expired domain for new site

  1. Mahir khan

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  2. Mahir khan

    High-Authority AFFORDABLE EXPIRED DOMAINS - Great Link Profile

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  3. J

    I bought an expired domain without knowing what I was going to find. Any help?

    I'll give you guys a situation. And I hope to read your thoughts, cause I'm new at SEO and I'm quite lost. Yesterday I bought a domain to start a new project. Then, I put my new domain in backlinkshitter. I did it just for curiosity, but the thing is that the domain had been active until June...
  4. seojen

    I need your advice - Expired or Newly Registered Domain ?

    Hello everyone, I want to build a website and I'm not able to decide whether I should register a new domain or get an expired one with some backlinks and create the site on it. I need to hear from your experiences guys. Thank you all.