google adsense

  1. J

    Creating New Adsense Account Using VM Instance RDP

    Hello friends, So basically i already have an main adsense account on my name for youtube channel, and now i want to make 2 more adsense account for websites i'll be working on, the reason why i am creating separate adsense account is you never know what will go wrong and google will suspend...
  2. SMMTribe

    Hellpppppppp me with Google Adsense

    how can i monetize one page of my website instead the whole website?
  3. &


    Guy's i have had this Marketplace Platform for quite some time it's an ecommerce marketplace that is adsense approved. I need help with it to grow the adsense side of things.If i can get some help and possibly team members onboard etc. Once it starts growing which wont take long at all i can pay...
  4. L1ckMyDorr1to

    How can I fix this issue on Google Adsense?

    Hi all, how can I fix this issue? I'm unable to send a request for review? Thanks!
  5. L

    Ezoic Earnings

    Hi, I have switched to Ezoic from Adsense I have set my mediation also, I am currently earning lower on ezoic comparing to google earnings, I was earning 4$ per/1k views on adsense now I am earning 2-3$ per/1k views on Ezoic do I need to complete any optimization?
  6. L

    Ezoic Approval!

    Hi, I’m thinking to switch from Google Adsense to Ezoic, anyone can help me the requirements before sending approval what do I need to focus more to get the site ready to get approved? Thank you.
  7. L

    Invalid Traffic concerns Adsense

    I'm currently running a website video to watch, with google adsense monetization, so what IM planning to do is on the post I will separate the post with "page break" wordpress, so the page two will be the page to watch the video, so when users go to page two users will see google ads vignette...
  8. T

    Cannot access Google Adsense Account

    Hey everyone, i would like to thank everyone in BHW for being helpful and supportive anyway, a week ago i applied for an adsense account with my website, but i received an email telling me that i had an old google adsense account which is true but it was a long time ago, the issue here is i...
  9. RaphaelReborn

    Question : Adsense Account and LLC

    Hi ! I'm Raphaël and in 2019 I scaled a quiz website to 10k€/month. Unfortunately, my Google Adsense get banned. Reason ? Invalid traffic. Maybe because of a competitor who sent bot traffic on my website or because 95% of my traffic came from social media. Anyway. My question is simple ...
  10. Q

    How much revenue can a Chinese website generate?

    Currently, Baidu, Bing, 360, and Sogou in China have huge traffic, employ editorial staff, and generate income from 50 websites. I think the future potential of Chinese websites cannot be underestimated.
  11. F

    Financing Affiliate - How do I provide loans?

    I want to create a website on let's say 'luxury cars'(not my actual niche) where the website lists and makes and descriptions of the cars . I would like a loan calculator tool for a loan and then the ability for them to 'get a quote' or 'apply for a loan'. Are there any affiliate programs for...
  12. omar abdi

    from 150£ to 50£ google adsense

    is this common, I use to make 150/per day now I'm struggling to reach 50/per day same traffic should I try to change the ad network or wait some time? cpc from 0.50 to 0.19 looking suggestions guys Last month chart this month
  13. I

    for all the adsense experts...

    I purchased a domain 3 weeks ago from namecheap, and I'd like to start designing ( wordpress)and adding some articles so that I can start earning from google ads, But I have some questions for the experts. 1- is Google going to accept my domain even though it is newly purchased? 2-the source of...
  14. QuanticIT

    50+ Article AdSense Rejected Should I Edit Them or Delete Them?

    I started a blogging website on test purpose. I posted 52 article on sports niche. I did not do any KW research. Most of the articles are translated and edited by Grammarly. I don't plan to use AdSense that's why I didn't give much attention on artile quality. But now my website is getting hits...
  15. haizrul

    Is there any way to prevent invalid clicks on Google Adsense?

    Hi guys, i have a question to ask regarding google adsense. Not sure if this the right section or not. Is there any service that offers a way to prevent/reduce invalid clicks on google adsense. I know there are tons of plugins for this purpose for wordpress website, but i'm not using wordpress...
  16. Erroralrobert5

    Is adsenses allow casino news sites ?

    HI guys , I have 3-5 Casino Blog sites (most likely PBN) is adsense allow for these kind of blogs ? Last night i applied to adsnes and before 24 hours it was approved and showing ads, any opinion ?
  17. huntermanager

    [WEBSITE JOURNEY] Evergreen Niche Website - Zero to $20K/month Challenge

    WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS THREAD? It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I want to follow my process with this thread. And I want to show you how important continuity is. To prove to you and to myself how a project started from scratch evolves over time. EXPERIENCE I have zero...
  18. Jans12

    Can such a thing be done with Google Sites?

    While I was reviewing a manga website that I have, it occurred to me to open Google Sites. When I saw the templates I made a few months ago, this thought crossed my mind: Can a website created on Google Sites be monetized with Adsense? Questions to see if someone tried it. And I find it...
  19. cmghostbuster

    Help. This might be important for everyone with a Google Adsense account

    Hi everyone. I write this because it is happening to me and maybe to others too... so: What can you do if someone is clicking excessively on your AdSense ads? I don't know who and why but someone started to click obsessively on Adsense ads on my website in order to block my account. Already...
  20. dhrpatel

    Can I use AdSense on another email?

    Hello everyone. I have a site and on that site I use an email for Google Analytics and Search Console. And I use a separate email for AdSense. So it can create problem in AdSense account. My English is very bad. I hope you understand me.