google ads account

  1. N

    Looking for google ads agency accounts

    Hi everyone! My team is looking for a Google Ads agency accounts. Gambling. My telegram is @vappendex
  2. Danish0

    Gmail account parmanently delete

    If we delete Gmail account permanently, can Google Ads index our data also be deleted.
  3. Google BlackWords

    Service for setting up Google ADS Campaigns (black hat) and Selling Accounts With Spending and Age and all the tools for this

    Telegram: @Google_Blackwords Skype : live:.cid.edc2e8802d0983a0
  4. So High

    How should a safe page look like

    I don't understand why almost everyone using safe pages not even related to keywords and ads. How do you guys are going to make a fool of Google with such safe pages? Good safe page is one of the keys to successful blackhat
  5. So High

    Strong Google Ads Accounts for Blackhat Ads [FULL SERVICE]

    For purchase contact me via Telegram @sohighads <<< clickable link
  6. smmfoxfollow

    How Can i Open High Threshold ( 300 Euro ) in Google Ads

    hello I want help, please. I am creating Google Adwords accounts for the country, France, and the euro currency All accounts was opened 300 euro Threshold But since 3 days until now all accounts are opened 10 euro Threshold note : 1 - i Use a new French RDP in each account 2 - I use high...
  7. S

    I need someone to create a google ads account.

    I have tried every trick i know, all my attempt have failed. I need someone to help me create a google ads account. I will provide the necessary details. Threshold or not. I want an account
  8. Ozito

    Circumventing System Policy...

    Hey guys, I have been noticing that some of my accounts that I made are getting a circumventing system policy suspension when I try to run the 2nd affiliate campaign [ the first campaign is dummy so it runs smoothly ] ( my accounts are USA based 350$ Threshold , made with premium residential...
  9. O

    a Low competition keyword with massive traffic found - How to monetize?

    ive recently stumbled upon a keyword with hundreds thousands of searches per month with little to no competition. most of The traffic comes from a fairly poor third world country, however that particular website people are searching for does rank in a million visits per month ( gambling...
  10. H

    [HIRING] I need an expert in Google Ads Cloacking

    Hello BHW, I'm looking for someone who can make my campaigns work on Google Ads, right now I get banned instantly when I try to do a campaign myself. I need an expert in cloacking who can validate any campaign and any site. I pay very well if the work is good and regular. Please contact...
  11. M

    Google Ads Advertising Service

    Hello all, We are looking for someone who can place Google Ads for us. We are only looking for large agency accounts that allow us to have a large budget on a daily basis. We pay the advertising budget we use + % fee. We have been in this field for a long time, so we only work with...
  12. E

    Video campaign on Google Ads

    Hi, I've noticed that lately my video campaign CPV has been going up a lot. In my company we usually take an old video campaign, insert the new data and make Google Ads work with a few improvements on our side. But lately it doesn't work anymore. Know if there has been any change or if the costs...
  13. S

    Need Adwords Services

    Hello, i'm looking for someone to run google ads for me. Niche : online gambling Geo : Indonesia You need to have experience to run this kind of ads, you have to provide google ads account and refill services. Looking for long term services, please pm me your experience and charges. Thanks!
  14. Sofiamartinez

    [Free Review Copies] ✅ Google Adwords Service ✅ All Niche Accepted

    Hello I want to give reviews for my Google Adwords Optimisation Service. All kinds of niches are accepted. What We Can Do For You: 1. Adwords Keyword Research (Complete Adwords Keyword Research) 2. Google Ads Account Setup. 3. Competitor Research Report. (Using Spyfu Or Semrush) 4. Google Ads...
  15. serpmedia

    I'll Pay 10% of my Ad Spend to Use Your Google Ads Account

    Exactly as title says! I'll Pay 10% of my Ad Spend to Use Your Google Ads Account. Offer is negotiable. Trusted members only. We can use my card/payment obviously. Should be an aged account that will for sure work! No risk of suspension or anything. I'll be spending anywhere from...
  16. D

    Google Ads

    Hi, i am looking for someone to run ads for me. My account has been suspended and i can't create another one. Advertising on administrative services Don't tell me "PM" because i can't send private message. I am new on the forum.
  17. ali78691

    Accesing Google Ads on Data Center Proxy.

    Hello Everyone hope everyone doing great, I have a question. Is it safe to access approved google ads accounts on Datacenter proxy, I have multiple ads account so I want to switch to a data center proxies just wanted to know if is it safe. Thank You.
  18. A

    I finally found out the solution for the suspension " We've detected suspicious payments in your account "

    Originally i tried looking for help on the forum, but obviously no one was going to share the solution to this problem for free. ( But I found out some little tips here ) After many suspended accounts and a lot of testing I finally found out the solution to this problem, so I'm very happy :D...
  19. Adwords Shop

    Store of Google Ads Trust Accounts on which money was spent

    To contact us: Skype : live:.cid.379d274bb9fbe852
  20. T

    Google Ads - Instantly Banned Accounts

    Hello fellow BHW members, I wanted to share with you my recent experience with GoogleAds and possibly get some advice from you. To be straight forward, I cloak and run igaming ads. I have done so for a couple of years now. However as of recently Google seems to be acting strange and even safe...