google scrape

  1. B

    Scrape box and the right setting for proxies

    Hi, I'm stuck i've used and in the beginning i got great results with 100 proxies, around 300 URL's/s including Google. After a while it slowed down, and now i'm not getting it up to more than 30 URL's a second. Now i'm using, a solid speed of 540...
  2. swathi sinha

    [Method] How to scrape SERP list with mozbar(Free).

    This feature might be familiar for you, but let me share it anyway. Also I am not sure if this has been posted here on BHW. You need mozbar + moz account signed into it (Free account does the job). First, search your desired keyword on google. Set the results per page to 100 if you want to...
  3. kurosaki4d

    What are the Best Proxies to Scrape Google ?

    Hello, As you may know, Scrapping Google these days became though! However, as mentioned in the title i would like to know some Good Proxies providers reliable and not blacklisted who's ip can be used specificaly for Google Scrapping ! If anyone of you can recommand me with Good Proxies i'll...
  4. A

    Need script created on server to scrape google maps

    As said in title need script created on my server to scrape google maps for particular industry such as "contractors" + state, may need to be city+state depending on the best strategy to extract the most amount of leads.
  5. D

    Need Contact form List for a specific niche

    Hi everyone... I'm looking for a scraped list of Contact form webpage urls for websites of nightclubs/bars/pubs/discs from all over the world (english speaking countries only preferably US and UK) HMU if you can provide me a list of at least 20K or more such websites and how soon..Cheers!
  6. Buzzika

    [TIP] Scrapebox + Google Banned Proxies + Google API

    Hello, I am sure a lot of people already know this. I did not. I usually don't scrape much, but recently I had to scrape tons of keywords for one of my projects. I started out with ~30 private proxies and pretty soon all of them were banned on Google. I was running just one thread and 19...