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  1. E

    [GET] Bulk DA Checker Using Free Moz API in PHP

    Register Moz, and get your Free API here : Make sure to insert it into the code both accessID & secretKey <?php // Get your access id and secret key here: ob_start(); error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE)...
  2. Mr Cracker

    Looking for some: TF/CF and PA/DA scores to aim towards/avoid when keyword researching

    Hi, I have been researching about keyword research and asked some questions on this other thread here: (posted inside the correct relevant forum, as this new thread has been...
  3. malikzee

    My website's Domain Authority is not changing!

    There are 570 links to my website in search console and its been two month since i created my website. Is there any flaw in my link building? I only built back links to site's inner page not a single backlink to the homepage. does it affect? I dont have traffic yet.Alexa rank is 3,395,100...
  4. renepaolo27

    [QUESTION] DA 99 PA 94

    So I made two tumblr accounts and two blogspot accounts almost a year ago. Below are the stats: Tumblr 1 & 2 (both made on the same date): DA - 99 PA - 94 Blogspot 1 & 2 (also made on the same date): DA - 92 PA - 77 I've read here in the forum that building web 2.0s sites is a great source...
  5. Rank 360


    Contact us: Mail : [email protected] Skype: Rank360
  6. R

    Making a Tumblr blog a subdomain of my money site to boost its Domain Authority

    Let's say I have a money site, call it MoneySite.c0m. I also have a Tumblr blog where I network with other Tumblr users to get them to follow the blog where I post links to my money site. My money site doesn't have that many backlinks but my accompanying Tumblr blog has TONS. I've managed to...
  7. J

    Best way to increase Relevance for free!

    Here's the problem: I'm 99.9% sure the site that i am working on needs to increase its relevance to go higher on the SERPs. We need to cut the budget for a couple of months, so no more paid reviews on high DA websites for a while. Which would it be a good way to increase Domain relevance for...
  8. E

    Can I increase my DA with backlinks pointing to www version ?

    Hello Guys, I was wondering something... I use the www version for my website, So I set the cannonicalisation and the 301 Redirect of non-www to www version. But I checked my website on MOZ (Open Site Explorer) and when I type in I get 19 DA and 1 PA. When I typed in...
  9. blackwarriormonster

    How to improve(increase) the PA and DA

    Hi guys, we are talking about PA DA everywhere in BHW, but how to improve them in short term in bulk? Quality contents in the page? Get links from high DA sites and high PA pages? The page aged? From social network sharing? But I'm puzzled, let's say I have 100 web2.0 sites as tier 1, and I...
  10. S

    ===Don't Forget To Check This Before You Buy Domain===

    I found this software to check Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Autority, Doamin Age at ONE CLICK. Hopefully Help.
  11. S

    Don't Forget To Check This Before You Buy Domain

    I found this software to check Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Autority, Doamin Age at ONE CLICK. Hopefully Help.
  12. M

    PR - PA or DA what should i be looking at for links? Also need best place to buy them.

    Hi All I have been looking through some other posts but still not sure on this issue, should i be looking for high PR, PA or DA backlinks? Also can anyone advise the best paid services for these types of links. I am planning to do some paid backlinking to my youtube videos, the reason i...
  13. nikita12

    List of expiring domains with high Moz Domain Authority

    Hey guys, I'm posting domains that are expiring this week with a very high Moz Domain Authority. 1: Page Rank: 6 Domain Authority: 75.32 Majestic Seo Citation Flow: 62 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 32 Alexa Rank: 618,862 Age: 5 years Ends: 23 Feb 2014 02:09 2: Domain...
  14. nikita12

    High Moz Domain Authority expired domains for this week

    Hey guys, I'm posting expiring domains with a very high Moz Domain Authority. 1: Domain Authority: 51.2 Majestic Seo Citation Flow: 36 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 7 Alexa Rank: 7,494,292 Ends: 13 Dec 2013 21:18 2: Domain Authority: 50.63 Majestic Seo...
  15. M

    Tool for bulk harvesting PR and Domain Authority

    Hi All I am trying to find a tool that allows me to upload 60,000 domains and get pagerank and domain authority on each one. Does anyone know of any tools? Don't mind if it is a subscription tool. Currently i am using scrapebox, which is a bit slow and unreliable and a few other free tools...
  16. R

    Domain authority doubt

    I have got a doubt friends .. Will building high quality links to the pages of the site boosts DOMAIN AUTHOriTY ???
  17. codeman1234

    Building more PA and DA

    Hello Guys, I am just wondering a couple of things that I hope you can help, one of my sites has already link building done, and with really good PA, DA and PR but, even that I am ranking good I see that my biggest competitors rank better because they have bigger PA and DA, so, I wanted to...
  18. T

    Buying a PR6 Ranked Website

    I am starting a new online company and the domain I have is brand new (only 2 months old). I have found a website on Flippa that is for sale and has a PR6 ranking. The niche of the website is not exactly like my new online company but it is in the same industry. If I was to buy this PR6 website...
  19. morgan456

    Permanent Blog posts on High DA blogs | High PR | Starting from 1.9$

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 03/10/2014 ---- Permanent Blog posts on High DA & PR Blog Network We are glad to share that all our blogs have been escaped from recent Google Updates which implies that we don?t leave any foot prints to search engines...
  20. morgan456

    Perpetual Blog Posts at PR 3, 4 & 5 Sites Just $4.9 with high PR / DA / PA

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 07/10/2013 ---- Permanent Blog Posts at PR 3, 4 & 5 Sites Just $4.9 with high PR / DA / PA S