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  1. dragonguy4

    ❤️ [[ Google Account ]] ⏩ Unlimited Drive Storange ✅ Adwords ✅ Workspace/Suite Education ⚡ Only $0.2

    Here's how it looks like upon your first login: You'll gain access to all Google Suite/Workspace product, both core and additional services on EACH account Assignments Calendar Classroom Google Drive and Docs Gmail Google Chat and classic Hangouts Google Chrome Sync Google Meet Google Vault...
  2. Pusro

    10,000 Users Google Workspace G-Suite Account for Sale

    Contact: Telegram at Skype at Account Screenshots F.A.Q What account is this? This is a Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals account Can I get unlimited Google Drive storage with this account? No, since early this...
  3. R


    So, In short I lost my mobile and I uploaded the back up to my google drive of my WhatsApp last time in January, and now i just found my mobile and when i install the WhatsApp again after formating my phone (as it wasn't unlocking I forgot the pswrd of my mobile, so i formated my mobile) its not...
  4. G

    Google Workspace Sending Limits

    I just created a Google Workspace account for my business and I am on a trial account. During the trial period, I can send 500 emails/day, correct? Once the paid period starts, I can only send 500 emails/day for 60 days, correct? I will be able to send 2000 emails/day on day 61 of paid...
  5. wirestyle

    Setting up rclone cron job in vestacp?

    Can anyone help please? I've got the rclone copy ssh command setup in my vestacp cron jobs but it doesn't seem to be working.
  6. sane120

    how stream videos from google drive via HLS

    Hi I have been trying to figure out a way to stream videos from google drive via HLS, but I haven't found a good soluation yet. I use ffmpeg to create the m3u8 playlists and .ts segments, each video is stored in a sepreate folder and that folder contains the .ts chunks and the index meu8 file...
  7. exonerate

    [GUIDE] Free Unlimited Storage On Google Drive

    I'm giving away free unlimited Google Drive capacity on your custom Gmail! Disclaimer: Do your own diligence when using the given storage volume. The thread creator doesn't take any responsibility for further actions affiliated with the usage of this guide. The website mentioned in this...
  8. Y

    Can I use Google Drive while i running Adsense?

    Hello guys, Can I use Google drive in my blog which has Adsense ads? Thank you in advance
  9. S

    Google Drive Player Generator - Anti Limit

    Grab google drive streaming links ( Usage Use directly here : API :[ID]/view&poster={url}&logo={url} Live Demo ...
  10. vyactor

    Unlimited Google Drive Space | TeamDrive aka. Shared Drive

    Note: I don't know where does this thread belongs. If I'm on the incorrect section, move it to the correct one. Many people are literally just selling this method and I feel like sharing this out so that you don't have to pay because the seller just don't do a minute of work to get you the...
  11. IM-Rafi

    Question about Google drive and movie streaming

    I apologize if I posted wrong section. i'm new. I heard movie streaming from Google drive is not working now a days. What if i use a proxy script ? (e.g - Juicycodes google drive script) Google drive > Proxy server > Visitor Google will always find a single user / IP requesting files again...
  12. weirdo23

    google drive account for life?

    Hey, I've seen on some websites that they are selling google drive accounts 1tb,5tb packages for life? Here is the screenshot since I'm not sure if it's allowed to link a website so I guess this is okay since it doesn't link to any website I'm curious since I would...
  13. KJREDDY247@

    360+ gb Programming Courses and Books

    Found this data somewhere , didn't remember from where exactly but the link still working. If someone looking for some specific coding language course they can keep backup in their mega drives. Note: i can't scan all those...
  14. Almighty Pull

    [Help] How to download files from Google Drive - Compressing Sucks

    Hello IMers, Need some help from you guys. I have stored a lot of files (400GB+) on google drive that I want to download but everytime I try to do so, google drive starts compressing the folders which eventually terminates the entire process. Also, Google drive makes small piecemeals of the...
  15. Almighty Pull

    [Get] Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

    Hey guys, Just stumbled upon a neat little LEGIT WAY to get Unlimited Free Google Drive Storage It takes some time investment but better than paying recurring monthly payments if you're just starting out. If interested, make full use of it while you still can ;) Cheers!
  16. P

    File hosting script

    I have some copyright pdf comics which I want to host. First I host on my own server where i used open source ProjectSend script by applying popup ads in this its increase server bandwidth. So I get series complaint by webhoster. Then I host on gdrive where I get dmca complaint and id...
  17. F

    Auto File Download from google drive

    Hey guys i am a owner of a movie site:smirk: and i upload most of the movies on google driveo_O i am trying to find:weep: a script that makes google drive downloading easier ;)for user like when someone click on the download button so the 5 seconds timer begin and download start and it also...
  18. Brown_Cow

    Free .edu email ( Working May 2018 ) UPDATED. Unlimited GDrive Storage, Amazon Prime + Other Benefit

    I noticed a few posts on a way to get an .edu email but these were quite old and outdated. I figured out a way to make it work right now and you get your .edu email in 15 minutes. Here's how to get your free .edu email 1. Go to and select Cuesta College from the dropdown menu and...
  19. J

    Google drive + virtual reality + delight VR = can somebody help me?

    hi guys, I would like to ask you for help with google drive. I have website where im streaming VR videos. I would like to use google drive to host my videos but i have problem with finding direct link to .mp4 file at google drive. I here somebody who can help me? I found lot of methods here at...
  20. K

    Get google drive direct link for video stream site.

    Hello, We have a video stream site that use source from google drive. I think if you are in the video streaming business you already know how it work. So we have to pay GOOGLE GET LINK SERVICE around 1$/3000 requests. Now we would like to buy the source. If anyone already have the source...