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  1. HisokaLover

    Can you somehow get Google Ads top search for something Adult NSFW

    Hypotetically speaking, is there some way to appear as Google Ads top search for an adult site. I know, because I called and they told me they couldn't, but does someone in this great place know a BlackHatty way to achieve it, or is it something that's just my wishful thinking?
  2. D

    Black Google Ads Gamblings

    If someone can run google ads for now, pls message me at telegram @dvr8989
  3. clo.king

    How to Run CPA Offers Using Google Ads

    Welcome! Today I will share with you some tips on how to promote CPA offers without getting your accounts banned on Google, and to maintain a high level of profit. There are 5 basic steps we need to follow: Create your own white page Cloak the offer page Create suitable ad copy Keywords &...
  4. Ozito

    My ads aren't showing because I...

    Hey, guys I have a question concerning my ads that aren't showing First of all, I want to include that my account is under a good status ( isn't suspended ) & my campaign is active and my billing statue and cards are also active and working fine + u don't have to worry about my bid cuz it's 5$...
  5. G

    Promoting Iptv content on G Ads. I'm sure we can!

    Hello guys, I really need your help. I tried to start advertising on Google Ads and I had several problems. The first one was the suspended payments that appeared directly after the account creation, but I finally managed to fix it. After two days of the publication of my ad (something I find...
  6. fbformoney

    Destination Mismatch Error in Google ads.

    Hello Guys , Recently been running Google ads with help of clocker, All of a sudden, my ads are getting disapproved with " Destination Mismatch" status. Are you guys facing the same issue! Is there any solution for this ? Regards
  7. Gravitylab

    [HAF] exoclick expert

    Looking for exoclick expert who can manage and run my campaign. All expenses i will bear. Daily fixed payout. Pm me for details.
  8. mainceaft

    Why G Ads campaign didn't work for me?

    Hi all, This is not the first time, and I don't expect it to be the last. Every time I create Ads campaign on G Ads, I end p wasting my money, I'm targeting special niche (selling a service) to specified audience/region, and Every single time, visitors are entering the site and exit from the...
  9. CyberCommander

    best tools for Google Ads?

    If you create new google ads, what do you use for tools? only the standard google tools or do you know better solutions?
  10. cpanewbiehere

    Why My Google Ad account is Spending only 100 Perday?

    Why My Google Ad account is Spending only 100 Perday? I have a budget of 580 Perday, Everyday from last 3 Days its spending only 100$ Perday whereas the Budget is 580$. How to make it fixed?
  11. M

    Lead generation in general - what's the best way?

    Hey guys, We would like to use this opportunity to create an overview of lead generation. We would like to generate more leads in the area of Germany / Austria / Switzerland. We are active in the financial sector and are therefore looking for suitable leads for this area. What we have done so...
  12. saibaaaaa

    GoogleAds Gambling Niche

    Hey there, I'm new to GoogleAdWord. I want to promote my Gambling Niche website on GoogleAdWord, But ofcourse it won't be that easy since Google doesn't allow Gambling Niche Websites to be promoted. Thus i want to share some of my observation on Gambling Niches website that i had seen on Google...
  13. xpesos

    [Ebook] TikTok ads and Google Ads dropshipping case study

    *** Refund Policy *** There is no refund for this purchase, however keep in mind that you can cancel future monthly payment anytime after purchase by contacting support *** Support *** contact [a t ] m u z tr ends [dot] com Skype: xpesos
  14. D

    Google Ads

    Hi, i am looking for someone to run ads for me. My account has been suspended and i can't create another one. Advertising on administrative services Don't tell me "PM" because i can't send private message. I am new on the forum.
  15. A

    Need Google Ads Expert?

    I am facing fake clicks and cloaking problem in Google search ads. Need expert to reduce fake clicks. Telegram- Ashish2D
  16. ali78691

    Accesing Google Ads on Data Center Proxy.

    Hello Everyone hope everyone doing great, I have a question. Is it safe to access approved google ads accounts on Datacenter proxy, I have multiple ads account so I want to switch to a data center proxies just wanted to know if is it safe. Thank You.
  17. yaphets77

    New fresh email or Aged email ?

    Hello BHW after surfing on BHW. I think here what i found ( correct me if wrong ) 1. its better to use aged gmail account than new fresh account. Q : are all aged email ready to use ? Or need warmup ? Like create channel youtube or do something on that email ? 2. always using anti detect...
  18. ProfessorBlackbeard

    Good cloaker for Goolge Ads Sept 2022?

    Hello, I've been using JCI (JustCloakIt) for the past 2 years without a problem for multiple Google Ads accounts. About 3 months ago all my accounts/campaigns got suspended the same day. They were all very well split up and had no connection to eachother except using the same cloaker. After...
  19. yaphets77

    Creating GooAds with ROOTED Android ?

    helo im new in here BHW, looking for this answer, i meet 1 people that running GooAds BH. he said i can buy their Rooted Android, so i can creating Gmail, and anti banned from suspicious payment. its that realy work ?
  20. jafakash

    How to stop google ads fake clicks ?

    How to stop google ads fake clicks is by using a google Adwords click fraud detection tool.