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  1. Y


    I am posting this thread again to make it more detailed than my previous post. I am working with multiple business, that have multiple locations across U.S. Currently, I am already working with someone who has done over 2,000 reviews for me between $5-10 each. He is doing a great job, but I am...
  2. kailashhc

    How to remove a social media profile from google business listing?

    I want to remove one of the social media profiles (LinkedIn) from My Google Business Profile listing because it show wrong profile. I tried to contact GBP support but they failed to resolve this issue. I also removed LinkedIn url from my organization schema code in the website but still my...
  3. curious_

    [WTB] GMB reinstatement help

    Need help with reinstatement of my disabled GMB. I have a few locations at GMB that were suspended today. Please help to reinstate them.
  4. Wrath Of God

    Any suggestions for All in One Tool?

    Hi..... One of my clients wants all the below information to be tracked and monitored in one place. 1. Google, Facebook & Instagram ads 2. SEO ( keyword & organic traffic performance ) 3. Social Listening 4. Social media account engagements and organic growth 5. Email marketing 6. Google my...
  5. S

    Google reviews exchange

    Hi there, Looking to see if anyone wants to exchange google reviews. It could be any reviews (google, yelp, facebook)
  6. Y


    Looking for someone who can post google business reviews for a business with multiple locations. I would need the following: 1. active gmail accounts that won't get flagged and ones that will stick when leaving the review (and not get removed by google) 2. some type of proxy or VPN, etc. that...
  7. seo_alexa002

    Is there any Tool or Method With Which We can Check Google My Business Traffic of any Listing

    Hello Is there any Tool or Method With Which We can Check Google My Business Traffic of any Listing
  8. R

    Google My Business Verification

    Hi All Now a Days Google Verification for changes or edits in Google My Business (GMB) profile take a long time. Can anyone tell the reason? It will definitely help me
  9. R

    Can we create Different Business Profile (Google My Business Profile) from Single Address?

    Hi All I have doubt about the following Can we create a Different Business Profile (Google My Business Profile) from a Single Address?
  10. shikhadhimaan

    How Can I Remove My Google Listing or Google My Business from Google?

    I have tries many time to deleted my google listing from google but it shows per permanently closed. I want to remove my google listing permanently. What should I do???
  11. P

    GMB gets suspended after processing

    Hey guys! I have this problem upon verifying a listing through phone verification on a random address, after the listing passes the review it's getting "Suspended" (the phones are legit, not the problem). I've tried to report 3 of those listings for like 30 days and still couldn't reinstate...
  12. S

    How do people add these locations/addresses in GMB??

    Hello smart people: I run a Service Area Business, I have a pretty decent GMB profile and it's been climbing up slowly. I love studying similar businesses and competition to see what they are up to. All my competitors have an address added (and it seems complete bogus, like on the highway in...
  13. Seo Growth Zone

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  14. R

    I need to remove my profile on and Google My Business (GMB), how to delete those profile completely?

    Hi everyone, I have tried so many ways to delete my profile on GMB and but no luck. Does anyone know how to do it?
  15. sohbasoft


    PACKAGES & PRICES Contact Me You can PM me anytime Mail: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.5267029f28320a00 Live Support 24/7
  16. Seo Growth Zone


    GMB listing.
  17. bunnelld750

    Does anyone know how to increase Fake GMB traffic

    I want to know how to increase Fake GMB traffic. Any Tricks!!
  18. B

    How can I demonstrate customer feedback from my GMB account on my website?

    Hey there? Is there any working and safe way to build a clickable feed with reviews from my Google business account on my site? I want it also contain all the meaningful elements of the review, along with star rating. Is it possible? I know there are some third-party solutions, but not sure if...
  19. bunnelld750

    I recently created GMB for E-commerce Business it got verified instantly

    I think it is easy to create GMB listings for e-commerce businesses. Recently I have created GMB for E-commerce Business it got verified instantly.
  20. bunnelld750

    How to fake the video call and start selling GMBs.

    Does anyone know how to fake the video call and start selling google my business profile.