google ads

  1. K

    Experienced Paid Advertising Expert - Multiple channels NFT ads related

    I'm looking for a real experienced freelancer with a good reputation and skills when it comes to paid advertising on the following channels: Google Ads Twitter ads Pinterest ads TikTok ads Quora ads (optional) Reddit ads (optional) Other channels to use for paid ads? Please let me know the...
  2. R

    Is there an easy way to scrape a list of local Company's advertising on Google Ads?

    Hey all! Just wondering if there's an easy way to scrape Google Ads to see what local company's are currently advertising? I'd like to sell them SEO and other services. There must be an easier way than manually searching every niche. Thanks!
  3. jason haney

    JV Google Adword Account (Your Accounts+ My Skills} Postpaid/Prepaid/Threshold/Real Accounts

    Hello BHwers, I am looking for JV partner Who is consitent and have good knowledge in arround Google adwords accounts Creation. I havd tons of Experience in Running Adwords Accounts so i will share good Profits on Accounts you will provide. My campaigns are Clean with no Clocking or any...
  4. harveyspecter123

    @opensea scammed me for 500$

    @Opensea not replying and not answering after I paid him 500$ for the ad spend for more than 3 days. So we had a deal and I made sure to formalize everything and made the deal on bhw private message as attaching all screenshots below. We agreed to do BH campaigns Google Ads and he agreed to do...
  5. Adspower_K

    ☑️Google Ads Threshold Account ☑️ US&EU,AU,CA Account Full Spending ☑️

    High Quality Google Ads Threshold Account Available - Grow your business with a threshold account. - Created by 2022 New method - You can advertise all countries with this account - Limited amount you can use from each country US350$ CA500$ AU500$ EU300€ GB200£ - Account will be delivered...
  6. arthuditu

    Help with advertising GOOGLE ADS - PANEL SMM

    Hi, I need help / advice from someone who knows it. Google Ads blocks us SMM PANEL ads. I know other companies advertise their panels normally. I am happy to pay for advice on how to avoid this.
  7. arthuditu

    Google ads, how to work around it?

    Hi, I have a problem. I am doing google ads on PANEL SMM. But every now and then, google blocks this ad, of course it is known. I see that some companies normally have advertising and nothing is blocking them. How do I get around it? Anyone have any plan for this? I would be very grateful...
  8. hoax tech

    [] intelligent cloaking service for Google Ads and other sources

    Do you often get "malicious software" in your Google accounts? Do you starting to work with black products and need really high-quality cloaking? You found it! Try 7 days for free right now! and you will get: - Js-fingerprinting - No restrictions on the number of flows - No restrictions on...
  9. GoogleSeller

    Google Ads accounts RU/EU with spendings 100$ - 150,000$

    Hello, dear friend! We have over a hundred old accounts Google Ads every month What you receive: Geo: RU/EU Payment: Prepayment only Not a threshold! - I issue access to your MCC, or issue an admin to your mail. - You can preview your account through guest access - lf an account is blocked...
  10. C

    google ads problem

    hi, im newbie in this forum. i have a problem creating google ads campaign. my web is an illegal business ( online gambling). i have try so many gmail account, use third party ( thenextad ), redirect etc. what do i miss? hope all masters here can help me
  11. F

    Google Ads abnormality on my landing page

    Hello, i've tried to run Google Ads with a normal landing page with decent keywords, and injected 10$ Google Ads Credit into it. I let it run active since 27 January and until now but suprisingly my credit doesn't decrease nor anyone visit my landing page. Any of you Google Ads expertise out...
  12. rahulthepcl

    Any Google Ads expert on BlackhatWorld ?

    I'm running a Video ads campaign on YouTube only. The CPV is 2 Rs ($0.02). I have used custom segments in the audience section with around 400-500 relevant keywords. Weekly impressions when I hover on my audience: - 500M - 1B But account is not spending enough money. It only spends 500-1000...
  13. F

    WTH Google shopping ads expert for my niche.

    I need someone who can start work ASAP for my blackhat ecommerce niche, profit can go up to 50k per week. Offering 20% off all profits. ( if you don't like % work I am also interested in paying per campaing )
  14. M


    Does anyone use the "AdTector" tool that automatically blocks ips in google ads?

    keyword planner says competition is low but still high CPC

    Hi. I'm new to google ads i published search ad on google yesterday and found keyword with 1-100 with low advertising competition so for a test i published a ad with exact match of that keyword and today i got 2 clicks but cpc was more than $2!! I added daily budget for $5 as a test How did...
  16. pb4681

    Google merchants center prompts false statement when connecting to google ads account

    Hello everyone, I have about 10 accounts that are approved by google merchants center, but they are all blocked within 4-10 hours after connecting to the ads account, I am not sure why this happens, it is because of my ads Is the account number not old enough, or is there another reason?
  17. Johnik

    [HAF] Looking for someone who can run Google Ads for me

    I am looking for someone who can run Google Ads for me. You should already have a warmed-up Google Ads account with working payments. I don't need a new account, I can't run ads myself as all my debit cards are flagged. I'll pay you upfront with crypto. Please, contact me with your offers. Have...