1. L

    Rust Developer

    Hey guys, As stated I am looking for a rust developer who has experience on the Solana blockchain.
  2. Grudge

    Grudge's Development Service - Websites, Account Creators, Scrapers and Other Bots

    Refund Policy If you decide to terminate the project and we didn't start working on it we'll give you a 100% refund. If we did start working on it we'll issue a refund based on how much of the work was done. The refund amount for cryptocurrency payments will be done based on the coin amount...
  3. andykym

    SaaS and Expert Developers

    Hey community, I have a doubt regarding SaaS and Full stack developers. Why the expert programmers who has lot of knowledge are not getting into Business . Especially into the SaaS Business . They can create anything , but instead they are working in a firm or doing freelancing . What is...
  4. Maxmus

    Ahoy. Full Stack Developer.

    Hey there, I'm Maxmus, I'm a Full Stack Developer with 12 yrs working on desktop, web and mobile related stuff. My goal here on BHW is to help others and also to possible make a "My Jouney" thread telling about a new project I plan on deploying. (it's going to be interesting). I hope to make a...