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  1. humbly_learning

    Another fool (me) stuck in Google Ads suspension prison

    Hi everyone. I have learnt a whole lot by reading the threads on here, and I am especially grateful for @VitalyProkofiev @ppcads and @Raj Kesu Quick summary: am trying to run legit WH ads, but I got hit with the dreaded suspicious payments. I had a couple of (n questions regarding an ideal...
  2. S

    Need a Google Ads Specialist

    Need to take the link to the first page of google ads, will only work with people from 50+ reviews or through a guarantor, long-term cooperation There is no competition in this niche, so the advertising budget will not be large, so that the % of the spread does not make sense
  3. T

    How to advertise a website for selling services (Asking for help)

    Hello guys. I finished building my website few months ago where I provide services for book authors. I have some previous experiences in Facebook ads, I had a one product Shopify store, I used Facebook ads.. the sales were just great, I made about 27k usd in one month the profit was 6k usd. I...
  4. AnkitBishnoi

    How to Get a USA Google Merchant Center account as a Non-USA Citizen?

    Hey guys I need help in making a new USA Google merchant center account. I have read online and found that one must be a USA citizen to make USA Google Merchant Center account, even I applied for one to do business in the USA but it got disapproved or suspended for misrepresentation. For...
  5. lancelotz

    HIRE Google ads BH Runner ( Pro Only )

    Hi im looking for Google ads BH Runner.. casino sites.. im willing spend 300$/day 1 campaign Don't Chat If u not capable to do it and tell me ur id on this forum... and don't ask payment in front.. will pay full after see the ads live.. because so many scammer in this forum.. Sorry to Strict...
  6. F

    Looking for a Google ADS method - No suspicious payment!

    Hi, i need a way to start with my Shopping ADS campaigns, find a way to create google ads accounts, threshold is not important, i just need to start and pay legit. The best way where BTC to a VCC, to PayPal or any other method to pay google ads! My last method was to use russian google ads...
  7. hustlersshop

    Best way to keep Google Ads account live. Your experience

    I want to ask about your way to place your accounts without getting them blocked. Personally I use Octobrowser mostly. My friend uses a new laptop for each ad account. I noticed that some people use RDP VPS but I'm not sure if Google antifraud system is okay about Windows Server OS. Maybe this...
  8. pavxo

    Potential consequences of running black hat casino ads in US/AU?

    i have someone that is interested in doing some black hat google ads in usa and australia, however when i spoke to my farmer, he said that they don't work in USA and AUS because gambling advertising is illegal, so not grey. is there a possibility of the FBI knocking on my door or something...
  9. daimaku

    can google ads accept quiz site?

    Hello i have a quiiz site, with personality, trivia and person quizes, my site is one year an a half old, when i started to work on it i used facebook ads to promote my websitei make some money showing ads. Las year i made a facebook ads campaign pointing to a person quiz about mortal kombat...
  10. gogaka

    $340K without SEO

    Hi BHW fam. 13 months ago I started working on my agency and with cold emailing and some google ads reached 30k mrr. Unfortunately I am student and doing my final year so didnt have much time to spear. After 4-5 months of lack of working mrr plummeted to 10k. Now I am graduating and thinking...
  11. L

    Where I can get Google ads accounts to buy?

    Hi guys, I'm using google ads a lot to make my ads and I need to make a contingency of google profiles. But the profiles that lasted the longest here are old google ads profiles, does anyone know where I can get old google ads account?
  12. T

    Google Ads App Campaigns CPI or CPC

    Last year i created a app install campaign for a tool app and it was getting installs from usa at £0.05 per install and I was getting decent volume at about 600 installs per day. Its not great but it sort of maxed out and had to work within a budget. I then stopped that campaign. Then this...
  13. nlab

    Local business needs PPC pro

    Hello, I have a local small service business in a small US city. The business is 10 years old. I have a google ads account. I have had it for 8 or so years. We are not a huge business, and we do not spend buckets of money on PPC, but if you can achieve a positive ROI we will spend more. My...
  14. H

    WTB Experienced Google ads expert

    looking for Ecommerce google ads expert that can manage my ads for long term, im having a good product and tested on google ads already, having 4-6 Roas, i need someone to takeover that. - Able to run search, display and shopping ads - Able to scale big - Fast response and responsible
  15. N

    How can I target freelancers?

    Hello! There is a need to target particular freelancers on Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms. Could you please share ideas on how to achieve this goal? Something with audiences, targeting or placement? Thank you!
  16. B

    Is JCI still working in 2022? Any better cloacker for G ads?

    Hi guys, Anyone know the best cloacker for Google ads in 2022? Is JCI still working or they scamming? Read some reviews that they take money and not providing service, if anyone have any help please do reply.
  17. pavxo

    Which markets still have good returns for casino?

    hi guys, i've been doing google ads for a while, both white and a bit of black hat, however i wonder if there's a market that could work using only google ads or casino is too saturated everywhere? i know how to warm up my accounts, what keywords to add and when, how and when to set up the...
  18. M

    Lokking for Microsoft ad Specialist ! Also Looking for Google ads Specialist

    A have a blackHat Offers - in crypto niche ! Need to advertise it in google and bing . I pay 25-50% of profit. ( Profit can be 10-20k$ per day) Important!!! - I pay only after i see traffic from you ! ( i didnt pay any costs of account or budget or anything else ) IF i see that you a great...
  19. therott

    Is @neruyoun legit?

    Is @neruyoun legit? I want to buy a google ads account but he has a few scam accusations and disabled replies to his thread which is sus.
  20. hustlersshop

    Google Ads + NFT

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate you for some ideas on what can I run on Google Ads in NFT niche. Like NFT games or NFT launches or software for NFT marketplaces or something else. I would like to collaborate with someone who works in this niche 'cause I have good ad accounts for this niche and...