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  1. jafakash

    How to stop google ads fake clicks ?

    How to stop google ads fake clicks is by using a google Adwords click fraud detection tool.
  2. S

    Running stable Google Ads for a black hat niche (replica sneakers)

    Hi all! First of all I'd like to thank everyone on this forum. I've learned a lot from simply being a lurker for quite some time. For example, last year I set up my financial structure and companies based on a lot of the little gems of knowledge I found buried in threads here. Now, however, I...
  3. A

    Question about Google Ads Link

    Hi, I am newbie here and studying about Google Ads. I have 2 domains - one(A) is about travel and another(B) is about blackhat. For domain A, I am running GAds. And I want people who click A for specific GAds keyword to move to domain B. I found affiliate link service like Cloakery and...
  4. G

    Looking for a Google Ads expert (crypto niche)

    Hello everyone Looking for an expert Google Ads crypto niche ‼️ first launch only through a guarantor (any popular one), there may be an exception if your profile has a reputation pm me
  5. S

    Avoid suspended in Google Ads

    Hello Everyone Can you please guide me how to create Google Ads avoiding suspended while create the first campaign? Suspended always said "Payment activity" Do you know the most Platform for promote?
  6. H

    How To Ask for Google Rep

    Hello friends, I want to know how to ask for google rep for my google ad account. do google automatically assign after some time or I can ask and they assign someone. Please share your thoughts. Thank you.
  7. serpmedia

    WTB Google Ads Account - Premium & Aged - Paying Top Dollar ASAP!

    Hello! I'm willing to buy Google Ads Account that are Premium & Aged. Need this for long-term use. I'm willing to pay Top Dollar ASAP! Need this today if possible. I can also buy multiple. I don't care about the thresh hold since I want to use this for long-term. PM me ASAP!
  8. B

    Why you BANNED on Google/Facebook Ads OR YOUR PROXY HAS DIED

    Hi all! Today I will tell you why you are banned (one of the reasons) by any advertising platform, especially Google and Facebook Ads, and also why soon all proxy services will be useless for high-quality traffic arbitrage. For any activity where you need to use an array of accounts, you use...
  9. castoro

    Is it Really That Easy to Get Suspended on Google Ads?

    I'm trying to learn a little bit about PPC (still haven't even started), but I see that most of the threads in this forum talk about accounts getting banned or domains getting banned from google ads. Why is this so frequent? I find it hard to believe that a lot of people (that also seem...
  10. TonyAl

    Real Google Ads Expert Needed

    Looking for a real Google Ads Expert and which can already improve campaigns not just say that he can! Im currently running a couple of local companies and also running ads but the results can be better. Targeting counties near my location so we can go with radius based location. Hit me up on PM...
  11. AnkitBishnoi

    Anyone Can Reinstate my Google Merchant Center (GMC) Account

    Hey, I need someone who can reinstate my google merchant center account. Kindly PM me I have merchant center accounts in India and USA and I wish to reinstate them. So kindly PM me if you can do this. Thank you
  12. QuickResponseUK

    Ads showing in excluded areas?

    I have carefully excluded people from seeing my ads in all geographic territories other than the ONE I want to advertise in. I regularly see info that our ads have been displayed in excluded countries and locations. For example, below is a screenshot of an IP address I've tracked clicking my ad...
  13. M

    Google Ads - Status of your ad 'we don't know why your ads aren't showing for this search'

    Please - if anyone know how to fix it - give me advice !) why it can happen ? Always get this status of my ads - this status keeps for a couple days and then ads start showing. If anyone can help me -
  14. Adwords Shop

    Store of Google Ads Trust Accounts on which money was spent

    To contact us: Skype : live:.cid.379d274bb9fbe852
  15. G

    Google Ads verified accounts needed

    Require Google Ads verified accounts to run bh ads, average spend $500-$1000 per day, where u can provide an option to refill account. cheers!
  16. indonesiagambling

    google ads expert

    Im looking for google ads expert who can run gambling ads pm me thankyou
  17. Alejandro Walker

    error when serving ads on google ads

    Someone who knows Google Ads. Loading a video for campaign on youtube ads and it always gives this error. The video doesn't violate any policies (it's already running in ads on Google Ads) How do I fix this error.
  18. B

    Dropshipping with Google Shopping

    Hello everyone, Excuse me mods if I am posting in the wrong forum. I'm Moroccan, but I live between Morocco and France. I want to start dropshipping with Google Shopping. I am currently in Morocco and i will be using a french debit card for Google ads payment method. I have an LTD in the UK...
  19. seo_alexa002

    For Google Ads Which Are Best Offers/Products ?? Engish/Non-English Both

    For Google Ads Which Are Best Offers/Products ?? I Mean Which affiliate network has Good offers which can be ran safely on Google Ads English/Non- English Both
  20. tacker

    Threshold Google Ads Account

    Hi, I see on youtube there are many ways to create a threshold account, but I don't know which is the most effective. Please guide me to create a threshold account.