email marketing

  1. S

    Aged / warmed-up domains for email marketing

    We are looking for: 100 aged & warmed-up domains These will be used for email marketing If you can provide, send me a private message or reply to this post. We have funds available & want to move quick on this. Thanks
  2. S

    Wanting: Aged & Warmed Up Domains | Email Marketing

    We are looking for: 100 aged & warmed-up domains These will be used for email marketing If you can provide, send me a private message or reply to this post. We have funds available & want to move quick on this. Thanks TG:
  3. A

    Email Marketing Guides

    Greetings all, I have a lot of Email Sources so I want to learn about making money through Email Marketing. I already start selling accounts also I want to learn about the email market A to Z for earning more money. I can buy any paid methods NP. if you know about anyone better please help me...
  4. T

    Sending about 50k cold emails

    Hello, I'm new and looking for someone to send cold emails to a list that I already have. Let me know your contact to discuss it further. Thanks
  5. Task Eater

    Need Suggestions About Email Marketing For CPA!!!

    Hi, I am planning to start my CPA journey. Though I am new here, so I want to try free methods like Email Marketing. Plz, drop your experience here so that I can take action safely.
  6. I

    BH Email Marketing Consultant

    Hello, We’re a team of black hat media buyers hoping to expand into the email marketing world. In short, we run lead generation campaigns for a variety of financial affiliate offers and we’re currently looking for a specialist who has complete knowledge of blackhat email marketing to help us...
  7. mahediblog

    Back pain with design background : Need to change the sector

    Hey guys, Doing IT related work since 2007 and print-on-demand since 2014. You know this is a kind of sitting job. Now I've severe back pain. Badly need to change this design sector. I have experience in Graphic & Web Design, Crypto Trading, Email Marketing, PPC Advertising etc. Want to make a...
  8. Ndiqi

    [NEW] Email Marketing Service ✅ Done For You ✅ Fully Configured ✅ Inbox-focused ✅ Cold/Mass Mailing ✅

    Email marketing service that works Reach your audience and keep them in the loop of your upcoming updates and promotions. An inbox-focused email marketing at your service. ✅ Upto 1 million email / day ✅ Unlimited contact, campaign, domain ✅ Super fast email delivery AUTOMATION & FLEXIBILITY...
  9. P

    Linkedin & Domain Emails

    This service is to scrape emails from both LinkedIn and Domains. Populating your CRMs or automation tools with enriched data becomes easier than ever with our LinkedIn/Domain email scraping service! I will drill down by job title, Country, company name, company country & industry to get to...
  10. parthjuneja

    What is the best way to get mailing addresss for email marketing?

    I need a mailing address to put in email footer for email marketing. How and from where i can get a virtual mailing address (i live in India) ? How is everyone doing that? Awber is not even allowing me without that. Please help. Thanks.
  11. A

    Cold email marketing

    Hello everyone I'm working on a how I can send bulk cold email marketing campaigns and i'm targeting gmail accounts using CPA offers. Is it good if each 1.000.000 emails sent costs me 350 usd? (with 60% + inbox) like 0.33 usd / 1000 email sent. If anyone has experience on sending cold emails...
  12. Castle770

    500k uk numbers and emails

    Hii there, This is a correction to my previous post i.e. Whichever xlsx doc I opened in my phone It's ending serial number was around 65k so I thought I should open it in excel. To my surprise there were 500k number ...
  13. B

    Advice how start bulk email marketing service

    Hello folks, i develop websites and many times clients ask me for bulk email marketing, so my question is what is the bedt combo for start a service of bulk email marketing, come to my mind get a plugin for wordpress and plug to amszon ses ? Or get a vps using a open source like mautic, would be...
  14. Affiliate3750

    bot for scrape emails from linkedin companies

    Hello Guys , im searching for servies , bot , anything that easy to use to get company workers emails from linkedin i tried some , but i have to visit profiles and then get the email , is there any services that get all the profile emails , and export it somewhere , sheet .etc thanks
  15. Nw_Work

    Do you know any 3rd party Email Marketing free service?

    Any online free service that allows you to send emails to an email list using their provided emails than your own?
  16. lugafetbecky

    any gmail affiliate sender over here ?

    hey guys i am looking for gmail inbox sending guy who sends emails from his own smtp recently gmail made lot of changes in sending emails through smtp was wondering if they limited sending emails due to update or any other thing we used to send good number of emails in volume to our customers...
  17. Ndiqi

    SMTP Email Delivery & Marketing Accounts ▶️ Sendgrid ✅ Mailgun ✅ Sendinblue ✅ SparkPost ✅ 50K ⚡ 100K ⚡ 1.5M Sending Limit ◀️

    Hi there, Welcome, we're selling Email accounts. Skip the application and verification, you don't have to deal with the rejection, let us be your wingman. 1. Sparkpost Accounts 50K Monthly Limit Price: $120 Account will be subscribed into starter plan ($20~ Per Month) 100K Monthly Limit...
  18. D

    AWS Account Port Open

    Hello, Any one can provider and AWS Account port 25 open I can pay 500USD per account ?
  19. D

    Can you recommend or share with me some email marketing courses?

    Hi guys, I would really like to grab some email marketing courses, can anyone recommend or send them to me, thanks in advance!
  20. crystalwiz

    Escape the Spam Folder with these 20 Deliverability Tips

    Sweetie…Make, More, Money Email deliverability is a term used to describe the likelihood of your email being delivered to its intended recipient. A variety of factors can influence email deliverability, including the content of your email, the age and reputation of your email address, the...