google drive

  1. S

    Video's thumbnails

    Hi guys, I want to create a simple video thumbnails as the preview in porn sites. My videos are in google drive and my site in wordpress. I just tried to made a thumbnail but it didn't move, it's only an image. Thank you for the help :)
  2. H

    Does Google really delete the videos stored on drive?

    Someone told me that the videos on google drive usually get deleted, and that you have to struggle to keep reuploading them. Is this true? I'm referring to movie sites.
  3. headspace

    Need to know a Google Drive long term solution

    So I'll be upfront about all this and I'm sure it can help people here. This mainly goes for people hosting VIDEO STREAMING Websites in any nature and use google drive. As my site grows larger I worry that one day my drive will be deleted. All of my links on my sites go something like this...
  4. sane120

    Google drive google drive flagged for abuse

    Hi I'm using google drive to store my pirated movies but every time I upload new movie I get this message: google drive flagged for abuse How to get rid of it? Thank u in advance guys <3
  5. A

    Need GSuite Education super-admin seller.

    Hello all, I need GSuite Edu license, it needs to be super admin account. PM me your prices, and proofs. you can also email [email protected]
  6. DARKO666

    How to use google drive for movie streaming?

    So lately I've been curling 123movies and similar sites that use googlevideos for their videos and embedding it onto my site but it is not very reliable since they keep changing the key/token code. There are other sites too but I just don't feel using up there resources since the url I grab is...
  7. Soham Pratap

    How to embed porn videos from Google drive & display adult Advertisement

    How can I embed Google drive porn videos and display advertisement on the video while it is paused. Any specific plugin? Help me out.
  8. RedaSaiko

    Backup for pirated material

    Hello, I am actually searching for an unlimited online storage, secure and private. I want to use it for backup and access to my files from anywhere, and I DON'T want to share anything. After a lot of reserach, I find that Amazon Drive gives unlimited storage for around 70$/year, very nice...
  9. O

    What's the difference between Google Docs and Drive when uploading ?

    So I just uploaded a pdf of mine to Google docs/drive but I noticed after uploading the pdf it was assigned a google drive url like ( ) however I have noticed that other people have pdf files uploaded that are assigned a google docs url like this ( )...
  10. GoDesain

    Direct upload to Google Drive

    Hello all, Already build google drive uploader web base ( server to server ). This website allow you to upload any file to your own google drive account without revealing your login details. For website : Features : Using google API and session cookies, so i never log any...
  11. S

    Invitation to product Beta

    Good day everyone, We're looking for around 20 beta testers to help us test a cloud storage solution that we've been working on. Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, we're looking to create an affordable, secure and fast data storage solution and would like some feedback via our BETA program...
  12. InnovativeSEO

    [GET] 2GB Free Google Drive storage by performing account security checkup

    Admit it: you can always use more cloud storage. Just as it did last year, Google is honoring Safer Internet Day by giving you 2GB of Google Drive space if you perform an account security check. Account Security Check Safer...
  13. IamNRE

    FREE Hosting With Google!

    Not sure if many of you know this, but you can host your website for free with Google Drive! (Inb4 this is old). This is perfect if you want to do PPV (and need a reliable host but don't want to pay for a VPS or dedicated server :D ) or if you are a newbie and want to save money on hosting. I...
  14. Z

    Will google rank sites hosted on gdrive?

    I currently host my sites on gdrive and use freenom to make a redirect to a .ga domain. Will google actually rank my website? I'm worried since I never saw any websites with .ga extension in google search
  15. nobodyelsein

    Tracking a LOT of Twitter accounts using Google Drive

    While I'm building up Twitter accounts it's crucial that I can see how many followers each account has, as well as how many profiles the account is following. At the moment I labouriously keep this info on a Google Spreadsheet, but does anyone know a way of automating this? I don't really care...
  16. G

    How to Rank a Google Doc.... this document ranked on 4th for key word "download bluestack crack" it ranked in first page for many other keywords.... but can you explain how to do this? plus? shares? bulding? Do you have...