1. The Universe Legend

    Google Alert: Any method to filter the alerts I get?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is any way to filter the alerts coming from Google Alert in order to get only articles that allow public comments on it. I'm using it for backlink juice. Any idea or solution would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys
  2. Caviston

    Knowledge Panel is incorrect [HELP]

    Hello, I had someone create a Knowledge Panel for me and he did it incorrectly. It appears as I am an ¨Author¨, but it should be Entrepreneur :cool: I need this fixed asap, but the bad thing is that the same guy that helped me do this, scammed me... So I have no access to the account he used...
  3. Gesloten420

    Google Search Ads Providers

    hello, i am looking for google search ads provider like looking forward to any recommandations or suggestions :)
  4. josephitodo

    Google Adsense disapproved my website

    I need your help and assistance, the Google Adsense team has refused to approve my website ( Mod edit: removed personal URL ). In fact they have disapproved it for more than 20 times. I have more than 20 well written blog posts yet, i didn't get any approval. I noticed a similar type of website...
  5. D

    Gmail accounts for sale

    Hello BHW, I have a very high supply of Gmail accounts for sale. Age - 4 to 5 years. Price - $2 for one gmail account. Refund policy - Full refund in case the gmail account turns out to be suspended when you log into it. No refund in case Gmail account gets suspended after logging in on to...
  6. platonia

    How do I sign up for Google Voice?

    Hello, friends! Can you tell me how to register a GV? I get an error when registering (screenshots below). I think the problem is in the IP purity. But I can't find normal Socks5 for registration, like NSocks, or RScoks. I got the code, entered it, Google wrote that everything is OK, but after...
  7. Affiliate3750

    Somebody help me with my campaigns !

    Hello guys , I was off the market for too long and doing any campaigns , Recently I’m lunching casino ads, in Facebook But the account after warmup getting closed and suspended , Also google ads the same for me , I am searching for somebody , who can help me or take with me the step by step...
  8. A

    How to manage if CPC is more than EPC?

    Interviewer Question: If your CPC is 10$ and your EPC is 5$? It means you will get in loss then, how will you manage? I am a beginner at Google Ads. But I want to learn and want to get a job as a Google ads executive. Can you guys help me with this question?
  9. Y

    Google search results - google knowledge panel for public figure/music producer

    Hello I am looking for someone to help me make a music producer's google knowledge panel have more details. For example, I need the "People also search for" and "people also ask" and "related searches" and to connect images to top of the page for the google results.
  10. dakudaddy

    Google Killed My 2500$ Monthly Earning Site

  11. S

    White Hat SEO is the Best Way to Go

    All Google updates to their search engine are created with the intention of providing users with content that users of the search engine need/want. Therefore, any Black SEO techniques that work today, may not work tomorrow and in fact, result in a downrank or some kind of flagging from Google's...
  12. U

    GoogleAds - Optimize without trigger learning again.

    Hello, Like in title. How can I optimize googleads without trigger learning phrase again? Things I want to do: 1. 10% daily budget increase every day. 2. Remove keywords that getting very little impressions. 3. Add some new keywords 2-3 (to test) This things will trigger learning again? If yes...
  13. Brsbillion

    Using cell phone as hotspot (rotating proxy substitute)

    I heard there was a way you can use your cell phone hotpot with your computer and get google to think your somewhere else (like a rotating proxy). Is this true and well does this work? Im looking to make some gmail accounts and create reviews and manipulate user engagement in the united states.
  14. Gravitylab

    4000$ to spend. what to do..

    i have been saving 4000-5000$ as my extra cash, which i have earned through a local real estate way, now i am thinking to get this into some online work, and hope to make some around upto 500$ per month... first, i thought about setting up or getting a reseller programme of instagram...
  15. dakudaddy

    How Many of Facing Indexing Issue ?

    After Spam update, I am facing indexing issue on some of my sites. Most of the sites are crawled last time on 20th October
  16. HenryObi

    Why Does Google Never Have Answer For These?

    Do you know if your search 'what does & mean' Google would return with an answer that has nothing to do with the question? Replace '&' with any symbol of your choice including $, you'd get same or similar result. I saw this on reddit and decided to bring it here. Why do you think it happens...
  17. konvar

    Website deindexed from bing

    After my website was hit by Google update, now it's Bing's (DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc.) turn. Do you think it's a good idea to change my domain? I don't know if my website will recover after the Google update. I've worked a lot and modified the theme and made scripts that automated the site; I...
  18. S

    How do I ask google to crawl my web 2.0 backlinks?

    How do I ask Google to crawl my Web 2.0 backlinks? I tried an indexing service, and they said that they would submit my few links to Google so that it could crawl them. They said that the method is manual, so they can't index thousands of links. Now I want to know if anyone knows how I can tell...
  19. W

    Seo problem: Website with desktop and mobile version (subdomain)

    Hello, I have a problem with my website. I use a desktop version and a mobile version (subdomain with m. / eg: for better usability. If a mobile user gets to the desktop page, I redirect him to the mobile version. If a desktop user accesses the mobile version, I redirect him to...
  20. Toz

    Google Pixel 7 Pro

    I purchased my Pixel 7 Pro on October 13th (the day it was released). I love this phone. But... There are a few problems, as a long time Samsung user. First off, I miss the digital buttons at the bottom of the screen: 'Back', 'Home', 'Other Opened Apps'. I hadn't realized just how much I...