1. sageshark

    [Giveaway] I will give Images from my premium account (2 images per person)

    Hi fellow BHW members. I have a premium Freepik dot com account and I can download 100 premium images per day. I do not use all these images myself. So I thought why not share them with the community! So if you require any premium image from Freepik dot com to use in your projects, you can...
  2. kaptanf

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    SEMRUSH GURU ($7) ✅ 14 days ✅ Personal account ✅ Not a joint account. You can change your password ✅ Full replacement guarantee ✅ Buy Now CANVA PRO ($7) ✅ Unlimited time (Unless CANVA changes their policy) ✅ Personal account ✅ You can use with your own account ✅ Buy Now ENVATO ELEMENTS ($14) ✅...
  3. istemdisi

    [GIVEAWAY] Freepik & Elements Files for Free!

    Request Any Freepik. 1 Member can Request Total of 3 Downloads(Links) Per Day.
  4. masanwar

    ★★★ Potential Digital Assets For Sale (Monetized Channel, Fiverr, Freepik, Shutterstock, 99Designs, Designhill, etc) - High Qualit...

    #1 Monetized Youtube Channel Preview & Specifications: 2019 Channel (but have recently active about a month ago) 1500+ subscriber, 10,000+ Views All time (Real & Organic) Gaming Niche Price: $290 #2 Monetized Youtube Channel Preview & Specifications: 2018 Channel (but have recently...
  5. liam11paul

    Using FreePik Images without attribution. What would be the worst case scenario?

    Hello black hatters! (Please move this thread if it's not on the right section) I am using a few images from FreePik on my blog posts. But I did not pay neither added the attribution. What can be the worst case scenario? Will they find it out?
  6. M

    request Freepik files

    i have an account so i will help request your freepik files i will give it to you as soon as possible 1 person = max 2 files
  7. J

    Freepik Contributor Blues

    I was a contributor for Freepik for about 3 or 4 months until my account got blocked for copyright infringement. In fact I was sad for a bit to lose my $50.00 that I earned from my months of hard work and to be strike down from having only 1 image looking very similar to another vector on a...