1. Grudge

    Grudge's Development Service - Websites, Account Creators, Scrapers and Other Bots

    Refund Policy If you decide to terminate the project and we didn't start working on it we'll give you a 100% refund. If we did start working on it we'll issue a refund based on how much of the work was done. The refund amount for cryptocurrency payments will be done based on the coin amount...
  2. A

    Need a tutorial video for a golang program ($100)

    Need a tutorial video be made of the program Neurax https://github.com/redcode-labs/Neurax it needs to contain: Full explanation of how it works demonstrate how to install demonstrate how to configure demonstrate how to infect demonstration of spreading demonstration of the commands (ie...
  3. pr41s3w0rthy

    Golang deveopler

    Hi, I am looking for a goland developer that experienced in multi-threads. I have 1 HTTP post request I would like to concurrent it 1000 times. easy, tiny job. Thank you, regards. //MZA