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    Curated Links (Niche Edits) Niche Edits AKA Curated Links, The content links from aged posts. What exactly are Curated Links (Niche Edits)? Curated Links, also known as Niche Edits, involves inserting new links into existing, already published blog posts or web pages rather than publishing a...
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    How come freelancers are doing guest post/PR's for such a low price?

    Hi everyone, New here. It is my first post, and I hope it goes well. I am looking forward to learning a lot from here. I have curiosity about SEO and how the SEOs play around with rankings. For today, here is my question. I am into learning guest posts/PRs. I am going to possibly every...

    Why people ask for Free Niche Edits

    I got a mail from a fishing blog to add their link one of my blog page He said it will be beneficial for the readers. My page is about fruits and his page is about fishing. My site : DR20 and 1K traffic So I asked for $20.. because I need to have something too. Then he mailed me "no thanks...
  6. Hamza SEO Anchor

    Google News Approved Website for guest posting

    Hello Blackhatters, I am thinking to launch some websites for only guest posting purpose, need advice that is this is a good idea for some side income or not? People working in this niche please comment below. Thanks in advance
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    Is this site trash or not (for a backlink)

    Hey guys, I'm doing linkbuilding outreach and I came across a site that has real traffic to the service that they offer, which is Wordpress themes. It doesn't have any traffic from the random super high volume kw that we sometimes see in trash guest post sites. The reason why I'm asking this...
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    Question about Sponsored post (backlinking)

    Hello everyone, I recently wrote a guest post for a big site in order to get a backlink from them. However, they're saying that they must mention the article as "sponsored". If it's mentioned as sponsored, will that be seen against the terms of Google as being a paid link? Is it safe to go...
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    Need Guest Posts Sites

    Hello, Hope you are doing well, as the title says that I am currently looking for niches sites for guest posting service. Kindly list your websites. My budget is between $5 to $10 per post. Hope to hear from you soon. Best
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    Hi, I have a list of movie streaming sites for which i need an article on a tech blog with organic traffic. You will need to write a guest post explaining features of these websites and mention why they are the best out there. Thanks.
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