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  1. A

    Where to buy EDU email?

    I wan to buy one student email account? this edu: Where to buy it?
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  5. boki01

    Do .EDU links sold on PeoplePerHour pass any power?

    If you've ever bought EDU links from PeoplePerHour, I am looking to hear your opinion on them. Do they stick? And if so, do they move the needle? I am talking about types of links. Most of guest posts published on these are pure garbage so I am interesting in knowing if...
  6. Erman

    [Get] Total 35 Backlink Resources with Edu and Gov Extension-Part-2

    A Small Gift-2 Free Edu and Gov Backlinks Part-2
  7. SeedPhrase

    Does subdomain backlink worth paying??

    I came across few sellers on FB they offer high authority sites at a cheap price...and they are indexable as well, ex site - (doesnt exist) does such subdomain backlink worth paying?? do they affect ranking potentially?? cheers!!
  8. bestspinner

    FREE Edu Backlinks DA71

    1. Go to 2. Register 3. Edit profile, add your website and bio. 4. Done - Its d0foIIow and indexable.
  9. bluecs

    2 Edu backlinks !

    Hi all, { 1. click on "Crear Cuenta" on the left sidebar 2. enter your name + email + pass 3. Go to "Perfil" 4. click on "Editar perfil" 5. then go to Actualizar Biografía and insert your link } Enjoy!
  10. KJREDDY247@

    Get Free .edu Backlink DA 61

    I am not saying its gonna take your ranking a higher, just check and if you feel it adds any value to your sites use it. Have a wonderful day... [email protected]
  11. KJREDDY247@

    Get Free .edu Backlink DA 91

    Last time I posted one in Jr.VIP section to reduce the exploitation ;) This is the time it's here ... go hit it hard as much as you can :D I am not saying its gonna take your ranking a higher, just check and if you feel it adds any value to your sites use it. Have a wonderful day...
  12. Focused99

    Does Scholarship EDU Method Work in 2019?

    What's up, guys. Just wondering if anyone here who's experienced could help me out. Does the scholarship method still work in 2019, or does Google now consider it spam? It seems like a great way to boost your rankings and overall trust with Google, but then again, if it's something completely...
  13. sumithykkts

    [How] Backlink from

    Hello BHW How to get backlink from thank you
  14. Alex D.

    [GET] D0Follow .EDU profile backlink

    Website: Register an account here: Select General and fill out some random data like this: Click registrar and IGNORE ERROR SMTP MESSAGE. Click on Perfil and post something with your link, you must select PUBLICO from the...
  15. Alex D.

    Get Spammy EDU & GOV links DA 30+ [D0Follow]

    I don't recommend it for Tier 1, use it only for Tier2, Tier3 link building. It's spammed to death so don't link it directly. 1. Go here: Wait a...
  16. Kimray

    High DA EDU Backlinks

    Get instant High DA/PA Edu Backlinks
  17. Kimray

    How can I build Gov and Edu Backlinks to my site?

    I want to increase my website Authority so please suggest me how I get EDU and GOV links?
  18. CretON

    I'm looking for free gov / edu domains

    Hello gentlemen :) I would like to ask if there is anyone able to submit some domain gov / edu to make a profile and leave your link? :)
  19. stephen021

    [Need Help] Is it ok to get Edu profile backlink and on AA comment backlink?

    I get some Edu blog that offers Auto Approve Comment. I also get some Edu site that offers free profile creation where I can create backlink. Now my question is - 01. Is it safe to create MONEY SITE BACKLINK on these auto approve comment site. 02. Is it ok to create Edu profile backlink...
  20. Clickretina

    EDU & GOV Comment Backlinks Unlimited Sources

    If you don't own scrapebox, GSA, senuke, whatever....Use these search strings in Google and get tons of edu and gov site to leave your comments. “Log in / create account” “powered by Foswiki” “System/UserRegistration” inurl:”forum” “register.php”...