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    Ask Me Anything about Google Ads (AdWords) 2023

    Let’s try to find out what’s going on with Google Ads lately? We hope this thread would help to find relevant answers for 2023 Please feel free to ask any question you concern about Google Ads here
  2. shikhamishra

    What is Black Hat SEO and how does it differ from White Hat SEO?

    What is Black Hat SEO and how does it differ from White Hat SEO?
  3. M

    is Google Ads & Bing Ads Threshold blackhat method still working ?

    Hello there, so a few years back, a friend of mine told me of a black hat method to advertise on Bing and Google Ads 300$ threshold per account, by the time Bing/Google would charge the account, they find that there isn't sufficient funds on the card to charge , i don't know if the method is...

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  5. S

    Google Local Ads DBA Verification

    Hi, If i want to go through the process of advanced verification for google ads, i have a corporation and a DBA. My question is Can i use the DBA and have all the certificates (insurance, license, registration) under the corporation name? Example Corporation LLC - Has a car registered under...
  6. N

    What to do if you've been completely banned from Google Ads?

    So, way back when i was a teenager i tried to run google ads to a niche blog site, and may or may have done so in an unethical way (no use in explaining what i did), so what happened is that Google banned that account i was using. Fast forward to today, and i am giving affiliate marketing...
  7. jameshbond

    Google Ads Noob is Looking For Help

    Hi Guys, I am Learning about Google ads Broad targeting from past 2 months but i have not found any course or blog where i can learn Google broad targeting for affiliate products if some of Google ad Expert will share thier thoughts about Google Broad targeting for affiliate marketing products...
  8. worldbehindloki

    How long until my adsense gets approved?

    As we know that it could be very hard to achieve the successful business through adsens considering the fact that they could take up lot of time to give you penny worth of money also. The first challenge is to get the approvals for websites. Since couple of weeks my website is still under...
  9. N

    Looking for google ads agency accounts

    Hi everyone! My team is looking for a Google Ads agency accounts. Gambling. My telegram is @vappendex
  10. greybambi

    Google Ads Gambling

    Hey Do you have any strategies/cases for launching a google gambling campaign to last more than a couple of days?
  11. YTB

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  12. Neotransition

    What is the best platform to advertise our web design website

    hello guys! i tried to advertise my web design website on facebook (paid ads) but i didn't get any leads.. am i doing it in the wrong platform ? should i consider google ads instead ? i heard that it's more suitable for this type of business, cause u're targeting people who are searching to...

    Tools that give nice paid ad report?

    I'm looking for tools like semrush that gives nice report about paid ads. Any alternatives? Thanks
  14. MamaFollowers


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  15. Krizzzly

    [Sucessful Journey] - 6 Figure Agency by December 2023

    Hey BHW World. This is my THIRD post. I sorta fell off with posting on the journey threads I created, so I wanted to remake it for motivation and to keep you guys updated. For those that don't know, a paid ads agency is one that either increases revenue/profit of a company. I plan on doing this...
  16. Danish0

    Billing information

    If multiple Google Accounts have the same billing information, can that account be suspended?
  17. Danish0

    Circumventing system policy

    hello friends I ran google ads for my travel business, I got a mail from google Your account has been suspended for unacceptable business practice, I submitted appeal against suspension, then I get mail from google Your account has been reactivated. After few hours again google send a...
  18. Pvazoneaccount

    Premium Top Quality Google Ads Adwords Accounts with High Expenditure Between 2005-2012

    Hello dear friends and venerable BHW forum managers. Some time ago, I opened the old gmail accounts and youtube channels, and I met with great interest from you. Thank you very much for your interest. Now I'm here with new sales. Telegram: @pvazone_laura Skype: [email protected] Premium...
  19. AngelTamanna

    I want Sell My Services On Black Hat Tool

    Hello I want Sell My Services On Black Hat Tool I'm Here More Than 2 Years. Please tell me how i can sell my services Thanks
  20. C

    Google ads advice

    Hello. I'm currently running a Google ads black hat campaign and I'm getting okay results. I have to redo the campaign every 5 to 7 days because Google catches up with it but I already got hundreds of positive and negative keywords so restarting is not a problem. So far I'm getting the best...