1. Kdence

    Email marketing?

    Is there a way to make money with email marketing under $500? Or at least get started.
  2. D


    hello everyone, i wanted to check here to see if theres any possibility that anyone here knows to recommend if my friend can buy aged gmail accounts? please advise thanks.
  3. M9MMM

    I want to buy SMTP proxy socks5 with an unlocked port 587 to verify emails

    Would you recommend any company that sells proxy socks5 support SMTP connections? I don't want to send emails, I want to connect to the SMTP server, start a typical communication: HELO, MAIL RCTP and end on RCPT and disconnect. Port 25 is usually used to forward mail between two SMTP servers, to...
  4. Krizzzly

    How to go from zero to hero with Email Marketing

    I've recently done alot of research about what skill i want to learn and excel at and ive decided that i want to get into email marketing. What does the roadmap look like for learning email marketing?
  5. D


    Hello everybody, I am looking for someone who can extract emails from specific group members on facebook. Or someone who has a tool to do this. If you have one of those or know someone who does. Please contact me or reply to this post.
  6. MrDigi

    Need help with Automation Email Sending - New on this Field

    Hello experts, I am new on email sending, And I wanna grow up my business. Want to collect leads and want to build connections with my customers. So thats why I am here to learn about automatic email sending! I will create three forms, I also want that each form will have different kind of...
  7. S

    Managing 10,000 Email Accounts

    I have purchased Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail PVA accounts the list size is almost 10K My use case is: I need to manage these 10,000 email accounts daily, It's an email seed list - as soon as emails are sent to this seed list. The following action needs to be done: email should be moved...
  8. Bob644

    Any cold mailing expert here?

    Hey, iam currently getting into cold mailing and it would be great to have somebody to talk to. I got great skills in linkedin marketing, automation and a lot of other tricks. If you are interested in chatting about these topics, we could learn from each other. Send me a PM if you are...
  9. SteveHolt

    Got adult traffic? OnlyFans competitor iFans has way more features and pays out 40% recurring rev split!

    Aloha folks, we have a special adult affiliate offer for you! is a powerful adult content creator website similar to OnlyFans. We've been described as "OnlyFans on steroids" by the head of digital strategy at FazeClan. Our affiliate system pays out a whopping 40% of ALL revenue...
  10. elixirtickets

    Looking to purchase old TicketMaster accounts in bulk

    I am looking to purchase old TicketMaster accounts in bulk. Will pay very well for these. Please reach out to me ASAP here, or by email. My email address: [email protected]
  11. T

    Recently given 30k emails from a friend who is shutting down his ecom business. Best strategies to monetize this list?

    My friend is shutting down his e-commerce business he has run for around 8 years. I was given around 30k emails that I plan on trying to monetize. I am looking for best strategies to monetize this list, things to avoid, and best practices. Should I be concerned about sending a bulk email to...
  12. mx10n

    Looking for a self-hosted Email marketing agent

    I am looking for an Email marketing agent software to send bulk mail from custom SMTP server. The features needed: Randomizable macros for mail templates Free, at least open source Traffic tracking (open rate, deliverability) Preferably self-hosted (don't want to give SMTP access to the third...
  13. T

    Whois, DNS records and email verification

    Hello there! Are there people here that use paid services for bulk checking of domain whois records and email verification? I want to ask do you face any problems and want to get something new? I am currently building a mass verification service but just wanted to hear what services the others...
  14. Bob644

    Get email & phone from IG Account or YT Channel

    Hello, I need to get the personal email and Phone number from an instagram account or youtube account. If you can help me, shoot me a dm
  15. greg75

    Looking for a list of emails of NFT projects to do shoutouts for shoutouts

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a list of emails of NFT projects to do shoutouts for shoutouts and to grow my own community on Discord. I'm also open to hearing other opportunities to reach that goal if you have anything in mind. Thanks in advance
  16. 4ry4n

    Where do we post E-mail Marketing related questions?

    There are many topics of interest in the world of email marketing and I have been wondering why there is no sub thread for email techniques and tools. It would be a great addition to the current sub categories. I have many questions that relate directly to emailing.
  17. 3r2k1

    Need an email - CEO Viasat World

    Im trying to find an email of Irina Gofmani - She is Group President and CEO Viasat World. Do someone have any contact info, best if i cant get personal email.
  18. Great ruler

    word press order conformation email not receiving in admin email

    order confirmation suddenly not working and i update email section already
  19. Ricostrong


    Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address or phone number has been compromised Smart https://haveibeenpwned(dot)com/
  20. skferdous

    How can I monetize Millions of Crypto email leads?

    I have Millions of crypto and forex related leads from all over the world but mainly 1st world country. Is there anyway I can monetize these lists.