envato elements

  1. jnz


    Telegram To Inform: -Since our products are digital, there are no returns or exchanges. If deemed appropriate by us, a one-time compensation will be made. -All our customers who place an order will be deemed to have accepted these terms. -All...
  2. M

    I am opening a shitlist against Envato Elements!

    Couple of days ago I have seen a cool After effects projects and videos, I have landed my self on an Envato elements trial which was supposed to last 7 days "Trial", After downloading one element I have forgot about it and moved on, after 3 days however I tried to cancel my subscription and...
  3. Goku San

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  4. John Michelson

    [FREE] Giveaway from Envato Elements

    If you require anything from Envato, just send me a link and I will provide it. Anyone can ask about anything you want, However, there are some limitations, such as a limit of two items per user.
  5. kaptanf

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  6. kryssluck

    ✅ GitHub Student Pack ✅ Envato Elements Personal Accounts ❤️ Get developer tools worth $10,000+

    TAT is 24h. SKYPE: https://join.skype.com/invite/ejAj0zbJb4bz TELEGRAM: https://t.me/hsnkym9 The first 20 people who write "DISCOUNT 5" in the comments will get a $5 discount on their every order for a lifetime!
  7. DulalKisku

    Envato Elements Giveaway.

    Send me the link, I'll give you the elements.
  8. N


    Greetings BHW Members, I'm offering a freebie service where members can request anything from Envato elements. You can either reply to this thread or PM me. Please limit requests to only 2 per member.
  9. kindablack


    Hello BHW Members, I would like to do a little favor for you. You can ask me whatever you want from envato elements. P.s : 2 files per member / daily
  10. Elysional


    Stripe Payment (Please Click) ( Let me know by PM ) TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Elysional1 SKYPE: live:.cid.23d05823d6c5343b EMAIL: [email protected]
  11. Jack Jericho

    [GIVEAWAY] Anything you want from Envato Elements

    Dear BHW Members, you've helped me a lot, I'd like to return the favor - if you need anything from https://elements.envato.com/ then post the link and I will get it for you. Offer valid until Thursday, 1pm ET time - 3 items per member limit. Like the post if you want something like this in...
  12. Tube Agency

    [FREE] ✅ Any Envato Elements File

    I'm in good mood & I want to give back to the community so you can request anything you need from Envato Elements. :) I know there are few threads like this but I just wanna help some more people out :p
  13. falone


    Ask me anything you need form Elements Envato Note : 1 request per day for each user. Hope you guys understand! :D Inspired by : Maruf Shekh's thread
  14. Seita

    [Free] Anything From Freepik premium and Envato Elements for next 7 days

    Hey everyone, I have Freepik Premium and Envato Elements accounts. I would love to give away anything from Freepik and Envato Elements. If anyone needs anything from Envato Elements or Freepik you can hit me up with the links. I will upload files within 24 hrs till the next 7 days.
  15. Josh Saga

    [HAF] Need Someone with Envato Elements Account for some Downloads

    Need someone with an Envato Account and wants quick buck I need 25 items Will pay $5 for it / Paypal Only Thanks, Josh Saga
  16. IM Dude

    Do you use envato elements from group buy on your client sites?

    As the title says, I will appreciate your input.
  17. HellPortal

    [Free] Envato Elements Products

    I'm going to giveaway Envato elements product for free. Request Any Envato Elements Files. I'll use Mega & I can Share VT Report as well. A small request. Please like the topic. Thanks... :)
  18. Codx64

    Request Any Envato Elements - Limited Time

    I'm going to giveaway Envato elements product for free. Request Any Envato Elements Files. I'll use Mega & I can Share VT Report as well. 1 Member can Request Total of 3 Downloads(Links) Per Day. Thanks... :)
  19. IM Dude

    This is why you should cancel Envato Elements subscription

    Good stuff is at Envato Market. Crap is at Envato Elements. If you are doing webdesign I guarantee you that clients don't want stuff from envato elements but from envato market. This should be good enough reason to not pay whopping 200$ per year. I know I am cancelling mine. Unless someone...
  20. T

    [GET] Any item from Envato Elements

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I wanted to provide something to people that might need it I am giving any item that you request according to this rules: -2 files per person. -Must reply with the correct link of the product and the name of it. That's it, thank you for all the great stuff...