1. KJREDDY247@

    Why the heck is Vienna Costlier than other Europe Cities?

    Anyone else felt the same or is it just me? By the way berlin seems like a great place for night life...
  2. H

    Hello, I’m Search German Member.

    Hello, I’m searching german member who knows about marketing, ranking, google ads, seo etc. thanks as well My Skype: live:.cid.e78537773f7d433d
  3. 7

    How much revenue from display ads is possible? [1 million page views]

    Hello, I run a German language website that generates around 1 million page views per month. The niche is gaming and movies. I use Adsense where I have a page RPM of about $4. In June 2022, I earned $3400 from Adsense. Is that too low in your opinion? Recently I discovered two English...
  4. D

    Hello from Germany

    Hi Guys, my name is Flo and I am a student (Business Informatics). I am basically starting from zero but i will trust the process and hope that it will be worth it. Looking forward to be part and develop the BHW Community. I would also appreciate advice. All the best, Flo
  5. S

    Looking for a (Dutch) SEO Expert and translations (Dutch, English, German)

    Hi I am Steve, I'm looking for a (Dutch) SEO Expert to completely support us in all our SEO needs. Preferably someone who is willing to make this a long term partnership. We have multiple woocommerce webshops selling performance enhancing gym and pharmacy products. (mostly dutch). We're also...
  6. diequelle

    Free German Backlinks +55 | List of free backlink portals - Kostenlose deutsche Backlinks +55 | Liste der kostenlosen Backlinkportale

    I would like to provide you with a list of free backlinks especially from German .de domains. Again and again I see postings about this and have spent many hours searching myself. :poop: Now I have compiled a list for the whole community. IMPORTANT: Create a separate email address for...
  7. xpesos

    [Site for Sale] German Celebrity Site $2.7K income last month with constant growth

    I am selling one of my best performing website, A German celebrity site with around 200K user visits per month, posting 5 - 10% growth every month Last Month October 2021 income = $2700 ($1300 from Adsense $1440 from another CPC network) Demand $42000 - By Escrow (open for offers) You will...
  8. bishofz

    Backlinks + SEO Services for non English EU Site?

    Dear community, I was browsing through the marketplace and with SEO Package offers, I doubt if they would be affecting the rank of a non-English EU site. My site is German. Can anyone recommend a service or possibility to get a start of SEO issues fix plus backlinks. Thank you!
  9. Julian Brockmann

    Female Amazon book reviewer, 5 Minutes required, 4 € compensation.

    As I cannot edit the other thread: Time required for you: About 5 minutes. I need people to give five star reviews on amazon for a book of mine. You can copy paste my predefined review. Requirements: Female Amazon account that also has other, longer reviews. Optional, but desired: German...
  10. T

    High Quality German Content

    Hallo, Wir suchen einen deutschen Copy Writer mit Spezialisierung im iGaming Bereich. Genauer gesagt, hier geht es um online Slot Rezensionen. Der Job: - 250 - 300 Rezensionen mit jeweils rund 1200 Worten - Liste mit Slots & Template wird zur Verfügung gestellt - Vergütung ist bis EUR...
  11. Tribune

    [JV] My German Dating Sites + Your Traffic

    Hello Traffic Master of the Universe I have two German dating sites. So far I have done the advertising for them myself. Since we are currently building an affiliate program for it, I no longer have time to do so. I am therefore looking for someone who would like to do this for me now. I...
  12. Turbo B.

    Looking for native German speaking member

    Looking for native German speaking member for translated text checking / correction.
  13. David719

    GERMANY >>> experienced Native Germany Copywriter

    We are looking for an experienced NATIVE copywriter from Germany for our website about cooking. Do you want to work with us on monthly basis? You should know how to use SEO - keywords in your texts, read instructions carefully and be available at the time of this work. We are looking forward...
  14. G

    WTB | German static residential private proxies, bulk

    Hello guys, I need german static residential private proxies for longer period, in bulk. For creating google accounts. No email spamming. Only SEO purposes.
  15. SirSeonaut

    How much do i need to earn 1000€/m

    Hey, I want to start a niche blog. I've been trying to write content for a few days. I get about 1500 words a day. If I could publish 2 articles every day, would that be enough to earn around 1000 euros per month through affilates at the end of the year? What do you think? The blog will be...
  16. GideonKe

    How to not waste your life?

    I often ask myself, whether I am wasting my life doing what I do in this very moment. As in "yes, I earned 10 dollars doing what I did, but 10 dollars, just 10 dollars, for that much work" or simply "I am not watching any movie or playing any videogame, it is always a waste of time" or "I...
  17. N

    Need Original Traffic from Germany

    Hi, Im looking for someone to bring original traffic (unique) from Germany. Need 50-200 users a day to the link i provide, stay and scroll thru for few minutes, goto home page and exit. If someone can provide this service, please let me know. Thanks.
  18. rylez

    German Content Writer

    Hello, I‘m looking for a german content writer who can provide articles regularly. Primary I need information/how to articles in different niches. You have to do the research. Words: 1000-2000 per article Price: 30-40$ per 1000 words (depends on quality) The articles should be SEO optimized...
  19. Norbert333

    German Backlinks - Hard to get?

    Does someone got ideas for building good links in germany? I have the feeling that germans dont like to link, somehow it seems like they never set even a link. Press releases are working and Q&A but the rest is nearly impossible to get, even the competitors have only that kind of links...
  20. Saba1991

    German content writer (long-term project)

    Hi I'm looking for German content writer. It will be a long-term project and I'm willing to pay $25 per article (around 500-600 words) Please send me your info and past work;