1. Jessica Lee 12


    The policies of Facebook and Tiktok are changing a lot, making it difficult for businesses TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF MATERIALS WHILE MAKING ADVERTISING, WE SPECIALIZED IN SUPPLYING FACEBOOK AND TIKTOK AGENCY AD ACCOUNTS WITH UNLIMITED SPENDING Our Support team has many years of advertising...
  2. TheMightiestFurher

    Drop Ship Lifestyle ! $10,000 Course and Rated No#1 Dropshipping course by Shopify. Is it worth it ?

    Hello! I am getting into dropshipping now. Know much now than the past 3 months but still wanna know much more. I am taking this seriously. So, has any bhw member tried this DROPSHIP LIFESTYLE course ? It costs almost $10,000 and is Rated as the No#1 Dropshipping course by Shopify . It's been...
  3. carewebsoft

    High Profitable Professional Dropshipping Store ✅ Complete Ready To Start Business at 299$ ✅

    For Inquiry/Order/Sample/Update Contact Now In BHW Email: [email protected] Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/xRDRwmusua9N
  4. seotrafficguy

    Expert Advice on Dropshipping Needed

    Hi all, This is prob' the most noobiest question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. I've been providing programming and website building services for a while now working as a freelancer, and as any digital entrepreneur heard a lot about dropshipping... Can anyone (with experience) tell me what is...
  5. Flameo

    Shadownban on Facebook Marketplace

    Hello, I am experiencing a shadowban upon my marketplace dropshipping account. I used to get 1000's of views and after a few nonsense bans, reinstating the account, ban, reinstate, the whole cycle; none of my listings are receiving views. I'm very lucky to pull 40 views on a listing. All of my...
  6. C


    Can somebody help me ? Ads in amazon i can't find them ? Listing not showing on the marketplace? Looking for a service to work with amazon (personal) ? Loking for a service to make for me ebay account (personal) ?
  7. V

    Looking for an Electronics or Jewerelly dropship supplier

    Hi, I am looking for a dropship supplier that can send products directly to customers in either the UK or the US. The niche I am looking for is in Electronics (Computer parts, phones etc...) or Jewerelly. I will ofcourse pay you directly for the product and the shipping and look forward to...
  8. N

    Does anyone know good Dropshipping Suppliers / Sourcing Agents?

    Hi All, I recently started my dropshipping store a few days ago and I am seeing relative success with a few sales and very low adspend, with about 60% operating margin. At this stage, I am looking for a long term business relationship with a supplier and/ or a sourcing agent to improve the...
  9. Anni Rahman

    CareWebSoft Offering Professional Complete Dropshiping Package | Noob Friendly | Low Competitive Researched Winning Products

  10. therp

    Has anybody tried Ship Station?

    Hello, Good Day Everyone. I'm drop-shipping, getting pretty good sales, so thought of branded packaging-labelling (it's niche store). Has anybody tried Ship-Station? If yes, what's your experience? Is it good?
  11. aronax

    [ADVICE NEEDED] What to do with a 5 years old niche store?

    Greetings fellow blackhatters, First and foremost, a HUGE THANKS to all of you who share your experience on this forum and guide the little ones to inch their way towards success. I’ve been lurking in the shadows for several years now and I can say that your lessons are immensely valuable...
  12. I

    Best Payment Method For Woo Commerce USA Dropshipping in India

    So i am about to start a dropshipping store and added 50 viral products. But i can't think of any good payment method or service to receive us dollar payment in india. Are there any wallet or any other options available that can hold money for few day or months?
  13. Facebook BM

    My FB Ads Scale-Your Product

    I'm looking for one or more partners with highly profitable products, someone struggling with FB ads, Requirements: You have a history of scaling 10k $ at least 1 day on FB ads, and show it to me. =) Make big profits together and don't have to worry about ad accounts or Facebook.
  14. chrayka

    Anyone tried this Social proof app Notic ?

    Hello guys , i found this social proof app here is their website : https://www.notic.club/ and im wonderring if anyone here is working with them , i've been using other apps on my websites but you know they are a little bit pricy but this one has good prices , please if anyone can help me ASAP .
  15. Krizzzly

    [Successful Journey] to living wage with eCommerce Branding

    *edit: I reposted this so I can put the appropriate tags on this to make it easier to find. I was also inspired to put successful Journey because of @Bloooop. Hey guys, I want to start this journey not only to improve my marketing and copy but also because eCommerce intrigues me. I'm also...
  16. Takurah

    - Dropshipping = 4th grade paper = $$$ > 6 Step Check List

    Drop shipping = riding a fourth grade paper = $$$ During all my research I decided to type up this quick correlation informational. He's hoping you guys see the similarities and how simple these things really can be. Also this is a great step by step list for either writing paper or...
  17. A

    Get my TikTok ad approved?

    I’m planning on using tik tok as a channel for my e-commerce brand. I have an ad I want to post, it uses several clips from other users spliced together. Each clip is about 1-3 seconds in length. Tik tok doesn’t let reposted content run as ads, nor does it allow content with the tik tok...
  18. roberttani

    Dropshipping Website

    Hello Folks, I am looking for someone who is skilled enough to set up a Wordpress-woocommerce Dropship store. Things I Can provide: Domain Hosting What I want: Setup Wordpress-woocommerce Dropship store. Use a professional design. I want to use aliexpress so tell me which plugin I should use...
  19. xcodes

    Professional DropShipping Stores | Custom Niches | Noob Friendly | - Ready To Start Own Business ?

  20. widchy95

    My Journey of eBay dropshipping in 2021 (3 Months of test)

    Hello guys I been in this forum for a very long time but I don't really interact I want an independent source of revenue without much investment and I think the best way is "dropshipping" So I decide to start dropship on my 7 years old eBay account that I used to buy stuff online I started on...