domain authority

  1. johnkeets1

    Is there any bulk site checker who told "domain authority" and "page authority"

    I want to compile a list along with their "Domain Authority" and "Page Authority" in Bulk.I saw on web there are some services but they told individually not in bulk.My question is that is there any service which told me "PA" and "DA" in bulk.Please share your knowledge.
  2. codeman1234

    Territorial domain or General domain?

    Hello, I am about to buy a new domain for Portugal that is .pt but, my question is what is better for me? If I want to positionate on Google Portugal a website with the domain .pt or .me? I just cannot decide because some people say is better the regional one but, other say its better the...
  3. S

    100 Domain Authority sorted High PR backlink tool

    I've just developed this free web based tool, it will help you extract HIGH PR backlinks from your competitors. Like a link harvester you just need to input any well ranked website, the backlinks will be sorted by Domain Authority. (Meaning that the first ones are really good backlinks) So you...
  4. avi619

    How good is a DA of 14?

    My site got a Domain authority of 14 and the homepage got a Page authority of 26. How good/bad is that? A few days back it was 1 but then after I built a few backlinks and google indexed them,today it was 14. Also,can I improve it more? Thanks.
  5. youtalk

    Need Schooling on Domains

    I need some schooling on domains. - Can I purchase domains and not have my name attached or show anywhere?? - Can I purchase domains that have shelf life? (been around awhile) - If I purchase a domain that's been around for awhile, does that help me with SEO? - If I find a domain I like, but...
  6. A

    I need Help Choosing an SEO-Friendly Domain

    So I'm trying to buy a domain for an upcoming product launch with the keyword "jobreplacer" but the dot com, the dot net & the dot org are already taken but the dot in & the dot ca are available, So my question is, is it a good idea to buy the dot in or dot ca or use the keyword followed either...
  7. F

    Godaddy Buy it Now PR 1-5 Auction List FREE

    Hey everybody, been mia for a while now, but keeping very productive. Thought I could give back to the community. This is a list (collected last night) of auctions at GoDaddy with the "buy it now" option and pagerank 1-5. Below is also my aff link if you wish to purchase a domain,a click through...
  8. Owlpic

    Is this a good keyword to pick or waste of time

    Hi, Please look the stats below for a keyword Google search resullts ----------------------- keyword About 213,000 results "keyword" About 9,890 results allintitle:"keyword" About 3,350 results allinurl:"keyword" About 5,010 results Google keywords tools resullts...
  9. amsterdamned

    SeoMoz about domain trust and authority

    Its been said that domain trust and authority will become a important factor in the time to come. Here is a video that explains this quite well: Cheers!