1. kurosaki4d

    Question about my Backlinks

    Hello all, I'm in the IT niche, and I'm currently acquiring a lot of "Haro" links from sites in "Marketing/Business" niches pointing to my homepage. Having said that, will that hurt my SEO if 95% of my site's links are Haro links closely related like the above? Thanks
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about HARO

    Hello there, I'm using Haro to acquire some backlinks for my site. In order for me to choose the ideal sites that will lift up my site authority and not the opposet. I'm wondering, do you look for any specific metrics before pitching to sites? Like Checking DR, etc... What kind of metrics do...
  3. R

    HARO Responses Management

    I'm overwhelmed by the number of responses I got for some queries I added on HARO. It's actually a good thing, but It's taking a lot of time to answer all these responses. Any idea on how to streamline this? From my understanding I can't ask the prospects to fill up a form, but at least I'd...
  4. kurosaki4d

    Question about backlinking

    Hello everyone, I've been using "HARO" for my backlinking campaign, and so far it's been going well. I've acquired multiple backlinks to my homepage with "the same anchor text", which is my website's name. So my question is: if I keep using the same anchor text for all those acquired...
  5. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlinking

    Hello, I have a "2nd site" that I started Last July, currently, it has 50+ articles, some of them are ranking on Page 1. (no backlinks yet) So I'm wondering, is it too early to start a "Haro" backlinking campaign? If I can start Haro, can I interrupt whenever I want? Or do I have to keep up...
  6. D

    WTH - Permanent position - Help A Reporter / HARO links

    Hello there, Looking for someone with proven experience in HARO links. Looking to pay just for successfully placed ones, continuous work for a multi-million dollars crypto startup. PM. Thank you!
  7. INCC

    █████【HARO】█████ PREMIUM LINK BUILDING ♐ The New York Times ♐ Forbes ♐ Wall Street Journal ♐Bloomberg ♐ Washington Post ♐

    FAQ: What is the TAT? TAT can be up to 12 weeks (usually done much sooner). The journalists are not publishing the articles the next day after completing the drafts. Very often they set the publishing date 2 weeks (or more) ahead so it takes time before you can see your links live. Do you...
  8. T

    Link Building Case Study: How I Built 33 Links In 6 Hours

    Jonathan Gorham shared the step-by-step process for how he garnered 33 backlinks in 6 hours, and he provides some great tips for using HARO efficiently. Source: https://enginescout.com.au/10-minute-backlinks/
  9. niunau

    HARO getting more competitive?

    I have writing HARO answers for a year now. Lately, it has been very difficult to get anything published. Has anyone else experienced the same? Has it gone more competitive?