1. YouDeserveTheBest

    Free Business Email

    Hi! Anyone knows how I can get an email address for free, such as tutanota? Gmail is not considered business address anymore, It goes the same for Zoho. Thank you!
  2. S

    Buying Bulk Yahoo Or Gmail Email Accounts

    looking to buy Bulk Yahoo Or Gmail Email Accounts Also Buying Bulk VCC's From Any country Add me on Telegram - @Toray1
  3. Muzan

    Have some questions about multiple youtube accounts.

    So I have about 12 google accounts that I have been using on my personal computer without using vpn or any proxy (I did not know that it would be an issue when I got them). Here are some questions. 1. If one of my channels get banned (not the whole google account, but just if a single youtube...
  4. codeman1234

    All in same Gmail account?

    Hello, I am thinking of building small niche affiliate websites with adsense so, my question is could I create all this websites on same gmail account for adsense, analytics and search console? Do I need a premium gmail account for this? I am planning to do all whitehat no blackhat and all...
  5. Meerakat

    Seems like Gmail Owns BHW Now

    Coincidence? I think not...
  6. pureaccounts


    Giveaway : 200 x Free gmail accounts (Most stable accounts) Rules: - users allowed who are all having 100+ post - Comment below to receive the account. - Only 4 account per user. - So First 50 members only receive the accounts.After that the freebies will get closed..
  7. N

    gmail create algorithm without phone number ?

    Im curious if somebody found out to how to bypass the gmail creation flow where a number is needed. I played around with playwright and pupeteer. What I so far found out is that it is on the one hand browser based. E.g I have to provide a phone number on Chrome, but not on my fresh installed...
  8. Doctor Strange

    Save my Accounts!

    Hey there, I have bought some insta accounts from a seller. The accs are registered with Gmail/Rediffmail Now how can I save my instagram accounts from being stolen by the creator? *Creator has negative reviews of stealing sold accs. If I change the Email login then I think the creator will...
  9. Mr.Sinatra

    Google Disabling freshly created account

    Hello everybody, I have been creating gmails over the last few days. Using two services : Proxies and SMS verification from the marketplace. "I do not want to mention names to be fair". The account are new, did not use them for any spam or anything. I basically create the gmail and I close the...
  10. D

    Looking for email expert

    I am looking for an email expert who can generate PVA email accounts and maintain those email accounts in a way that those accounts are not being blocked in the future.
  11. blockhetwarld

    2005 gmail

    I rememberd I had an old gmail account.. checked and the registration goes far back to 2005, it even has the gmail beta welcome email what can I do with it?
  12. blockhetwarld

    Email Campaign

    Looking to send a campaign to a list of 20 thousand. My list is scraped & validated. looking to pay something in the range of 170$, negotiable. Not looking to buy a SMTP server!! I want to work with a freelancer who can get these inboxed.
  13. MehtaM

    Which service is the best for phone verification?

    Cheap and reliable phone verification service? For Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram?
  14. S

    Help using Gmail SMTP in a rotation to send cold emails

    Hi guys, Have a huge list of scraped targeted emails for a few niches and want to cold mail these using gmail . As far as I understand nothing comes close to the delivery rate of a good cold email using gmail opposed to other services or third party SMTP servers . So I was thinking I would...
  15. Chdead

    Need 1.5k gmail accounts

    Hello I'm just starting an Emailing project I need 1.5k gmail accounts to start but I will be ordering more once I see some revenue please post your offers (the cheapest offer wins) because we have a very minimal budget but we will keep buying emails on a weekly basis so please do a good offer...
  16. T

    Mailing (E-Marekitng) Gmail, Want GMAIL information please !

    hi recently i get some problems with my servers and ips are spam now t i want to know if there is a new repporting method restore the reputation of the servers and thanks
  17. Meerakat

    Optimize Your Inbox Rate By At-least 90% - GMass

    Not sure if they really check your email campaigns, but seems like your subject line only had\s to contain either of the words. Those who are trying to hit the inbox but do not possess any SMTP server can download GMass and make use of this. Time is limited, so better make use of it now before...
  18. P

    Safe Practices for Multiple Google Accounts

    Just ordered a load of sim cards to use to setup Google accounts for review purposes mainly. Has anyone done this before and what are some good practices? I know the basics such as: 1. not logging in from the same IP. 2. not logging in from the same browser (private browsing) 3. I will review...