email server setup

  1. M9MMM

    How to send from a VPS server (paid by the hour) massmailing?

    I would like to send massmailing from a VPS server (paid by the hour). These will be query emails, I am interested in bounces in case after sending it turns out that the mailing address does not exist (hard bounce). Based on this, I would like to filter out emails from my database that no...
  2. busyangel

    Get Your Own Dedicated Bulk Email Server, Dedicated IP, Unlimited Sending To Inbox, On Your Own Domain

    CONTACT US: Discord: BusyAngel#8949 Skype: live:.cid.feaccd13347a341
  3. syphaxmail

    Looking for best offer to monetize emaillist via cold outreach

    Hi, Have more than 10 years experience in email server setup and my emails hit 90% inbox and it will continue if spam rate is low. I have helped lot of clients in setting up email server but I never tried for myself. Guys please can you advise me which offer/method good for cold outreach. I...
  4. sanj108

    I need a VPS for email server setup

    Guys, I'm in search of a good webhosting company that offers VPS with port 25 open for delivering bulk emails. I would like to setup private mailing server to save cost on mailing. Appreciate your suggestion
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Amazon SES: Anyone gone through this info ???

    Does it mean we can schedule personalized emails without any third party software? Did anyone use this feature?
  6. Adam Xtubeage

    ★★★ INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE ★★★ Email Server setup with SMTP, SPF, DKIM, rDNS, IP Rotation!

    NOTE: You are required to provide the server with the below mentioned Server Requirements. We will set up the server for you. If you do not have a server or do not know any provider, we can certainly recommend you some providers. Server Requirement: CentOS 6 64 bit (Must) Minimum 2 Cores...
  7. F

    Elastic Email / Deliverability / Inbox Rate

    Hey fam, I have read countless threads and am considering Elastic Email as an EMS for sending messages to a fully cleaned, non opt-in B2B list. Many of the threads, however, are aged, and I'm hoping to get answers from someone who has recently used them. Has anybody used them within the past...
  8. E

    Want To Setup An Email Server For Clickbank

    Hi, I am a new member in this forum. I want to promote my clickbank products through email marketing. So, I have setup an email server using: VPS (Amazon AWS) Domain (Namecheap) Interspire Email Marketer SMTP (Sparkpost) When I have send mails, those are going to SPAM directly.I don't...