1. A

    Looking forward to Marketplace like step set go, growfitter like in india

    Can anyone please help me to find out the best marketplace app in India where we can sell our products like step set go and growfitter it would be really great i have my own inventory which I want to take live for sale on different marketplace app in india.
  2. TooCorny

    If you had 1 Million Dollars to Start an Ecommerce.... What would your Perfect Traffic Acquisition Strategy Be?

    Title says it all You have 1 million dollars to start a Shop in any niche (Home decor, cosmetics, etc...) How would you distribute you budget among the different traffic sources available to get the most out of it. You name it: SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tiktok Ads, Organic Social Media...
  3. Affiliate3750

    Looking for marketer for e-commerce website

    Hello all , I’m looking for somebody that can build marketing plan And do marketing for the website to bring sales preferred, Facebook , TikTok thanks
  4. G

    More shopify products equals more traffic with SEO?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a idea if its been proven to achieve large amounts of traffic like shein or lazada by using more product listings to reach more places on the web?. Im working on a two shopify sites dropshipping clothing and shoes. But was seeing if maybe having at least...
  5. amine0404

    Dropshipping Hot tools , best apps, and some advices ;)

    Hello BHW friends i need some help pls. :) when i can find suppliers in uk ? Some advice for tools, apps , anything that will help me in dropshipping thank u ❤️ PS : I have a 2 GMC store one for digital products and one for physical , i have ppl business, shopify payment, stripe business...
  6. Affiliate3750

    Printful shipping rates

    Hello guys , Recently I was playing around with Shopify and printful ( print on demand ) man’s I noticed something really confusing, The shipping rates for certain countries is very high, is that standard or anybody know something that I don’t know maybe ?
  7. P

    ✅ ******* E-Commerce Shop - 18 Years Old - 12,100 EXACT searches per month

    BIKINI & SWIMWEAR E-COMMERCE 18-YEAR OLD PREMIUM domain name + E-commerce website for sale. Exact search match domain. Super Easy to Remember. Short and Relevant. Brandable. Uninterruptedly registered since 2006-12-07, without any drops. It's a 18-years aged domain. Please search on this...
  8. C

    My Viral Instagram Theme Page + Your monetization methods

    Hello BHW, I was looking for people who could offer good ways to profit from an Instagram theme page to maybe develop a partnership. I thought about building an ecommerce brand and several other methods but I am willing to look for other offers as well. I have an Instagram theme page in the Cat...
  9. Cro7

    [Dropshipping] Shipping trick that could help you

    Hi, just wanted to quickly post here a trick that you could use on your dropshipping sites. Let's say you want to sell in US only from China and it tooks you 6-12 days. You could pretend like you are UK company and could still say that you ship to US for 6-12 days and in UK for 1-2 days...
  10. therp

    Mass IG Dm for Ecommerce

    Hello everyone! Did anybody tried mass IG dm for their ecommerce store? If yes, how has been your experience? Is it good? PS: I'm not asking for mother- slave account method.
  11. O

    Hello, Im looking for VA for Facebook and Instagram Customer service.

    Hello, im looking to expand my business, I am looking for qualified VA's in SPANISH. The job is to speak with the clients via dm (Business Suite). We have manuals to start working with us where they explain all the process. Basically customers speak to us via dm we send them the size of the...
  12. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your product targeting usa 35+, my targeted traffic

    If you have a proven product targeting the age group 35+ in the usa i can bring you targeted traffic. You will need an affiliate program, so i can track sales and a decent and fast payout rate. If that jv interests you feel free to pm me with your product details.
  13. TooCorny

    ✅ - My List of the Best Woocommerce Themes for Wordpress

    Have been designing websites for clients and for myself for over 7 years now. I would like to give back to this forum with what I know, so here it goes. What I take into account when making this list: Visual Appeal of the Theme (I know CSS can always do the trick, but still) Functionality...
  14. And Bogi

    [Journey] Scaling an e-commerce brand with Instagram mother-slave method

    Hey BHW, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week. I’ve been a long-time lurker on this forum. Thanks to the guides and journeys in this place, I’ve managed to gain knowledge and skills that landed me multiple jobs and gigs in the past. I now feel it is time to provide some value back...
  15. blackhatfanatic69

    Ask Me Anything About Ecommerce and Dropshipping

    Hello Everyone, I'm an Ecommerce and Dropshipping Coach and would love to answer anything related to eCommerce, Dropshipping, or even SEO. Comment down below for your questions, and i will answer it. Thank you
  16. Cro7

    Best builder + theme for speed on WordPress?

    Hello, I have a website built on elementor, and it's not the fastest one. I read a lot about Gutenberg and many recommend it. Experts, I am asking you ---- What theme + builder is the best for woocommerce website that will be fast? Thank you in advance!!
  17. nichexposure

    eCommerce Orphan Links

    Hello Everyone, Good day. I have a question. For the eCommerce website, we keep adding new products to the website. When we upload it, it generates new URLs. Furthermore, not all of the products are internally linked to any other categories, pages, or posts. As a result, AHREFS or another...
  18. H

    Best payment solution for dropshipping store in 2022

    Hello guys, want to ask about the best payment solution for a dropshipping store,i just got 2 stripe accounts banned this week.any suggestion or advice ? is it possible to open new ltd and new stripe account using the same passport ?
  19. TheSlug

    How to Move wordpress ecommerce site to shopify without loosing current organic traffic? (since ranked product urls will change)

    I have 2 domains. 1 is a wordpress ecommerce site I built 4 years ago. The other is a shopify site I recently built. Both shops are selling same products (fishing stuff). All my products I make inhouse at my warehouse and ship from my warehouse. The 2nd domain I tried to brand the same product a...

    ECommerce Sites, Wholesaling & Drop Shipping

    Hey everyone, first post here. I am new to the E-commerce scene and have some questions about a specific type of business model for drop shipping. I am planning on selling mid to high-ticket products for already existing brands. My plan is to create an incredible-looking website for whichever...