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  2. webcrucials

    High Domain Authority Websites with zero traffic

    Hello BHW, I saw so many high domain authority websites with even less then 500 traffic per month, are those website to rank other websites? I'm talking about GuestPost websites
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  5. HenryObi

    Do You Ever Link Twice From Same Guest Post Article?

    Question in the title. I usually send just one link to the target site now, I'm considering experimenting with two links from one guest post article to two different pages on the same receiving website. How many of you have done this before?
  6. shawn_007

    Backlinks to Article Pages or Homepage?

    Hello Folks, So, here's another doubt, that I have and this is getting very confusing. When you build backlinks from Guest Posts to your moneysite, do you link your homepage or the content page? Or is there a ratio as such that one needs to follow in order to get authority and juice.
  7. DarkShine

    Manual Link Building Vs Reachout

    In my previous thread, I asked what are the link-building methods available. The real reason why I asked is that is because I like to know which will increase the authority of a site? Manual Backlinks or Reachout
  8. Now0rNever

    Hi! I’m new here

    Hi BHW! I’m new here. I work in PR and am looking for high quality guest post opportunities for my clients (ie Forbes, Entrepreneur, Reuters, Techcrunch, etc) Hoping to make some valuable connections! Have I come to the right place? Ok, now it’s time to explore the BHW a bit more. If you...
  9. JapaneseBillionaireSeo

    How to cut the middleman for guest post/niche edits

    Hi experts! I'm new to SEO, but not new to the business so I know there's the middle man who sells the links. I want to get guest posts, and niche edits, but I want it without any seller. How do we find and scrape websites which accept guest posts or niche edits? Is there anywhere we can...
  10. kabe

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  11. flashsites

    Mass Guest posting with (freelancers)

    Hi I've compiled a list of 6k pages that mentioned one of my keywords. I've noticed many dont make sense but I don't have the bandwidth to check each page. I was thinking of hiring a freelancer or 2 to go thru each link and find (or make) contact with the blog on my behalf. The goal being to...
  12. rockshuvo

    [PR/Guestpost] Need to know something

    I saw some Guest Posting/ Press Release groups on Fb most of the distributors are from Pakistan . How they manage those High Authority Guest Posting/PR sites like Forbes, Nytimes, Apnews etc in such a low rate ? Anyone have any information about this ? Sorry for my poor English :(
  13. R

    Help! Adsense not approved!

    hey, guys, I have a guest posting site ( and I want google Adsense but I can't get approved every time when I apply. It shows "our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program." & can u...
  14. H

    Buy Gust posts From Active Blogs Users: Buzzfeed-Medium..

    Hi. I need 10-20 High-Quality guest posts from high-quality community websites From Active users: ... I need guest post From just Active users
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  16. D

    Looking for Outreach specialist - Guest posts.

    Hello, I am Jr SEO analyst, working for an marketing agency. Currently I am looking for someone to work along with link building activities. The goal is to outreach useful sites for our client, and get the link there. We provide the content after the approval, and payments are made via...

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    Hello, I'm Mohammad Asif. I have learnt a lot of things from bhw. Now, it's time to give back. So, I will write a 500 words quality article according to your niche and publish it on a high authority website. Of course. It will give your site a powerful contextal backlink. But please, don't send...
  18. C

    guest posts sites

    hey guys can any pne help me with a few guest posts sites ? want to start doing guest post for my website. wlil appreciate the help
  19. S

    UK based webpage guestposting service needed (urgent)

    I have 4 articles for a finance company in UK. I need to publish them on the news pages or finance pages with high DA. Could you dm me if you have any guestposting services which is suitable for me? I need the published content on the first search results page for an easy(ahref analyse)...