1. Tomatejo

    Looking for a Chaturbate Traffic Bot or Similar (Bump Rooms to first page!)

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to develop op or provide a traffic bot to help rooms to be on first page. You can contact me directly here: Telegram: @Tomatejo The bot or solution should work, with some proof if possible. Regards
  2. M

    account on a platform

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for an American person who can lends me his data (Name, address and city) to register on (100% legit) , it's an amazon company that only accepts American people. To create this account I would need a basic identity document because this platform wants to...
  3. seoaffiliatepro


    A good windows application reviewer is needed to review an on going developing app for SEO Pay will be good. Reply if interested...
  4. akaseo

    Need someone to build and index backlinks same as another site.

    I will share the details in pm. here is my skype - live:.cid.53f84e9251b69f29 it's midnight so i will respond in a few hours leave your details and any past experience in backlink building on my skype.
  5. bestspinner

    twitter bot

    i need twittter bot in php, let me know if you can code this. reply below and dm
  6. C

    How do channels like MagnatesMedia create their videos? What are their freelancers?

    Hey, I'm pretty impressed of the videos of MagnatesMedia on Youtube. Do somebody know who they use for content research, script writing, voiceover and most important video editing?
  7. M

    Website / Company / Platform / Marketplace for web development wanted

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We have had very bad experiences with Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and other platforms. The developers, designers and coders there are all very slow and usually far too expensive. At the beginning...
  8. L

    Looking for a developer to build a similar site as watcher guru

    Looking for a trustworthy developer to build the exact style ( front end and backend) of watcher guru Also, send me samples of your past work Thanks
  9. Adehbest

    A new Data Analyst needs help

    Please I need help, I am a freelancer who just finished learning data Analysis (visualization), I have good Microsoft Excel skills, Microsoft Power BI and SPSS skills, but my problem is I don't know my target audience and I really need to social media to send cold emails. Please, who can I...
  10. montague

    [HIRING] Customer Support Agents (Long term)

    We are employing a customer support agent for an online business. (Work from home) Support is handled through messaging. Calls are not required. You may be handling up to 50 clients per day. Most, if not all, replies are already pre-made. The rest is up to improvisation. You will be trained...
  11. ManageManga

    How do I get my first client on Upwork

    Hello there, I signed up on Upwork and just a few days ago, I submitted proposals on a few posts however didn't even receive a chat invite from any of the posters. Do you guys have any tips on how can I land my first few clients? Also, Upwork seems better than
  12. S

    Twitter keyword like bot

    Hi! I’m looking for a twitter keyword like bot that I could purchase or have someone custom build for me? The bot must be able to like the latest tweets with the given keyword and be able to switch through multiple twitter accounts with ease.
  13. S

    POD - Print on Demand - customisable product site

    Hey, Im looking to buy a pre-made site on Shopify or WordPress in which customers can create and customise their own products and place an order. Upload their own design for t-shirts or visiting cards etc. Pre-made or if someone can build or has an example and can share costing and timeline...
  14. L

    Seo expert for anime site needed

    Hello I’m still looking for an SEO expert to make necessary improvements on content/keywords and other SEO related tasks (on and off page). I need someone that just “gets it” and knows what to do with the site. Someone that doesn’t need too much supervision as I work a lot. The goal is to get...
  15. A


    Need a good PHP Coder that can make a live panel (control what visitor sees from admin panel) each time they press next they are stuck on loading screen until I decide where to redirect them from my side (admin panel).
  16. S

    YouTube Custom Comment Service

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who's experienced in creating custom Youtube comments (from USA/UK/CAN profiles): a comment will be custom (provided by me) can provide a list of videos for comments or provide keywords/parameters for the videos I need about 60- 80 comments per week comments need...
  17. D

    Suggestions needed on promoting cannabis accessories, is Youtube a good place and how?

    Hi BHWers, I'm currently doing a project promoting cannabis accessories, like bongs, vape pens, etc. Obviously, we're not allowed to run ads, and myself is a non-smoker so I'm not a user by any means. I would assume collaborating with Youtube channels in the weed niche? Is Youtube a good...
  18. DigitalUpdate

    Looking for Old Stackoverflow account

    Hey there, I would love to buy old stackoverflow account with minimum of 2k reputation points. Please send me the profile link via PM TIA
  19. R

    Looking for someone good at selling (30% Commissions)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone good at selling on Instagram. I need someone that will contact people/brands through DM and offer them a promo on my Instagram page. You will get a 30% Commission for any person who buys, meaning the more people you find the more $ you make. Send me a...
  20. T

    Build a Bot on Fetlife for Likes + Commenting: NOW HIRING

    Seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a human-like bot for interaction. To apply: -DM a portfolio or prior samples of your work to me -Will discuss payment and turnaround rates once I've reviewed your samples :)