expired domain

  1. Guntater

    A Peek Inside Davy Jones' Locker: Are Expired Domains Worth It?

    Arrr! So ye be thinking of pillaging an expired domain for yer online presence and SEO, eh? Aye, there be booty to be had, but this here be no easy voyage, and there be many a danger lurking in the murky depths. Listen up, ye landlubbers, for I be an old sea dog with plenty a voyage under me...
  2. MadsDK

    How to Properly Utilize an Expired Domain?

    Hello you beautiful people! I have some questions on how to properly utilize an expired domain with a backlink from for example Forbes on an old article that you know the URL of using SemRush. Let's assume that Forbes has a link to yourmom.com/10-best-gadgets (your domain). How to take...
  3. Norman_drey

    Will loosing backlinks affect my ranking & Authority?

    I recently purchased an expired domain, when I first check ahref they showed me 1.2k backlink 2 weeks later which is today, I checked again and my backlink had dropped to 990 I checked the current backlink showing on ahref and found out that dome of those pages linking to my domain are no longer...
  4. Guntater

    [GIVEAWAY] Get a Backlink from Your Dream Site!

    Are you hungry for backlinks? Well, you're in luck because It seems I've gone absolutely MENTAL. I am giving away some great expired domains for you to grab! What's all this about? Are there any big authority sites in the your niche that you'd like to get backlinks from? I can help you with...
  5. S

    Should I 301 Redirect This Type of Expired Domain?

    Should I 301 Redirect an Expired domain to my website, which is not niche relevant but has do-follow backlinks from HuffPost & Amazon? Need Expert Advice.
  6. Norman_drey

    advice Buying expired domain

    Since the primary purpose of buying an expired domain is because you won't have to be in sandbox for months before ranking, Does it mean that if I get an expired domain with little or no backlinks/authority I'll still rank better than a new domain? Must the expired domain have backlinks and...
  7. Norman_drey

    What should i consider before buying expired domain

    I got a good domain from waybackmachine The owner actually placed it for sale in 2018 but no one Bought, it got expired and dumped since 2018, and the domain is loosing backlinks from 28k in January 2021 down to 187 currently. I checked most of the active link and is pure and from sites with...
  8. Guntater

    [GIVEAWAY] Expired domains with cool backlinks

    It's time for me to give back to the wonderful BHW community! In this thread, I will regularly post High Quality Expired Domains with some background info I'll be focusing on domains with: Nice DA Brandable names Backlinks from high DA authority sites .com/.net/.info/.org Short URLs...
  9. castoro

    [Expired domain question] Backlink to URL not saved on Archive.org. Redirect or create content on that URL?

    I have an expired domain and I'm restoring the content of the old expired domain. I have some backlinks pointing to 10 URLs that are not stored on way back machine, so i do not have the old content of those URLs. Is it better to: redirect the backlinks to other pages (similar or homepage) or...
  10. Norman_drey

    What's the difference between expired and a new domain?

    I've been watching some threads here talking about purchasing an expired domain. I wanna know what's the benefit of expired domain And how does it work? Does it makes me rank higher?
  11. castoro

    Expired domains with 1 and ONLY 1 good backlink

    Looking for expired domains I came accross a domain which has now only 1 backlink. (the second link is from a dropped domain registar) the ******** backlink is from a DR 57 blog in the niche i want to target, and its inside the content. I would consider this a very good backlink I know this...
  12. lilkrito

    What you recommend with this Viagra expired domain ?

    Hi there, I recently bought this expired domain cadedp dot com, it has a good domain rating of 40 and high backlinks of 82K, and I searched about what it was his niche and I found out that it was about the viagra niche sadly, so do you recommend starting with this niche or change it, and if...
  13. Sulphur

    A Poll on Aged domains

    Do you know how to find aged/expired domains that rank?
  14. castoro

    In GSC of expired domain I see only the junk backlinks but not the good ones

    I've registered an expired domain, it had decent authority and seemed not spammed on Archive.org. I checked the referring domains using free ahref backlink checker (it had less than 100 RD so I saw all the domains). all the domains were related to the topic and absolutely not spammed, and the...
  15. Aditya Verma

    Best Way to redirect old pages of expired domain to homepage

    Hello everyone, I just bought an age domain to build a money site on, the domain that I bought was used to be the news website, there are lots of backlinks that are pointing to some old pages of that. 70% of the backlinks are pointing to old page and 30% are pointing to homepage. My question is...
  16. jsalim93

    Expired Domain With 380,000 Follow backlinks

    Hey everyone, I found an expired domain that has 380,000 Follow backlinks with the DA of 40. Do you guys think I should buy it? I need your opinions.
  17. Online013

    Expired Domains - Hacked, yet indexed and relative good backlink profile

    Hi all, I'm looking into expired domains and found a few that have a relative good backlink profile, except for the ones that come from the site being hacked.. Current authority score in Semrush is 30+ Network graph is 'reputable' Has 100+ backlinks from sites like NYTimes, TheGuardian, CNN...
  18. Gravitylab

    4000$ to spend. what to do..

    i have been saving 4000-5000$ as my extra cash, which i have earned through a local real estate way, now i am thinking to get this into some online work, and hope to make some around upto 500$ per month... first, i thought about setting up or getting a reseller programme of instagram...
  19. Sulphur

    Brutal Health Niche Aged Domain For Sale! Featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Life Hack, etc.

    Brutal Health Niche Aged Domain For Sale! Featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Life Hack, etc. This time, We caught a powerful aged domain that has the potential to rank quickly. With this domain, you won't need to spend your midnight oil trying to rank your website in a competitive...
  20. castoro

    Can I register "cookmaster.fr" and get away with it?

    Alright, clickbait title, sorry guys :D My question is about trademark and general risks related to registering domain names with "common words": For example, Can I create a french website with a very general domain name (niche + "common word") like cookmaster.fr, dogmaster.fr, travelpro.fr...