facebook bot

  1. P

    Anybody Know Of Or Can Make A Facebook Bot ( That Can Create Accounts Bulk Join Groups And Bulk Post To Groups)

    Anybody Know Of Or Can Make A Facebook Bot ( That Can Create Accounts Bulk Join Groups And Bulk Post To Groups) Also Follow pages like comment etc
  2. dillywilly

    Facebook Groups "keyword" locator bot wanted

    Hello im looking for a facebook bot that can search 100s or 1000s of groups with a certain "keyword" . Id also like it to notify me if it locates the "keyword" if there such a feature or a live bot out there ? thanks in advance
  3. Arminio marketing

    Facebook robots

    hello every one I am looking for an robot that can send automatically massage's to people that like some group or make an post one some group . some one know want i am talking about ? thanks
  4. K

    Social media bot Instagram likes/followers/IG statistics

    Hello, I’m looking for someone who can develop and all encompassing social media bot or at least for Instagram. I’ve used panels for many years but it’s most cost efficient to just have a bot. My main focus is Instagram but if the bot can be used for multiple platforms like YouTube Facebook Tik...
  5. G

    Facebook Bot Auto DMs

    Hey guys, can you recommend a good facebook bot which can autosend dms to my facebook-friends? Thanks and greetings! :)
  6. im_network

    Best facebook automation tool for growing accounts and groups

    Which is the best tool for growing accounts by accepting 100-200 friend requests per day, inviting 100-200 friends to groups, schedule posts in groups, do some likes or comments in random to behave like a user, keeping each accounts device/browser finger print different? Currently i am...
  7. Itry3d

    FB bot and Linkedin Bot

    Facebook bot to post on FB page. The posts will be sharing posts from other FB pages and RSS feeds from news sites that are over a certain popularity. Posts will also require a snippet from the linking content. Linkedin bot to auto post on company page as well as a personal page. Posts are...
  8. C

    Instagram and facebook automation

    Hi, New to posting here! I am looking for a solution where I could have multiple facebook and instagram profiles promoting certain links. The links are for a legit site nothing dodgy! The idea is to have many accounts promoting with each account taking less actions but together they reach a...
  9. DMWD


    MessengerBot.App All-in-one Marketing Software Designed to work with top integrations CREATE YOUR FIRST MARKETING AUTOMATION IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES! Just getting started with marketing? Free accounts are available. ✔ Visual Flow Builder ✔ Integrate with Zapier or plug into the JSON API to...
  10. mxx7

    [REVIEWERS] Facebook marketing automation software

    Happy 2020! hope you have a great upcoming year! We're going to offer review copies of our Facebook marketing automation software. FoxMaster Suite is a flexible, advanced Facebook marketing automation solution. What you will get? - Access all 25+ FoxMaster Suite tools without limits. -...
  11. anamul365

    PVA Soft Reg Account

    Hello, Everybody I am try find out how to software created automatic gmail, yahoo, facebook other social networking account. But i failed to find proper software. No one software work properly. But when i am surfing web i saw there are many website offer soft reg account. so how it is possible...
  12. S

    Hire for Facebook video views bot

    Hello, I want to buy a bot to generate video views. The seller should provide a demo
  13. V

    Facebook group posting / marketing

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to Facebook auto post or Facebook marketing. Groups or your personal methods are fine with me! Please MESSAGE me your prices or sky-pe. Thank you. :)
  14. Toxic Candy

    Facebook Auto Login Bot

    Hello, Can any one suggest me a bot, Which can login more than 100 Facebook accounts one by one, Automatically ??
  15. summi

    How to post video on facebook for monetization so fb treat it unique video?

    Hello, BHW Community, I am facing issue when i post movie scene, cricket video, any copied content facebook warn us and stop promoting video to new user. Message like " Your video was blocked because it may contain music, audio or video that belongs to someone else. " I have attached a...
  16. N

    Looking for This Type of FaceBook Tool/Script (Paid-task)

    Someone at FaceBook posting the adult clickable image links via This website http://beliailie.com/ and also with this http://voollerch.com/. If You have this kind of script Pm me I will pay you handsome Money. Thanks
  17. S

    Facebook message bot?

    New to this thread, do facebook message bots exist?
  18. L

    Facebook comments auto reply

    Hi guys, is the a Facebook tool i can use to automatically reply to Facebook page comments? I tried manychat, chatfuel and mobilemonkey but the reply via direct message
  19. N

    Need Facebook/Instagram bot for Comments/DM

    Hi There, willing to pay $$$ for an experinced bot developer. Need to add comments and dm people on facebook/instagram on selected posts with specific keywords.
  20. Susanta Lohar

    [{HELP}] export Facebook group members

    Do anyone know the way to export group member's id/Last name that has 100K+ member?