facebook advertising

  1. GringoMonkey

    JV - My Clients, Your Facebook Ad Skills

    I am looking to team up with somebody to offer Facebook ad services to my clients. I can bring the clients, you manage the campaigns.
  2. adflex

    AdFlex | The Advanced Ad Intelligence Tool | FOR FREE!

    FAQ How do I register? Simply visit adflex.io. Under “sign up”, register using your email. Done! How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks? You can select the affiliate network you're looking for in the "Marketing" category and find ads that are sending traffic to that network...
  3. totkrot

    HQ Facebook Accounts for Ads

    HQ Facebook Accounts for Ads The accounts we sell are same as the ones we’ve been successfully using for our own Facebook advertising activity. Our team has been working with Facebook for years and right now we are selling excessive accounts produced by our farming department. How we farm...
  4. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ FACEBOOK – Easily Choose Facebook Winning Products, Insanely Boost Your ROAS and Discover How to Get $5 CPA! (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t want to get an unfair advantage on Facebook advertising, don’t take part in this beta test! Discover how to easily pick winning products to sell through Facebook ads, How to insanely boost your ROAS and get $5 CPA's! I am currently writing an in-depth guide. One of...
  5. mmoguru

    Facebook Ads guru wanted, US Facebook BM with bill provided

    We need skilled Facebook ADs guru for a long term business. We provide US Facebook business manager and credit card for billing. You just only manage the ADs campaign. Please PM your skype or Telegram if you are interested. Thanks.
  6. Anni87

    How to mask my MacBook's MAC address in front of Facebook?

    This is for the tech pros: I got myself a new MacBook Air which I will use to run a friend's Facebook Profile on it and ads. I need to mask or change the MAC address of that new MacBook Air because Facebook knows that device already and it had a banned user on it. So I want to start new and...
  7. S

    $1700 Facebook Ads Credit - What to do with it?

    Hello blackhatters, Need an advice. I have about $1700 in my FB ads account that I haven't used. I have until the end of this month to burn through this credit before it expires. Facebook refuses to give me an extension and I can't move the credit to another account either. For someone who...
  8. eunicemartinez_21

    Need help how to target other Groups/Pages in FB ads

    So I have business and I want to try FB ads if I will get more leads. I am a looking for a way to target specific FB Groups members/FB page likers for my ads. So my question is there any guide here or anywhere else that could help me? I have done a little research and found this tool...
  9. B

    Facebook advertising tool!

    Hey, I was really struggling to get my Facebook ads skills to the next level until I came across this 100% free ebook that I am more than willing to share wiith you. If you want me to send it to you for absolutely free, just email me at [email protected]
  10. MrJackie

    Simple (Yet Effective) Way To Get More Leads With FB Ads

    Hello everybody! Hope everyone is having an awesome year. I learned a lot being on this site and thought to share a simple tactic that usually gets good results with Facebook ads. When advertising on Facebook people usually put on a stone-killer, mega targeting, mega conversion mask on and...
  11. qualityContentBoi

    Three Day Dealer Dropshipping Journey - $200/day (Tips Included)

    Hey, everyone! :D I'm about to officially start my journey to $200/day on my new dropshipping store. I'd really like your input. The site is "threedaydealer" dot com SOME BACKGROUND This is my second dropshipping store I've made. The one I made before was a general store that sold whatever was...
  12. kurosaki4d

    How to add MasterCard to Facebook Ads ?

    Hello, I recently tried to add my Mastercard through my Business Manager account which i successfully did. Afterwards i created my Ad account from which i had one of the payments option to use Business Manager payment method, and it showed the mastercard i added. When i try to validate the...
  13. Digioner

    [METHOD] Best Way To Build A New Brand Online Through Facebook Ads

    Let's Think, Mr. X has started entrepreneurship at a flower shop in the main town. He sells flowers on his local shop with 5 employees. Along with his single outlet, he wants to **sell flowers online throughout the city. To pursue the business, he launches a new stunning website. He will be...
  14. D

    Need advice on FB and Instagram ads solution

    Hi fellow members, I hope you can give me some advice on how to get FB ads up and running again. 2 months ago I launched my new dropshipping website (selling luxury goods/fashion products). I used to run Ads on FB for a week and have found that the engagement rate and clicks were pretty good...
  15. A

    Need Someone Who Can Run Cloaked Facebook Ads

    I need to find someone ASAP who can run cloaked Facebook ads for me. Experience in any of these industries is preferred student loan debt unsecured debt cbd Please message me on skype at ltr_project_manager if you can do this for us.We are looking to get started yesterday.
  16. Alex Merron

    looking for affordable PPC agency, recommendations?

    Hi! I'm on a budget and am looking for a company/agency to help me with PPC advertising (on facebook and Google). Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations based on experience as I prefer personal recommendations. I would especially like to know monthly fees if possible, even just...
  17. B

    How good Facebook advertising can be?

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to do facebook advertising of my animation services. How beneficial can it be? Can it bring some sales? I have not done facebook advertising before that is why I wanted to confirm. Is there anyone who did this? Please suggest. Thank You
  18. CThomasRaging

    Social Media - Getting Leads for a Client - Fitness Center

    Hello, We are going to launch a campaign for a fitness center and we already did some brainstorming but we are still seeking other good ideas so we can deliver a great service to our client. It is more of a gym than a fitness center, there are no other services a part of the gym. We need to...
  19. E

    does any one have creative ideas for facebook and google adwords in asia??

    Does anyone here have creative ideas for ads on gambling sites for google adwords and facebook.tried with some seo experts and the accounts was banned.
  20. S

    Facebook ad accounts getting trashed

    I've been running ads for 3 years now and all of a sudden they're banning my Facebook accounts. I attempted to appeal it and they're still giving me hell. Anyone have any success getting their page back up? I've tried everything I can think of. We're switching to a new account now in an attempt...