1. accseller

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    Welcome to sales thread, we provide affordable e-mail accounts of various platforms. Accounts are created on mix geo residential or mobile proxies. Want to test our e-mails? Post a comment "I want to test product_name" below and we will send a free account of your choice via...
  2. P

    How to add list-unsubscribe in Gmail personal emails

    I am sending personal email to all my customers using my business, for which I have enabled DKIM, SPF, and DMarc. Still All my email are landing in spam. Then I tried adding List-unsubscribe header, and could not found a way. Can anyone please guide me how to add a List-unsubscribe in gmail...
  3. lugafetbecky

    any gmail affiliate sender over here ?

    hey guys i am looking for gmail inbox sending guy who sends emails from his own smtp recently gmail made lot of changes in sending emails through smtp was wondering if they limited sending emails due to update or any other thing we used to send good number of emails in volume to our customers...
  4. D

    Is anyone able to create google account past week ?

    Im getting this from like last 5 days. I tried different ip, even mobile ways. Can’t create a Google Account You can’t create a Google Account right now. Try again later. What the hell is going on ?
  5. googlebis

    How to contact google/adsense by email?

    Do you have a secret email you use to contact either gmail or adsense support team? if you do please send me DM or share it here, i need to contact them about my account. THANK YOU ALL
  6. Lord_RK

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  7. D


    i have gmail email sender bot that can send emails without app password just like SMTP but i don't know how can i make money with it. Any suggestion or ideas will help a lot! THANKS!
  8. Email Seller

    Selling Aged and New PVA Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Emails Accounts, Social Media, and Social Network accounts.

    Selling Aged and New PVA Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Emails Accounts, Social Media, and Social Network accounts. DESCRIPTION Those Accounts are Phone Verified. Those Account Name English/Random. The Accounts were created on a USA IP/Mixed IP. Bulk prices are negotiable...
  9. M

    What is your biggest problem with building your email list?

    Hey BHW Members. Just decided to drop this simple question here. What is your biggest problem with building your email list?
  10. B

    Will GMail ban me for mail forwarding a lot of accounts to my domain?

    Hi! I've made a script that creates GMail accounts that I will need to receive e-mails to. But I don't want to login to each one to see whether it received anything. What I want to do it is to register a new domain, make it catch all emails, then use random email addresses from my domain as...
  11. D


    hello everyone, i wanted to check here to see if theres any possibility that anyone here knows to recommend if my friend can buy aged gmail accounts? please advise thanks.
  12. Buy Account

    Google (Gmail) Accounts Sale ! FROM THE MAIN PROVIDER

    GOOGLE (GMAİL) ACCOUNTS SALE ! I created Google accounts with software. 12-15k per day. The accounts you purchased were created at least 3 days ago, so the accounts you purchased do not ask for confirmation number. I will compensate in case of any problem. As of 06.25.2022, I have accounts...
  13. S

    Managing 10,000 Email Accounts

    I have purchased Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail PVA accounts the list size is almost 10K My use case is: I need to manage these 10,000 email accounts daily, It's an email seed list - as soon as emails are sent to this seed list. The following action needs to be done: email should be moved...
  14. smm jacopo

    What data does Google know?

    I am creating Google accounts for personal purposes. I managed to create about 20 of them and google started asking me for my mobile number. How does it know it's me if I restart ip every time? Does it keep track of the mac address? [sorry if I got the wrong section]
  15. Conjecting

    Best phone verification service for creating Gmail accounts?

    I was recommended but their site appears to be down.
  16. mrsmilyy


    Hy everyone, i have small problem may be someone can help me the sender is using outlook and i am the recipient and i am using gmail how to open the mail he sent me and consult the attachment or download it (knowing that it is a pdf) without the sender knowing? without receiving a notice...
  17. inkbotdesign

    Gmail spoofed? Sent emails I obviously didn't send.

    Has anyone come across this? I checked my email yesterday and there was one received, all nonsense gibberish, no link was clicked, I deleted it. Then I got another. I checked my 'sent' emails and apparently I had sent ones (which I didn't) - I changed my password and double-checked security -...
  18. MrBom

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    Aged Youtube Channel 2006 to 2021 With old video: 200x 150$ / combo 10 channel 2010 110$ / combo 10 channel 2011 90$ / combo 10 channel 2012 80$ / combo 10 channel 2013 70$ / combo 10 channel 2014 60$ / combo 10 channel 2015 50$ / combo 10 channel 2016 40$ / combo 10...
  19. nerdblogger

    How to stop emails from landing in Google's Promotions tab?

    I have been warming up my SMTP server lately, its been a month already. Now, I wanted to send my cold email template to my potential prospects - I am able to achieve great deliverability but the only problem I am facing right now is with the promotions tab. I want my emails to land into my...
  20. we1

    Quality Gmail Accounts with Farm + Cookies + Proxy, Affordable Price, Only 0.50$

    We have quality products for you! Features Mail Format: [email protected] Phone Verification – Yes! Recovery Mail – Yes! Proxy Delivery – Yes! Delivery with Cookies – Yes! Delivery with Fingerprint – Yes! Some of the transactions made from mails; Youtube channel opened. Adding...