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  1. vladol

    [Journey] $3k/month - leadgen + email marketing

    Hey folks, my very first post here. This is my journey of building smth sustainable(! this is crucial - will explain further) using my 5 years of experience in media buying, copywriting, and funnel building. A Bit Of Exposition I started my path to making money online 6 (or even 7) years ago...
  2. Clay_P

    Which are the best Email Marketing Strategies that can boost your sales?

    Email marketing is a marketing strategy that uses emails as a delivery tool to deliver a commercial message and generate sales. Email marketing aims to add subscribers to your mailing list and build a steady relationship with them to increase sales, improve brand trust, and deliver important...
  3. nanohits

    Email Marketing Platform - Email Marketing Software Special Sale!

    Payment Methods: Paypal Credit Card Via Stripe Offline Payment via Terms and Conditions Non refundable. Please check out the features by signing up to the free plan Please read the T&C's carefully here: We have a strict Anti Spam policy! This service...
  4. S

    Managing 10,000 Email Accounts

    I have purchased Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail PVA accounts the list size is almost 10K My use case is: I need to manage these 10,000 email accounts daily, It's an email seed list - as soon as emails are sent to this seed list. The following action needs to be done: email should be moved...
  5. MailingIPs

    Has bad IP reputation ever affected your business?

    I was talking to one of my buddies in email marketing and he told me that even though they're careful, their IP reputation has been affecting them lately. The bad IP reputation of a company can have an immense impact on their business. What do you think about this?
  6. Gravitational-waves

    Looking to send bulk cold mail that just works for ultra cheap price?

    In a world where everyone is trying to sell you their questionable email premium services, is there an ultra-cheap working solution that can send 5k emails that land in inbox?
  7. Difishao

    [Selling] Amazon AWS SES 50K (Simple Email Service) Accounts Available For Sale - Exclusive BHW Discount

    What is Amazon SES? Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application. You can configure Amazon SES quickly to support several email use cases, including transactional, marketing, or mass...
  8. crystalwiz

    100+ Cold Email Templates at $39 + 40% OFF

    [email protected] Skype: Refund Policy: we will refund only if we fail to deliver the ebook within 1 hour.
  9. S

    Newbie(Email marketing)

    Hello, i am new here, i heard this forum from my friend, he told me that it is a nice place to learn and earn.I hope i can learn and earn here. i have some email list for email marketing, if somebody interested, just told me. we can also communicate about email marketing Nice to meet you...
  10. 4ry4n

    Where do we post E-mail Marketing related questions?

    There are many topics of interest in the world of email marketing and I have been wondering why there is no sub thread for email techniques and tools. It would be a great addition to the current sub categories. I have many questions that relate directly to emailing.
  11. N

    Help Using Bulk Mailing Application (Iresponse v4)

    By chance does anyone know where I can find help articles on how to fully use iresponse v4 bulk mailer?
  12. crystalwiz

    7,000,000 (Million) Verified USA Email List for B2B Marketing at $49

    It's really about the geo - UNITED STATES [email protected] Skype: Refund Policy: we will refund only if we fail to deliver within 72 hours.
  13. crystalwiz

    $0.0009 per Email Verification ❤️ ESPs Kiss

    Refund Policy: due to API costs, we cannot entertain refunds once we complete the cleaning process. _______ For inquiries, contact: [email protected] Skype:
  14. S

    Which is better for my Email Marketing? ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign?

    Hi. I have an eCommerce business. I was using ConvertKit for my Marketing. But ConvertKit allows you to send text-based emails only. I need some extra features like a product picker option for emails. It is not possible with ConvertKit. Here is a review of ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign claiming...
  15. D

    Best Email Provide(Service), to send 20k emails to leads?

    Hello bros from BHW. I have 20k leads that I need to send. I tried using Mailchimp, but it's expensive for 10k email $250. Does anybody know a cheap email service that I can send these email at a low cost?
  16. flashsites

    Seeking Email Blaster with High Deliverability

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
  17. flashsites

    Email Service to send 15M emails

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
  18. Nancy224

    How to reduce the bounce rate of email marketing

    If your soft bounces have risen over 2% to 5% or more, you can take a few actions to reduce them to a more manageable level. Use a two-step opt-in process. Send a confirmation email to new subscribers with a link to click to validate their address. This ensures that you only send emails to those...
  19. H1ghSky

    Can I get charged for copyright infringement for this?

    I recently created a new opt-in freebie(ebook) for a new email campaign for a brand new type of audience. Since there were almost no free PLR's available on the internet in that niche, I decided to search amazon for some books which I can use as inspiration. Found a couple, downloaded them for...
  20. DrArchive

    [Templates for Email Marketing And Tips to Use]

    Hello again! First of all sorry, here you will not find templates for Email Marketing, or at least not directly in what I will write. But wait, don't go, finish reading. It turns out that I have access to a good amount of mail. I can send you information that will not fall into spam, and I...