facebook business manager

  1. robert_fb


    TO BIG FACEBOOK SPENDERS: We are offering Facebook Agency Account for rent for people who spend 10,000$ and up per day. -Our Ad account are very strong and you will not have problems with restrictions and getting your ads disabled, you can spend up to 1M$ per day if you can. *** CONDITIONS TO...
  2. saweryip


    **** FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS ARE BANNED???? WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU WITH FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS... * Are you having a headache because your Facebook ad account keeps getting banned? even the page, profile or BM... * Your work is delayed, no longer profitable, your money gradually disappears. ****...
  3. Maxmum Alee

    Facebook ads account

    Hey Friends I’m looking for an US Facebook business manger ads account.
  4. marciosilletto

    FREE CREDIT CARDS, Google Adwords (Ads), Facebook Business Manager

  5. adconsult

    ★EXCLUSIVE ACCESS★ to verified FB Agency Accounts | Run your ads with ENTERPRISE-LEVEL benefits | min 1k ad spend per day | Limited ...

  6. T

    How to Disable/remove/delete Instagram shop?

    Anybody got any idea how to disable Instagram shop? I've searched as far as I could; not A Thing found Read Fb articles which went extremely unrelated, Instagram and blogs too
  7. WhiteTiger69


  8. M

    Facebook ask me to verify my business after disabled my ad account

    My ad account has been disabled without reason. I want to request for review but facebook ask me to verify my business before submit the request. Mean while I just start my small shop without register my business yet. Is there anyway to contact facebook support without verify the business?
  9. AdvertiserLeads

    Facebook Ads Accounts - Bussiness Managers for all your Ads

    Selling all types of advertising FB accounts (business manager or BM) Different types: $40 USD $250 daily spend limit $80 5 Ad accounts BM $200 Verifided BM ($250 daily limit) and more... Also selling verifided social account in case you get a deactivation on bm, you can...
  10. neverlackin360

    Looking to start running Facebook ads but I just don't know how and where to get accounts

    I been looking online and most sites selling Facebook accounts look sketchy, how can I start running ads? I don't have a single Facebook account. What is the best way to get accounts? Thank you for your time
  11. HotAccounts

    Can't create Facebook BM's

    Hello guys, just wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's something about Facebook these days, I have been experimented the following error when it comes to create new BM: An error ocurred while processing this request. Please try again later. I used to unblock that error going to...
  12. H

    Business Manager Account Limit -1

    My business manager is currently locked on ad account creation limit -1. I have made 3 payments on the single ad account that is associated with my BM but the limit is still there. I have never faced this issue and the ad account limit used to jump to 5 as soon as I used to make the payment on...
  13. kurosaki4d

    How to add MasterCard to Facebook Ads ?

    Hello, I recently tried to add my Mastercard through my Business Manager account which i successfully did. Afterwards i created my Ad account from which i had one of the payments option to use Business Manager payment method, and it showed the mastercard i added. When i try to validate the...
  14. H

    Same card for different ad accounts of business manager

    Is it possible to use same card for different ad accounts on business manager without getting flagged or blocked?
  15. H

    Facebook ad accounts getting disabled after ad disapproval.

    Hi, I have got 3 facebook ad accounts disabled since yesterday. Whenever I was creating a carousel ad for my products it was getting disapproved and subsequently my ad account would get disabled saying you have violated the facebook ad policy. It seems the first account was getting disabled...
  16. KHR

    Facebook Business Verification - Unfairly Denied - Please Help!

    Hello, My Facebook developers account is going through Business Verification as part of the App Review process, and we are getting repeated denials despite following the instructions. I've provided them with a UK Company Certificate of Incorporation. All have the same business name and...
  17. News Feed

    Personal AD, AD Accounts, & Business Manager Clarification

    Hello, I seem to have a bit of confusion regarding the differentiation of Personal AD Accounts, AD Accounts, and the Business Manager. Here is my current understanding, please let me know if this is correct or any feedback you have. This are my understanding of the Personal AD account, Ad...
  18. News Feed

    Facebook Pixel Help PLEASE - Business Account vs Personal

    Hello I am having a bit of trouble running re-targeting Ads under my Facebook Pixel. I have created a Facebook Pixel under my Business Manager Account, however, I can not use this pixel when I go to run Ads. I notice that I do have a pixel under my Personal Ad account, and I can use the Pixel...
  19. Toxic Candy

    High Quality Old & New Facebook Accounts

    High Quality Old & New Facebook Accounts Non Pva Fresh Profile = 0.80$ Per Account Pva Fresh Profile = 1.50$ Per Account 1-6 Month Aged = 2.50$ Per Account 1 Year Aged = 3.25$ Per Account 2-3 Year Aged = 4$ Per account Accounts With Business Manager = 8$ Per Account **We Can Provide Discount...
  20. S

    Facebook Business Manager Account Wanted

    Hello, I want to buy / rent a Facebook Business Manager Account where I can scale ads up to 5k adspend per day. DM me if you have some.