1. R1ckS4nch3z

    What 3rd party app help me to import ebay in bulk?

    I have a dropshipping supplier and I want to implement this to eBay but I don't know any way to upload CSV to eBay and update the stock daily. Any thoughts?
  2. K

    Looking for courses

    Im looking for a mega link that has a fuck tonne of courses. I know there is one here for free but it doesn't have the courses i need. I am looking for the tan brothers course if anyone has a mega link please send. Thankyou
  3. L

    Facebook ads contingency for dropshipping.

    Hey guys, all right? I'm looking for simple contingency plans for dropshipping. I have 3 facebook profiles and I want to protect my operation without doing anything wrong. If you can help me, I appreciate it.
  4. atlanticwind

    Affiliate marketing manager needed for ecommerce store

    We currently have a Woocommerce store, and we just need some help with affiliate marketing. You should know how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign based on CPS or CPA model. The target niche will be home products, home decor,car accessories, health, baby care,etc. You should have the...
  5. Caramelman7

    eBay Drop shipping question / strategy

    This is my example scenario : There is a gaming mouse for $25 on whatever the site is , and most seller's sell it for $30-$50 and I decide to sell it for $27 and there are no fees since it's just a new account and I want to get more sales than money first. So I have been thinking whether I can...
  6. Bigcookies

    woocommerce search bar

    how do you guys add search bars to your woocommerce shop pages? I tried installing fibosearch and using the shortcode but the search bar is only on the first page of products I want it to be on all the pages on my shop page does anyone know how id do this or if id need a different plugin
  7. H

    best payement processor for dropshipping in 2022

    Hello guys and hope everyone is doing well,i want to know what do you recommend as payement processor for dropshipping ? i just got my stripe account banned,is it possible to create new llc and get new stripe account but verify it with same passport ? anyone have good experience with skrill ...
  8. Bigcookies

    Shopify to woocommerce

    How would I transfer all my products from Shopify to woocommerce I tried using https://wordpress.org/plugins/import-shopify-to-woocommerce/ this plugin it imported all the products and the images but it put the images in the media section instead of adding them to the products themselves there...
  9. Bigcookies

    CJDropshipping Product reviews

    Do you guys know how I would bulk import product reviews from CJDropshipping to woocommerce? They don't have a way for you to bulk import products from their site to woocommerce so I had to create a Shopify account and import them there then install a plugin to get them to my woocommerce store...
  10. Bigcookies


    A lot of people are saying you can start dropshipping with $0 but how is that true when you have to place the orders? I know the customer pays on your site first then you have to place the order on the other site but doesn't it take a while to get paid from your site? or are you just allowed to...
  11. X

    I wanna try Dropshipping

    Dropshipping has intrigued me for awhile now just have never tried it. I ran a small online business where I had to make the product but felt like the profit was not worth the time I had to put into it. Most of my sales were through Facebook ads so I know a bit of that. what I’m looking for is...
  12. C

    Some problems encountered by woocommerce dropshipping newbies

    Hello everyone, I am new to BHW and new to dropshipping My English is not very good, please forgive me if the problem description is not good 1. Should I enable "Allow customers to place orders without an account" in "Accounts & Privacy" in woocommerce? 2. Should I enable reviews on my store...
  13. xerx

    Amazon FBA vs Shopify Dropshipping

    What do you think is better and why? I've watched a video by Jake Tran where he says it's dead. He claims that people prefer Amazon because of its faster delivery and larger selection. He also said that dropshipping doesn't provide any value and it doesn't make sense. What do you think? Thanks.
  14. A

    What Are Your Favorite Platforms (Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc.) To Dropship On?

    I personally mainly run on Facebook Marketplace and have a bit of experience on both eBay and Shopify. I personally believe Facebook and Facebook shops have an enormous upside, and I know people who are consistently pulling $10-20k a month with teams of VAs, and it is relatively simple to get...
  15. H

    best traffic source for dropshipping in 2022 ?

    Hello guys,im looking to start a new dropshipping store and i want to know what is the best traffic source in 2022,i have arround 3k to work with,i was thinking about tiktok ads or bing ads,my goal is to turn that 3k into 3k profit per month. i need some advice thanks in advance
  16. obadaalahmad

    My competitor threatens to take a legal action

    So I have been dropshipping for some time now, on my own website and on Etsy. 2 days ago I received an Instagram message from my main competitor ( a decent one, 300k followers etc) threatening me that he will take legal action against me because the images that I am using are "his LLC's"...
  17. C

    Aged Alibaba account - is it possible to buy? Transaction volume and comments generate

    Hi, I have three questions about Alibaba's website: 1. Is it possible to buy an aged Alibaba's selling account and change old company's details on my own company details? 2. Is it possible to make a fake transaction volume on Alibaba.com? For example a fake account makes an order on my...
  18. Digitalmarkstar

    ✅ MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Escape the Rat Race and Make Money With White Label ⏩ Business, Ecommerce Website Development. ❌ Resellers Allowed ...

    What if we could design a website that you would love? Imagine having your own site with an intuitive navigation, plenty of white space for creativity and inspiration as well as quick loading times. A responsive layout means it looks great on any device from desktop computer to phone or tablet -...
  19. FSantos

    Dropshipping in Buckydrop

    Hello everyone, does anyone know Buckydrop, do you know if this platform is reliable?
  20. anushady

    [Journey] Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

    Greetings. I will document my every move here. I decided to try drop shipping in 2022. Recently I have come across many people saying dropshipping is dead. Well, time to disprove them. What I did so far 1) Store 1 - Bought domain and Shopify plan - Created the store - Added 1 product...