domain rating

  1. edthis

    How to quickly increase DR/DA (about 30-40), so that big players or new bloggers can't steal my golden keywords?

    As people are searching for low dr sites to steal keywords, therefore I am looking for a way so that most of them won't count my site as low dr site. It would be great if anyone share some good links method which Ahrefs and Moz counts to increase their DR/DA database. Previously, Ahrefs used to...
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about HARO

    Hello there, I'm using Haro to acquire some backlinks for my site. In order for me to choose the ideal sites that will lift up my site authority and not the opposet. I'm wondering, do you look for any specific metrics before pitching to sites? Like Checking DR, etc... What kind of metrics do...
  3. shojib786

    Domain rating increase - DR

    How many backlinks will need to increase DR50+? Many Fiverr sellers sell this service for 10$. How can they do this? Does anyone teach me this, please
  4. S

    Meaning of a sudden DR drop for a year?

    What does this sudden drop in DR mean? The site went from ~27 to ~5 for a year, and then it jumped right back up. New and lost referring domains and backlinks look balanced in that period. There's also no correlation between the drop in DR and organic traffic and keywords. The domain was never...
  5. iAuthority

    Influence PBN - Free review copy [5 members]

    Hi, We're happy to provide this free review copy to 5 real buyers. 2 Posts with DR 20+ 400+ words handwritten articles HTTPS enabled blogs Show your interest below, we will select the members & PM for the order details. ! Thread link...
  6. The Data Scientist

    Poll & Discussion: DR vs TF vs DA

    Hi members of BHW, which off-page metric do you prefer to evaluate the SEO power of a domain? I would be interested in your opinions! I have used Majestic a lot in the past, and I like their Trust Flow (TF) metric for a rough assessment of a domain (competition and expired domain analysis). Few...
  7. Logical Ranker

    $ Real Links For Real Value $ Organic Traffic Rich Guest Blogs $ No PBN $ Handwritten Content

  8. seocrab

    Which Domain Score Metric Is Actually The Best? DA vs DR vs AS vs TF vs CF

    Read a lot of comments that "DR is more accurate than DA"? Here's some data to challenge that assumption... In a study looking at the backlinks of 100 US websites, Malte Landwehr found strong correlation between DA (Domain Authority) from Moz, DR (Domain Rating) from ahrefs and AS (Authority...
  9. lintero

    Expired Domain With High DR / DA

    Does buying an expired domain with HQ domain can increase my exposure and visibility on Google ? let's say the use of this domain is only for blogging and something like that. without using the old niche and webmachine and this stuff. regards
  10. SeedPhrase

    DR not gonna help for ranking?

    Hii, guys Is DR helpful for ranking ??.today i show a website having 100 backlinks but DR(ahrefs metrix) 55, how come its possible. anyone has any idea please share coz I created mote than 10k backlinks but still, my DR is 10 only....please help though feedbacks and suggestion. I'll be very...
  11. T

    Somebody toss this domain into ahrefs link explorer for me and let me know your thoughts

    I am writing a guest blog article for techtodayinfo dot com and when checking their DR oh ahrefs I see they went from zero links to almost 30,000 in just over 6 months?!?! Their Moz spam score is also zero. How the heck did they accomplish that and do you think they'll give me a lot of link...
  12. Alexandra Mill

    Increase your URL Rating (UR) and Domain Rating (DR) with high UR-DR Backlinks (Result with Prove)

    Paypal : [email protected] Skype : abcdseo17 Email : [email protected]
  13. ziko12345

    New subdomain with 94 DR ????

    I created a subdomain, as i create a lot of subdomain and i saw thr metrics on ahrefs and it has a dr of 94. Is this normal or valuable?? Thanks.
  14. Mirkogiovannetti

    [HELP]can anyone report me on ahrefs of a domain and send it to me?

    guys i need a domain report on ahrefs. I need to know all the Backlinks and those with the highest level. My aim is to rebuild the old site of this domain, so I have to know all the broken backlinks.
  15. D

    http 394 backlinks https 6 backlinks Is it normal?

    Hi All, Lastweek i moved my one of the old website from http to https using cloudflare. When i see the backlinks, it is showing like below Is it ok? I'm i miss something? And also someone please help me on how can i increase my domain rating? Thanks
  16. J

    Too many backlinks???

    Hi guys and gals. Was trawling through our AHREFs rankings today and have a question about our profile. We have 5.2K backlinks and 300 referring domains which scores us a DR of 23. However many of competitors have less backlinks and less referring domains but the sameish or higher DR score. I...
  17. D

    [FREE BACKLINK] From a normal BHW Member

    Please note that the website only allows you to add specific software related websites and goes through approval so make sure you submit the right and correct website. Now, let's get started. Go to: 1. Register 2. Verify your email 3. Click on add new application...

    Backlinks DR/UR Ahrefs

    Hello to all BHW members, Need urgent help! So I am promoting a legit traveling page and I am using ahrefs for analyzing the backlinks. So far, I have right now a 90 backlinks but most of them have a very low DR (between 0 and 30 ) and also low UR My question is: Is these backlinks are...
  19. Perrybeard82

    Variation in da between Moz and ahrefs

    Hiya bit of a noobie question. I have used the search function but can't find an answer. What causes such a difference between DA scores on moz and ahrefs? For example on moz my site has a DA score of 25 with a zero spam score for backlinks but in ahrefs my DA score is 7. Just wondering what...
  20. tophi

    Ahrefs DR major update

    Lets see how that will impact our websites. I am also curious what most of the PBNs sellers will do when DR drops to 0.