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  1. Hamza Hashim

    Free DA 90 .gov Backlink

    Get. GOV do-follow link from DA 90+ Visit Click on [Create Profile] or visit directly here: Enter your name, Email Address(you will receive a password by email in case you want to edit it.) If you do not...
  2. Alex D.

    [GET] DA 46 D0Follow contextual backlink

    Website: Uberant is a free guest post platform. Simply register an account and post an article, all links inside of article are d0follow.
  3. Hamza Hashim

    I need a Backlink having DA 50+ for my tech blog

    I need a backlink from DA 50+ for my blog with free. I have a blog related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Freelancing and Website Development.
  4. crossline

    Who Wants A Free Do Follow DA 100 Link Right From Google?

    i found this when im searching backlink, i dont know is this still work, but yeah... you can try..
  5. Rachmaninoff

    FREE Do-Follow Contextual Backlinks on ArtStation DA87

    P.s: This stuff has never been shared here before. So instead of getting a profile link on ArtStation, here is how you can get do-follow contextual links there: 1. Signup as Artists at 2. Create a New Artwork. 3. Upload your image. Add Title. Then place...
  6. desizm

    Easiest DA 62 permanent baclink

    This will give you a blank target do-follow permanent backlink from a DA 62 website. This method can be used for websites with Travel, Books, Movies, TV-series or Food related niche. In order to get a backlink, You need create a list of favorite movies, series, food, travelling locations etc...
  7. desizm

    70+ DA Profile Creation Backlinks

    Here we go for more. I hope these would help everyone who is seeking easy High DA backlinks. All are from my personal collection of links. 1. DA 89 Create profile, put link. Follow couple of people for flash speed indexing. 2...
  8. desizm

    Profile creation High DA backlinks

    This link building forum section has helped me to gain many strong backlinks So here is my contribution to others :). Can create profiles in below sites and put link in profile. These links are guaranted to be indexed by Google. Link...
  9. M

    Need a site reference or software for free back link check.

    Been looking for free back link checker but all are paid they give few back links do anyone know the solution how can I get my competitor's back link at free of cost??
  10. Google_Rider

    Free HQ Guest Post Link from a Multiniche Site (Visitors 5.5k per month)

    Hey BHWans, I know someone who is providing free guest post on his multiniche site (which have monthly around 5.5k visitors). But his condition is: 1. Your content should be at least 2000-2200 words (NATIVE US content only), SEO optimized. You may provide the main keyword and he'll provide some...
  11. A

    Free Directorie list 2012

    We providing best quality free advertising directory listing which which will increase the rank of your website Find below the list of free directories
  12. B

    Free 500 backlink

    I have found a great tool which provide 500 backlink for free. you can use it to create backlink for your site.
  13. Blackhat_Guru

    Free High PR4 Backlinks

    How to get PR4 Backlinks to your website without paying a dime? This guy gives away a PR4 backlink at his gig posting. What's more, he posts a working fresh PR4 comment backlink every week. All you have to do is grab it once a week and use it for your own sites...
  14. Get a FREE PR8 Backlink In 2 Mins!

    Register for a forum account at: Go edit your profile: (Alternatively you can edit your signature here:, and make a few posts on the forum with your URL in the SIG) And...
  15. S

    Solid working free backlink(no ads,have tags) unlimited

    Found and tested this: cootopia [dot] com/create-news no sign in, you can submit as much as you want, and every backlink is FOLLOW , very good results if you make good tags, stays on front page for some time, you can submit and english and non english content and backlinks. This is in some beta...
  16. R

    Free ******** Backlink From A PR2 Domain

    Ok so I was checking my awstats and I saw a link from h**p://*d0ss* and thought wtf is that... So I went to the URL and it was just info about the domain with a link to me, but it was a ******** link...hmmm interesting. So I put in a brand new domain I just...