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  1. whiteblackseo

    .EDU and .GOV Link Juice?

    I've been analysing all the sites in my niche and I found this 1 niche site which stood out to me. So this website has 14 .EDU and 1 .GOV links linking to them. These are do-follow, made by discussions and so on. The question is all the .edu and .gov sites are not in the niche, will he get extra...
  2. R

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  4. N

    Giveaway!! Blog comments on 20 edu & gov links (mix of no follow & do follow!!!

    Hello All, I have been around on BHW for quite some time and wanted to give back to the community here. For the first 50 requests, I will Post Blog Comments on 20 EDU & GOV sites Mix of no follow & do follow Domain PR 0+ OBL's below 50 To get the offer below, 1. Please post in this thread...
  5. B

    [FREE] .EDU. and .GOV.UK Blogs

    Hello! I would like to share with my list of 5 free urls where you can create blogs and then get free links. Have a nice weekend:)
  6. vishyjames

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  7. tom4business

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  8. NapsteR

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  9. vishyjames

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  10. T

    Is there any Difference Between .EDU or .EDU.xx Backlinks in mean of SERPs?

    Please tell me that is there any difference to get backlink from .EDU domain or .EDU.xx domain?? They both are equal to each other or there is a major difference and what are the advantages of getting backlinks from each? Kindly help me it will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  11. andreyg13

    92 .edu froums - 19 .gov forums - 29 .edu wiki pages

    Here is my first share for 2011 for my fellow blackhatters :) .edu forums
  12. jagreen78

    IN need .EDU backlinks

    Send me your price on 10, 20, or 30 .edu backlinks asap I will expect a report if I hire you
  13. P

    EDU & GOV Backlinks

    Hi guys it would be a great pleasure if anyone of you give me the idea or trick to find the edu & gov ********* blogs/sites to comment on and get a oneway backlinks to my site..... Thanks "Private Girl":cat3:
  14. P

    Site with 130,000 edu and gov links

    I found this site while doing some competitive research for a client, and noticed a HUGE amount of backlinks from edu and gov sites (according to Market Samurai and Yahoo backlink checker). My question is, how did they do this? When I click any of the links I do not see any ads or links...
  15. SharePro

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  16. S

    Ok I have my new Edu blog...what to do with it?

    I just got approved for a new .edu blog and a edu email address, and was wondering what I could do to maximize them to their full potential. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
  17. S

    Used yahoo to look up .edu links

    Go to yahoo. Type in....www(dot)(dot)edu blogs.......I just use the ones I can leave a comment on. I just figured it out. give me your thoughts.....
  18. C

    +5 Backlinks From .edu since 6month results ?

    Hello, 6month ago i registered on 5 ".edu" blog and backlinks from them and 6 month later result is >> nothing at all change my question is "is it normal" that's backlinks from .edu give no effect? sorry for my bad english:eek:
  19. sbw27

    .edu links from Spammy forums

    I have been looking at a few places at getting a .edu backlink or two and I have found a forum that seems to be completely as you can imagine is just full of spammy etc. Now what I wanted an opinion on is whether it's worth dropping a link or two in these sort of...
  20. L

    ******** Links Search Engine + 200 edu links

    Hey, I just joined the forum but I have got alot out of it so I figured I'd share this with folks. I know this is an "aggressive marketing" friendly forum so you guys are free to do with as you wish (I try to be a lil responsible by adding comments of value) Anyway, you may have heard of...