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  1. A

    I'm looking for google ads services for gambling

    I'm looking for google ads services for gambling, please provide your contact information and your portfolio in the comments of this thread.
  2. L

    google ads and facebook ads suggestions

    I need some suggestions guidance about google ads and facebook ads which are the best tools to find keywords for both or tell me some other way from which i can find good keywords for both ads Thank You
  3. tosinwilliam

    is there tool to spy on google ads (youtube)

    hi guys is there tool to spy on google ads (youtube videos that pepole make ads on it)
  4. jattsaab

    Getting 10€ threshold everytime. please help

    I am using IPROYAL residential proxies to create account, but every time I get 10€ threshold, I create my own accounts, earlier it was fine but now days I only get 2 accounts with high threshold after trying 25 times. is there any solution? your help can be life saving for me.
  5. seo_alexa002

    Need to Run Google & Facebook Ads for Gambling Niche

    Need to Run Google & Facebook Ads for Gambling Niche Ad Budget - $8k-$10k Monthly I want Ads to be Active for All 30 Days Safely. We don't Worry Either you use cloaking or any other method Please DM me or skype your Full Package Details skype -
  6. all_rock

    What are the best google ads tips for app install?

    Hello, I have a global app. I want increase download with google ad but cpi is high. Are there any tips to recude cpi for 2022? How do you find ads keyword for app? Is to copy campaign helpful? If you share some tips i will be happy. I can't take downloads with low cpi.
  7. J

    Looking for used google ads account

    Looking for used google ads account, minimum $50-$100 spent from ads account. USA preferable.
  8. LoloPotatoes

    Need your opinions / Google ads - Any idea what is this change??

    Hi everyone. Have you ever seen this ''other'' appearing in your google ads history? - I didn't make those changes. - '' other'' changed an ad group name, and deleted it. What are your thoughts?
  9. Y

    How to create a safe page properly?

    Hello guys. Can you give me a sample safe page? I can't run cloaking because I can't even go through the policy of the safe page. I used VPS for my website and WordPress to build it. I even used Dophin {anty} and proxy for my browser. For the google ads account, I used an agency account with...
  10. paroevax88

    I have a Lot of Questions Regarding GAds for Gambling. Would you be Kind to Answer?

    Hi Guys. Maybe this is not the Forum to open this Threat, and in that case please Admin I would appreciate if you move it to where it belongs. I'm a Newbie in this world of Google Ads for Gambling, I'm working with a friend and I'm in charge of this Google Ads Section of the Business. I beg for...
  11. paroevax88

    Looking for a teacher on GAds for Gambling!

    Hi, I would like to meet someone who can teach me, I need guidance step by step creating google ads campaign. I would like to learn also how to cloak google ads for GAMBLING. Let me know your prices and we can disscus about it.
  12. I

    Running Ads Help

    I have 10 yacht domains names that are advertised on my homepage of my website. They are all for sale I’m thinking of running google ads but not sure what settings I should choose. Can someone please help and give me some advice ?
  13. Z

    Suspicious Payments and UBP

    Hello, I've just made a new website selling mostly game and software keys (all perfectly legit). Anyway, I've tried using Google Ads for advertising and I've used a few accounts without an issue, ran them until the threshold and they got impressions and clicks and what not. However, I didn't...
  14. PremiumAds

    My Ad Accounts and Budget+ Your expertise running Casino/Gambling on Google

    Hello, I am currently looking for someone who has the knowledge and the tools for running casino traffic on google (cloakers, etc) I will provide strong ad accounts and the spending budget, we can negotiate comission paid per sign up/ profits.
  15. T

    Google Ads Search Campaign for Gambling Affiliate

    I am an experienced marketeer and I already have my winning ad. I ran it for quite some time and it constantly had a 2000% roas. But I made another website and my account got suspended for the other ad that I just made. It was a rookie mistake, but now my winning affiliate ad is gone. So I need...
  16. L4rse

    Google Ads Acting Up

    Hello I have this account that I have spent 6 figures on and have been running ads on it for over 3 years. I have been running the ads for this exact website for over 4 months and on the last day's google does not want to show my ad after certain hours, I thought it was my competition...
  17. xanaIDE

    AdSense won't pay you if Google Ads threshold users don't pay?

    Hello everyone, So, I was reading AdSense terms of service and suddenly I came across this part: From what I see in the screenshot, I understood that AdSense wouldn't pay you at the end of the month if the advertiser whose ads displayed on your site, didn't pay Google Ads ( like what...
  18. ali78691

    Advertiser Verification

    What is wrong with google ads. I just created 2 google ads accounts. and after 9 hours. my account is paused and asking me to verify the account by uploading ID. Which doesn't make any sense. Google always gives 30 days to verify an account.
  19. R

    Adult keywords is not allowed right?

    In google ads, we cannot advertise adult or porn related keywords right? Even if someone does with cloakers its against rules and very likely to get acc banned. If porn keywords is not allowed, then how is google calculating the following stat: Kw: stripper porn exact match country: usa cpc...
  20. C

    Need Google ads BH runner

    Hi there, I need Google ads BH runners. I have experience working on BH and any keyword so I can build this team. Please reach out to me on TG: @Walterwh0 or DM me.