1. Jerome Baker

    FREE Oracle Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    I'm always reaping the benefits of this site, I thought since I have something to share I should return the favor. Starting now, any user, including developers, technical professionals, architects, students and professors, will have quick and easy access to more than 50 hours of online training...
  2. topakins

    How do you focus for an Exam?

    I have an exam coming up that will last through August and all I can find myself doing is spending hours on BHW. Last night, I brought out my course notes to read but I slept off before an hour. If it's reading through the tutorials and guide here, my wife has to force me to sleep sometimes...
  3. M

    Need someone to write and pass freelancer.com exam certifications

    I am looking for talented guys who has prior knowledge about , html, php, WP, Java, Android dev, IOS dev. who can write exams in freelancer.com and should pass the exams certifications for me to earn a badge in my Freelancer profile. If anyone can help please PM me or skype : mac.phillip1
  4. duong365

    Need Freelancer For Pass C language exam

    I need someone who can know well in C programming language. i pay you 10$ for this basic exam in C in this friday. if you interest, inbox me. not PM me here.
  5. V

    Life Of A Student IN BHW

  6. M

    Answer Of A Brilliant Student