1. X

    Looking for Facebook Agency Accounts

    Hey guys, Facebook is really hard these days. I am at the point, where i can say i am not able anymore to make it with facebook ads with buying BMs or using fake profiles and all this short term solutions. I am looking for long term solutions, on why can be relied on. I am looking for the...
  2. adflex

    AdFlex | The Advanced Ad Intelligence Tool | FOR FREE!

    FAQ How do I register? Simply visit adflex.io. Under “sign up”, register using your email. Done! How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks? You can select the affiliate network you're looking for in the "Marketing" category and find ads that are sending traffic to that network...
  3. mineads


    1. Main service • Facebook and Intargram Ads • Coat link • Provide clean proxy and old profile 2. Service commitment -Provide an unlimited number of accounts to...
  4. G

    How can I scale my Facebook ads x2?

    Hi guys, I am doing good on Facebook, I am not gonna lie. Spending around 10k daily making good profits, but raising budget over 10k is difficult. Working in lots of geos currently. Give me your strategies how to scale big, please. Everything you have. Tips for higher CTR and lower CPC? Tips on...
  5. onlinework

    Is this how Facebook really works? Page unpublished after several years of work

    Hi all! I used to have a pretty huge page that has been recently unpublished. No particular reason has been given. The strange part is that I got a restriction at first for posting stories for 3 days. After 6 hours the page has been completely unpublished. However, I have never posted a story at...
  6. Rollfic

    Can facebook detect everything?

    Interesting thing saw in a FB group. If you are creating an account in a UK VPS and Gmail was created from a Canada IP (already disabled by FB), can it detect it is a Canadian email? OR if the VPS window is not maximized and you minimize and maximize (multiple times) it to get some info from...
  7. L

    Facebook IA

    Hi, I am thinking to start using Instant Articles instead of other monetization network, but I heard that if youre running IA you need a bussines verified is that true?
  8. B

    Marketing Expert Wanted For 7 Figure Company - Big Budget - Experience Required

    Marketing Expert Wanted For Financial Tools/Services Company. Long term work for the right person or team. Must have experience with Twitter Ads, FaceBook/Instagram Ads, & TikTok Ads, and be able to bypass policy restrictions. Also looking for TikTok/Instagram Reels/YouTube Shorts video...

    This is how we watch cricket matches in Facebook

  10. Cedis

    Creating Facebook Accounts For Ads

    I don't know if what I am about to ask has been asked here before. But I just feel like getting some information about this. I run ads on Facebook and Facebook is fond of banning my ads account, which makes me on the constant lookout for Facebook accounts that are being sold, most times I end...
  11. A

    Hey there

    Greetings everyone! Here I'm in a pure digital flesh, name's Niko :) Working in affiliate marketing for the last 6 years, I came here to try to find someone who could help to develop an automatization tool for Facebook, therefore I can't say it loud as I'm a newbie, so here we are, me writing...
  12. I

    Facebook Multiple BM's Account / Domain Structure Question

    Hey everyone - I'm currently running a brand in a higher risk category in FB's eyes (weight loss). I am in the process of getting multiple BMs via MLA / proxies but had a two questions regarding BM account structures and domains. For clarification, it's not BH, but we use more aggressive...
  13. M

    4 Facebook Group hacks for your marketing needs

    Social media managers often run a multi-faceted approach when reaching out to audiences on Facebook. For example, another way to expand the use of Facebook is by creating a Facebook Group. These Groups are excellent places for people to share thoughts on a common interest, and of course, build...
  14. B

    URL (Presell Page Link) Blocked by Facebook Instantly

    Hello guys. I'm trying to advertise a slimming product (not capsules), it's a digital product. Well, my biggest problem lately is the blocking of my URLs (presell link). I create the sales campaign, the set, but when it comes to the ad creation part, I try to enter the URL of the presell page...
  15. M

    BUY FACEBOOK accounts

    FACEBOOK Accounts were registered on real Android devices. Ukrainian mobile proxy (but we may to do which you want). Cookie in form JSON. Token EAAB (if Dolphin doesn’t accept, delete account and download again). The kit has two-step verification code 2FA. Accounts were verified by email. New...
  16. G

    Test Facebook Ads

    Hi guys, I would like to know how you guys test Facebook ads to find the best creative, I was doing CBO 1 campaign / 3 sets / 3 creatives, I did it like this to test creative, I need help
  17. U

    Best way to gain friends on warming up an account?

    Does anyone have a good method to gain random friends while warming up an ad account? Thanks!
  18. Affiliate3750

    Account Disabled from advertising - Facebook

    Hello Guys , my FB account has been disabled since 2020 , and since then i didn't need it , i was advertising some aggressive content then , but now i will use to do something else , now i'm searching for solutions to get back my account to work again, regular methods didn't worked well ...
  19. zneve08

    WTB 100 Geo Location Australia Specific Facebook Reviews

    Looking for 100 Australian geo specific facebook reviews
  20. mxx7

    ➡️ [FMS] The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Automation Software ⭐️

    FoxMaster Suite Flexible, advanced Facebook marketing automation solution Re-Targeting ➡️ Send Bulk message to all people in your Page(s) Inbox ➡️ Send Bulk message to all Facebook users using Multiple Accounts. ➡️ Features to extract Phone numbers from your Page conversations...