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  1. A

    Approved by Facebook to run gambling ads but account still disabled

    Hi all, I have been previously approved by Facebook to run gambling ads in Kenya. But once I start to run the ads my account is instantly disabled. Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid this issue? Also would be open to a partnership if someone has previous experience running gambling...
  2. hustlersshop

    PREMIUM GOOGLE ADS Aged [1+ years ] ACCOUNTS With Spending History + VPS + VCC + Cloaking | Good For Blackhat Ads |

    Feel free to contact us: Telegram : @hustlersshop_support Skype : live:.cid.497e107c71d6a808 E-mail : [email protected] Our website:
  3. clo.king

    How to run GAMBLING offers on Facebook | From A - Z

    Welcome! Today I will share with you one of the ways in which you can promote Gambling offers without getting your ad accounts banned on Facebook and Instagram, and to maintain a high level of profit. There are 6 basic steps we need to follow! Create your own offer page Warm up the ad account...
  4. saibaaaaa

    GoogleAds Gambling Niche

    Hey there, I'm new to GoogleAdWord. I want to promote my Gambling Niche website on GoogleAdWord, But ofcourse it won't be that easy since Google doesn't allow Gambling Niche Websites to be promoted. Thus i want to share some of my observation on Gambling Niches website that i had seen on Google...
  5. B

    Promotion of online casino

    Hello guys. I am sorry if this is not perfect topic for this category. I didn't knew where to post. I have an online casino, startup project. My question for you is, what is your advice for promotion? Currently, we have best results with affiliate marketing, but we want to try other methods too...
  6. seo_alexa002

    What's best Method for Gambling Ads?

    What's best Method for Gambling Ads? What works Google Ads with Cloaking is bit headache, as it requires Cloaker Setup + Many Google Ad Accounts So What's best Method for Gambling Ads?
  7. superguppy

    need a news information how to solve circumventin system policy

    hello,i newbie in here,when i change my landing page in google ads and my ad runs in a few hours,after that my account was suspended. I use for my ad landing page,is there any solution or suggestion to prevent my account from being suspended? my ad is gambling,first time i make real...
  8. A

    I'm looking for google ads services for gambling

    I'm looking for google ads services for gambling, please provide your contact information and your portfolio in the comments of this thread.
  9. paroevax88

    I have a Lot of Questions Regarding GAds for Gambling. Would you be Kind to Answer?

    Hi Guys. Maybe this is not the Forum to open this Threat, and in that case please Admin I would appreciate if you move it to where it belongs. I'm a Newbie in this world of Google Ads for Gambling, I'm working with a friend and I'm in charge of this Google Ads Section of the Business. I beg for...
  10. T

    Google Ads Search Campaign for Gambling Affiliate

    I am an experienced marketeer and I already have my winning ad. I ran it for quite some time and it constantly had a 2000% roas. But I made another website and my account got suspended for the other ad that I just made. It was a rookie mistake, but now my winning affiliate ad is gone. So I need...
  11. hustlersshop

    How to deal with Facebook Ads bans. 2 years of experience

    My friend has been running BH Facebook Ads for 2 years (mostly gambling, sometimes crypto). He decided to make a list of recommendations how to deal with bans. 1. Ad creative unicalization. You can use telegram bots for this purpose. 2. Good IP means A LOT. Use good residential or mobile...
  12. hustlersshop

    Facebook Apps Promotion + Gambling

    Hi everybody, I run gambling ads on Facebook and Google for more than a year at the moment, ask your questions on this topic I'll try to answer them
  13. N

    Looking for marketing

    Hello , I’m looking for marketing and cloaking service. I have brand of casino and sport betting platform , I’m working in GCC , I’m looking to marketing in social media and gains leads . Because gambling illegal in this area I need cloaking service too Ideas to get good traffic from this...
  14. IDAN2705

    Looking for PPC Provider for igaming niche .

    Hello there , Looking to hire PPC services for Igaming niche (online gambling) Looking forward to get suggests .
  15. D

    Run Online Gambling Ads on Google Ads & Tiktok Ads in Indonesia

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can run ads for online gambling services for my company. anyone who interested or have skill to do it, I'm hoping you can contact me. we can talk about details via email. Please if you interested send me your email address in PM and email us. email...
  16. B

    Gambling ads

    Hello, Anyone know what paid ads sites accept gambling ads? I mean for example if I want to get new registration on casino or sports betting what paid ads sites can be used? thanks
  17. hustlersshop

    Premium Aged [1+ year] GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNTS With Ad Spend [$250-100K+]

    Feel free to contact us: Telegram : @hustlersshop_support Skype : live:.cid.497e107c71d6a808 E-mail : [email protected]
  18. W

    Black Hat Social - Facebook etc - Gambling Ads

    Hi We are looking for someone to help us manage black hat social ads. PM me if you are experienced in this space. Does anyone have any tips and tricks? Software they use or services they can recommend please? Thanks!
  19. cynthia.kimberley

    Can anyone give me tips about google ads for gambling?

    Hello, i'm beginner in seo , and i just want to do google ads for my website (gambling website), but i heard that if my site is found to be a gambling site, my credit card account will be blocked. is there have anyone expert in google ads ? how can i do google ads for gambling website without...
  20. Adriana Chan

    Gambling ads on facebook?

    Hey up I'm currently looking into Facebook ads for a client. I know that Facebook still allows to run ads for gambling by applying for advance approval of my ads account but doesn't detail how to get it. How is it to get prior written permission to advertise gambling on Facebook? Any advice...