its a do-follow for sure but the number of...
  5. Aniket Roy

    DA 85; Do-follow web 2.0 link site (.ru TLD)

    Here's another one with a high DA this time. Its a site building platform just like most of the web 2.0s. The procedure or UI is quite different from the rest. (Yes, i've tried building one myself) Actually, its less of a drag and drop and pretty much every common...
  6. nifras

    forbs Link for just 30$ How they do

    I find the seller who selling forbs do-follow link for just 30$ I ask the sample its looks legit how they do this any trick like increase DR ?
  7. Aniket Roy

    [DA: 29, do-follow] Web 2.0 link for beginners

    So, I was looking for some high da 2.0 links when i came across this one. It won't help those who have a well-built website already but this might be of some help for the beginners who have newly launched websites with low DA and traffic. You'll have to sign up and create a...
  8. Aniket Roy

    [Moz DA:59] New do-follow link website

    Took me a while to find this one. Hope this helps. Though everyone in this forum is quite savvy when it comes to things like this, i'll still list some general steps for the process. 1. Go to and register. 2. The do-follow link comes from the blog and you...
  9. Asirir88

    Is this one a do follow backlink format from reddit ?

    Hi I recently created a reddit community and put my site link there. When I check, I get this, is this a do-follow quality back-link ? <a class="_1OhthtththtSaESf0S uGdhththtCHH-nwVthththgtgthtgthththTw" href="">xxxxx/a>
  10. TheArtMound

    What Is The Best Method To Get DO Follow Link ?

    Hey, Good Morning Everyone today we discuss about the all type of method of backlink. we know serval method blog commenting classified ADD Profile Creation Social Bookmarking Forum Submissions Guest Post web2.0 pdf submission image submission article submission video submission I Know This...
  11. B

    My Progress This Year So Far - From Ahrefs Rank 84,000,000 to Top 1,000,000 in 40 Days

    Hello everyone! This year I realized I needed to start ranking my websites better with the search engines. Time and time again I had customers complain they could not find where to buy my products. When you searched my brand and product name in Google, Amazon ranked higher even though I quit...
  12. Ideal_SEO

    High Domain Authority BLOG COMMENTS

    REFUND POLICY We will refund the amount if we are not able to deliver the work report within 2 weeks from the order date without any information. Custom orders are available.
  13. T

    ******** link for my peeps

    Found this off an fb group that I am part of You can post your article here:
  14. SkullCrusher

    ❤️ PBN Service for 20s Decade ► DA20+ Blog Posts ✔ PBN Links from CNN-Forbes-Huff-Nytimes at Just $2

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  15. WebMinati

    Google: Not Worth Signing Up For ******** Profile Links********-profile-links-google-28905.html Well what are your thoughts guys? I think they work pretty good :) Will do a case study soon! (If someone wants to help, do let me know)
  16. LatestPhoneZone

    Accepting Free Guest Posts

    Hello guys, I own the blog on my profile and I am now open for guest posts. I need guest posts on How Tos (related to phones), and Games/ apps. I can only give one do-follow link. My DA is 23 Alexa is around 600k Daily traffic of 2k+. 10 slots available 800+ words per post. Zero tolerance to...
  17. Aniket Roy

    Web 2.0 follow link ( Moz DA: 58 )

    I was searching for 2.0 websites from where i can get DF links for my website, when I came across this one. it works like any other free website builder, so just need to sign up and start building. The blog module and a storage space of ~500 MB is included in the free plan. and...
  18. Adrecalizador

    ******** link DA 80 PA 40 (MOZ)

    (english is not my main language) Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii today i gonna share another ******** link :) this link is easy to do first acess this site > and sing up confirm your email Edit you profile using html code check bye...
  19. avichal


    Boost your lower tiers and increase their authority, so they become your SEO Power-House. You can use these backlinks for your tier1, Amazon listing, YT videos, FB posts, Web2.0s/blogs etc. Features of the service: Low OBL: OBL is an important factor. For all the backlinks that we create...
  20. the gent

    Is this No-Follow or Do-Follow Link ??

    Hi I managed to get 3 High authority Links of : DA:94-52:pA | DA:91-PA:37 | DA:91-PA:90 But when i went to the inspect element i saw 1- tag rel= "noopener noreferrer", it will be considered do-follow or nofollow? And when i use MOZBar it shows a green color as it is do-follow link ...