1. drums

    I bought this domain name.

    After some research I bought this domain name. What do you think. Do you think it is a good investment? exploretravels. net
  2. onestro

    Looking to buy 1-2 domains with high traffic

    Hello guys, Today I have the hardest task to choose one or two domain names that will drive traffic passively. Both of the sites will be used for affiliate marketing and unspecified niches. For that, I'll most likely make up two WordPress layouts, so I only need the traffic. Any...
  3. Tiposbingo

    [NEED HELP] Domain estimate price help.

    Hello, this is the domain name: I was wondering should i use it for some affiliate or sell it ? Thank you very much.
  4. S

    How can I make money from a domain name I don't use?

    I've bought an xyz domain name a long time ago. It was originally a bitcoin faucet but because i couldn't find any suitable ads network my faucet failed. Now i just have the domain name sitting in my account and I want to at least make a bit of money from it before it expires. Any ideas?
  5. N

    My website got blocked by Facebook

    Hello, Facebook blocked my site for not following their community guidelines, I'm thinking of 301 redirection but I don't know how?! Of course, I tried to contact Facebook but had no luck. I have WHM & Cpanel access and bought a new domain pointed to my server. Can anyone tell me what the...
  6. Nw_Work

    Do you all know?

    I would like to know is there any reliable free service where I can upload my WP backups and use as a testing ground for a couple of days and then delete it and free up space, to see if website working when restored from allione wp? The backups I have are around 600-800MB big so any free hosting...
  7. castoro

    OVERWHELMED: need to chose a domain name for my next big project

    I want to start a new site for a long term project. I have a lot of ideas on how to develop it but I'm not sure which domain name to choose. I have several factors that I am trying to give importance to: new or expired domain (I mean deleted domain, I do not have experience with buying...
  8. xEssence

    How do I sell a very specific domain name to a certain person?

    Hello all, I have come into the ownership of a very specific domain name relating back to a YouTuber/Twitch streamer of a fairly larger size (Almost 1 Million Subs on YouTube and 650k twitch followers (500k USD from twitch subs alone according to the database leak from awhile ago!)). The domain...
  9. Poorboy

    Where can I sell an unused brandable two word domain with a good price?

    I have a domain which is brandable and unused. I bought it about 2 months back and I am not sure to use it. So, if I get a good offer, I am willing to sell it. Where should I try to sell it for a quick sell?
  10. A

    NEED Domain provider which accepts BTC or crypto

    I need a domain provider (not: namecheap, hostinger, namesilo, porkbun) that accepts bitcoin or any crypto that I can buy .online domain with.
  11. Milagro

    Help!!! How can I make www1 of my domain and redirect all my index url to it

    Good day friends , please I need help I want to make www1 of my domain and redirect the main do and urls to it Example , my to than I want when people click my url that is already on google , it will bring them to my site with the new version of domain being...
  12. Bedazzle

    Does Google Penalise a whole server/IP if one domain is affected?

    Let's say you are using shared hosting and you got multiple websites on that one hosting and one of your domains on that shared hosting is penalized by Google. Will all your other domains and blogs be affected that are on that same hosting?
  13. R

    Brainstorming Ideas

    Hi BHW users, I'm looking to add to my brain storming of ideas on Purchasing, Registering and flipping domain names to businesses. My current method was to either buy expired or dropping domains that have really good business name quality and search volume of 500>. I would cold email a...
  14. kiks

    Avoid using Njalla is a big joke

    I was aware that njalla is a joke from previous BHW posts and that they steal your domains as soon they see some traffic momentum, I was running for 9 months my project with a njalla registered domain, gladly one month ago I transferred all my customers and products to a hostinger domain. I...
  15. cubitly

    Can't find TXT DNS Records For GoDaddy Auction Verification

    I bid on one domain in GD auctions after few days today I got an email of counter offer from the seller I opened GD and accepted the offer paid the amount to GD, But now I am checking it is registered with "NETWORK SOLUTIONS REGISTRAR" and not with godaddy. I googled and got to know GD verify...
  16. Freedom$

    Sure Ways to make Money Online

    Become a website or domain broker There are a lot of people interested in buying people’s sites. They would like to buy sites so that they can own established websites without having to do the work on their own, or they see profit potential on sites, and so on and so forth. A lot of people...
  17. LamborghiniDreamer

    Flipping domains business idea. Need Advice...

    Hey there black hat family. I have a business idea and wanted yalls opinion. I am thinking about finding local business that do not have their domain names registered, buying it, and selling it to the owner for a profit. My problem is... if they havent bought their domain name already...
  18. M

    Does changing domain TDL can have an impact on SEO

    Hi all! I have been browsing around to know if changing domain TDL can have an impact on SEO. But I am having a hard time finding information on the TLD specifically. Does anyone have any clue or past experience? Thanks!
  19. snowmanstudio

    Should I Care About Spam Score? For Google SEO

    Spam score really effect SEO????
  20. litemere

    [Giveaway | EPIC] One-Year | Custom Domain | Six Awardees Total

    Greetings Follow BlackHatWorld Members, @litemere is in the house with another epic giveaway! This giveaway will have six (6) awardees in total. All domains will be registered with DreamHost. This giveaway is for a one-year registered, single available domain name with the choice of these...